Ultralight AC-HQD Handles w/Seacam Housings

Standard ULCS handles mount so close to Seacam housings that it becomes impossible to release the side latch that is used to open the housing. In theory, it is possible to mount the handles on the TR-SC side bracket far enough away to allow the housing to open, but it becomes impossible to reach the shutter lever while grasping the handle.

This problem can be solved with ULCS' quick disconnect handles (AC-HQD). Shipped, the handle's inner tube (the part that is actually bolted to the side bracket) is still too long to allow the housing to open, but it works very well when it is cut down a bit. ULCS will cut the inner handle down for you, if you ask them to.

Seacam 1D/1Ds housing, with TR-SC bracket and AC-HQD quick disconnect handle

Quick disconnect handle removed to show inner handle tub

The housing can be opened, if the tube is cut down a little bit