Underwater imagery on display at the UN

Wetpixel sister site, DivePhotoGuide, in conjunction with Swiss watch company Blancpain, has created a display of underwater imagery in the United Nations Visitor Center in New York City. The exhibit highlights World Oceans Day and includes images captured many noted photographers, and features ocean ecosystems from around the globe.

Press Release.

Blancpain and DivePhotoGuide Present “Oceans,” an Exhibition of Underwater Photographs at the United Nations.

Featuring a collection of images from top underwater photographers, the United Nations upcoming exhibition “Oceans” highlights the ecological and economic importance of healthy oceans and the need to protect their fragile ecology and underwater life. “Oceans” is presented in connection with World Oceans Day, marked annually on June 8th, and is organized by the Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea (Office of Legal Affairs) in partnership with Blancpain and DPG.

Thirty images and two high-definition videos will be displayed in the UN building, showcasing the beauty and diversity of the ocean’s underwater life and inviting the public and the international community to study, respect, and protect our oceans for future generations. These images convey a powerful message and promote sustainable solutions for ocean conservation.

I was extremely excited when the Department of Ocean Affairs approached us about doing a photo exhibition at the United Nations in connection with World Oceans Day. Beautiful underwater imagery is the perfect medium to convey the importance of protecting the oceans, and the United Nations, especially on World Oceans Day, is the ideal venue to showcase this message,” says Matt Weiss, the owner of DivePhotoGuide.

The exhibition includes photographs from leading underwater photographers including DPG contributors Daniel Botelho and Keri Wilk . The photographs feature ocean ecosystems from all over the world, including the pristine reefs of Raja Ampat, the waters of South Africa where free-diving scientists swim among sharks, and the lair of the rare coelacanth at the very depths of the ocean.

The exhibition would not have been possible without the support of Blancpain. Their commitment to the ocean is displayed in a desire to make this vast and mysterious universe better known. Convinced that we can only respect and protect what we love, and can only love what we know, the Swiss watchmaking brand supports numerous underwater explorations and was the driving force behind “Oceans.”

“Oceans” will be on display at the United Nations Visitor Center in New York City from June 5 to August 16. Visitors must purchase a UN Guided Tour ticket online to access the Visitor Center and see the exhibition. Photos courtesy of Blancpain.