Vladimir Mladenovic Introduces Marelux

Underwater photographer Vladimir Mladenovic introduces the Marelux brand to the Wetpixel community. He is a brand ambassador and shareholder in the company. Marelux is producing a series of aluminum housings and accessories for mirrorless cameras, including Canon EOS R5/R6, Nikon Z6II/7II, Sony Alpha 7mk3/mk4, Sony Alpha 1 along with Sony FX3 and Arri ALEXA Mini LF video cameras.

From Marelux


It is not often that we get a new UW housing brand in underwater photography equipment. Marelux is a young company, with huge experience and knowledge in underwater photography equipment, because their shareholders and owners are professional underwater photographers and engineers. After a decade of using several brands, they got the idea of creating their housings, that will be designed and developed better for UW photographers’ needs, and with all improvements that modern UW equipment should have in the twenty-first century.

From the beginning they have had a clear philosophy: To be of the highest quality, have the best ergonomics and design, to use technological innovations and price competitive with world-known brands, and to give the best after-sales support to each user worldwide. All the team and crew behind Marelux are people with a passion for UW photography and videography, as well as specialists in electronics and engineering. Perhaps most critically, they are all divers.

Marelux has decided to specialize in housings for mirrorless cameras. They have developed and produced models for Canon EOS R5/R6, Nikon Z6II/7II, Sony Alpha 7mk3/mk4, Sony Alpha 1 along with housings for the Sony FX3 and Arri ALEXA Mini LF video cameras.

Along with housings, Marelux offers dome ports, macro ports, zoom and focus gears along with additional accessories like optical triggers, vacuum sensors, optical snoot, and several other innovations that will be released in the future.

All Housings are made from a solid block of aluminum, with quality plastic and stainless steel parts. They are designed so that they fit perfectly in the user’s hands without removing them from the handles and providing easy access to all camera function buttons. Every housing is equipped with a leak alarm and they can be fitted with optional optical triggers and vacuum valves with a sensor. Also available are adapters that allow the handles to be mounted closer or further from the housings for easier access to buttons and triggers. Each housing comes packaged in a plastic “Pelican-Like” hard case and has a 2-year warranty.

Housings can be finished in several colors, according to the unique tastes and personal choices of every photographer.

Marelux Ambassadors are well-known photographers from all over the world: Renee Capozzola, Scott Portelli, Keigo Kawamura, Aleksander Nordahl, and Vladimir Mladenovic, You can read about their experiences with Marelux on their social networks and web pages.

For more information about port charts, color codes, models, specifications, and prices please head on over to their website or chat to your local distributor.

You can also find Marelux on Facebook and Instagram.