Video: Orca Kingdom by Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask has shared an amazing short film entitled “Orca Kingdom” documenting their recent trip with Orca Norway to the Norwegian fjords.

Florian Fischer of Behind the Mask writes about the making of the video:

If I get reborn as an animal, I hope I will be an Orca. I would look out for humans and try to make them smarter by just overwhelming them with my presence.

There is something so very special about Orcas. They are not only the apex predator and rule the ocean, but they are also furthermore social mammals with strong bonds amongst each other. Most of the time its hard for me to connect with wildlife while I am filming because I have to be too much focused on my positioning and framing.

But this time it was different. The impressive appearance of the Orcas made me feel emotional instantly. The big male passed me a couple of times very close to look at me. It’s most of the time very difficult to really see their eyes as they are hidden in the black skin color just behind the mouth, but I could see it very close and clear. I know that there is something going on in the mind of this big animal swimming there looking at me. We will never know what it is, but the effect is such a humbling experience that makes my heart skip so many beats and left me enjoying so much just being there…even with a camera in my hand. Up to this point, this beats every other encounter with wildlife I ever had…be it gorillas, sharks or reptiles. It’s a mammal living in the sea…It’s like us and it’s a fat ass super predator accepting us swimming basically in their herring soup that they are struggling to eat.

Please check the original post to see who was involved and watch the Video with good sound…it tells you more than 1000 words.

Underwater scenes were filmed in extreme low light conditions with a RED Digital Cinema Gemini 5K in a Nauticam LT housing with a Wide Angle Converter Port.

Aerial shots filmed with the Autel Robotics EVO in 4K, 50fps.