UW Technics ships TTL converter for Canon

UW Technics are shipping their Internal TTL-Converter (for Canon) designed for use with Nauticam housings. This circuit can be retro fitted to Nauticam NA-5Dm4, NA-7Dm2, NA-5DsR, NA-1DX housings and gives full TTL (eTTL) flash control with Inon Z-240, Sea&Sea YS-250, YS-D1 and YS-D2 along with Ikelite DS-161 and DS-160. It supports both electrical and optical triggering.

The TTL Converter for Canon DSLR cameras for Nauticam underwater housings is available now, priced at $450

UW Technics releases opto-electronic TTL converter for Canon cameras

UW Technics releases TTL Converter for Canon DSLR cameras for Nauticam underwater housings.

The second product line from UW Technics is devoted to Canon compatible TTL circuitry. It includes a few versions of internal and external TTL Converters with different built-in features. Please follow our recent announcments.

This product performs very accurate automatic lighting control, even in difficult shooting conditions. Optical and electrical strobe triggering is supported, and is compatible with popular strobes: Inon Z-240, Sea & Sea YS-D1, YS-D2, YS-250, Ikelite DS-161, DS-160. Strobe type can be set with the camera’s dial switch.

Optical triggering eliminates problematic electrical sync cables. Fiber optical cables have proven to be the progressive wave in underwater strobe triggering over the last few years. The UW Technics converter also supports electrical triggering too.

The combined circuit, consisting of Optical TTL and Electrical TTL system is on a single board with both triggering methods available both separately or simultaneously.

Full Compatibility with all Canon cameras

This is the world’s first TTL Converter which supports all Canon cameras on the market, including 5Dm4, 7Dm2, 5DSR, 1Dx and others. Differences in TTL protocol versions is no longer a problem for underwater photographers.

Easy User Installation

Installation is very easy for users and takes around 2 min. Full instructions are supplied with the circuit.

It simply replaces the existing board and is affixed by 2 bolts.

TTL Accuracy

When shooting with this board, the photographer can relax and totally rely on automatic strobe exposure control. The newest firmware supports an accurate TTL curve for each strobe type. TTL control works very well even in extremely difficult shooting conditions.

Automatic On/Off Switch

Product does not need any mechanical On/Off switch. The TTL-Converter activates automatically when user pushes the camera’s shutter release button. It will also switch Off automatically a few seconds later by camera command or after disconnection. This feature highly increases the reliability and usability of the product and saves battery life.

Incredible Battery Life

Battery life is about 5 years in continuous working mode. Product has extremely low current consumption. The user does not need to worry about battery replacement for 5 years or more!

Two-way Communication with Camera Menu

In addition to usual TTL features, the device also has some built-in special firmware for communication with the Canon camera menu. The camera will sends menu settings to the TTL Converter and receives commands from it too. There is a two-way data communication protocol. Information about the TTL Converter’s settings are saved in its memory, even after powering down.

Menu options for external flash control are fully operational underwater, including switching: TTL to M mode, -/+ Flash exposure compensation, 1st curtain sync to 2nd curtain sync, manual power setup in M mode (steps from 1/1 to 1/64), Custom Functions (CFn) for flash control etc.

Users can adjust underwater strobe power manually, by rotating the camera’s control dial and looking at it’s exposure meter.



UW Technics can be contacted via email or via their Facebook Page. Full specifications and detail of all their products are available on the UW Technics website.