TRT-Electronics ships the o-Turtle TTL flash trigger for Olympus

TRT-Electronics has announced their o-TURTLE TTL optical flash trigger for the Olympus mirrorless cameras. It is hot shoe mounted with a separate LED board for fiber optic triggering. It also allows for front or rear curtain flash sync.

The o-TURTLE is available now.

Press release

TRT-Electronics would like to announce the first chargeable TTL trigger for Olypmus systems the o-TURTLE!

TRT-Electronics has launched the new o-TURTLE for olympus MILC systems. The o-TURTLE was tested with OMD E PL3, E-M5 , E-M5II, E-M10II, E-M1, E-M1II.

TRT-Electronics introduces our new product:

This adapter works with all Olympus MILC camera systems. It has been tested in electrical triggering mode with Sea&Sea YS-D1, YS-250, IKELITE DS series and Inon Z240 types 3/4. We have also tested it to trigger optically (with the included LEDBOARD) with YS-D1, YS-D2 and Inon Z240.

You can easily set 0-Turtle to communicate with your underwater strobes: just use the DIP switch on the bottom of the device. The user manual is available to download from the TRT-Electronics website FAQ page.



  1. Switch between 1st or 2nd curtain mode for perfect rendering of motion. Flash correction still works fine.
  2. No more overheating problems with built-in camera flash.
  3. Extends camera batter life
  4. Continuous shooting is available in non silent mode!
  5. Full scale power with optical sync in TTL (not possible with built in flash).


Optical sync: You can attach the LED BOARD in the window of the housing and connect the Turtle.

Wired sync: For the correct wiring please check the user manual or write me. (X-trigger, Quench, GND)


What is in the box: