UnderWater Camera Stuff releases the Housing Sentry

UnderWater Camera Stuff has announced the release of its Housing Sentry. The device monitors the status of a vacuum inside the housing, giving feedback via LED displays of the integrity of the seals and hence avoiding leaks. The vacuum is created using a pump and fittings that are attached though the housing. The Housing Sentry is designed to be compatible with most camera housings, and can be self installed, or fitted by the manufacturer.

Press Release.

CINCINNATI, Ohio (August 31, 2010) - UnderWater Camera Stuff announced release of the Housing Sentry. The Housing Sentry continuously monitors the status of an underwater camera housing alerting the photographer/videographer if there is a seal problem that could lead to a flood. The Housing Sentry delivers peace of mind to the underwater photographer/videographer.

The Housing Sentry allows a vacuum to be drawn on an underwater housing creating a stronger seal for o-rings and housing parts such as lens ports. It also continuously monitors the status of the vacuum and communicates “everything is okay” (green flashing LED) or “there is a problem” (red flashing LED). The Housing Sentry can be installed in any housing having sufficient space regardless of the manufacturer or model. Bill Libecap, founder of UnderWater Camera Stuff, and his staff developed the Housing Sentry to:

“fulfill a need in the marketplace by offering continuous monitoring for virtually all housings at a reasonable cost.”

The vacuum created by the Housing Sentry system provides a tight seal of all o-rings and housing parts and activates the electronics that continuously monitor and report the housing’s status. This allows the photographer/videographer to know, before entering the water, that the seals of their housing are either good or compromised. The continuous monitoring of the Housing Sentry provides an underwater photographer/videographer with peace of mind before, during and through the end of a dive. The compact size of the Housing Sentry will allow it to be installed in nearly all housings.