Wetpixel Virtual Show: Day 3

DEMA Show on Wetpixel

If you are joining us for the first time today, please check back to see our virtual show coverage of Saga, Easydive, and Inon and Scubalamp, Nauticam, and Backscatter.

Typically, Wetpixel attends the DEMA show each year with the goal of reporting on what is going on for those that cannot be there in person.

If you are fortunate enough to be attending in person, please stay safe. Those of that are not there are very jealous of you meeting up with everyone!

We are very grateful that the industry responded with support for our idea of hosting a virtual show and we have the opportunity to bring a taste of DEMA to our community.

So here we have day three of the Wetpixel Virtual Show 2021!

Nauticam Accessories

Nauticam Digital Cinema Housings

Please check out our coverage from Day One and Day Two of the Wetpixel Virtual Show