Winners of Le Festival Mondial de l´image sous-marine announced


The thirty-seventh Festival Mondial de l´image sous-marine was held in Marseille in France between 27 and 31 October 2010. The Festival, which moved from Antibes to Marseille two years ago, is a major meeting place for enthusiasts of underwater images and the marine environment. The honorary president for this year was Jean-Michel Cousteau. The Festival celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of his father, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and many of those who took part in the Calypso odyssey were present.

Congratulations to all the winners, and it is great to see so many Wetpixel members in the list.

Official Announcement.

2010 Winners of 37th Festival of Underwater Images, Marseille, France.

Long and medium (Film Group A).

President of the Republic prize and Planete thalassa prize.

Gold prize:

Christian Petron, Boris Raim, Sound&Vision, Cinemarine, Arte Germany, ZDF Enterprise (France-Germany) for Great White Sharks of Guadalupe (Adventure Ocean Quest Part. I).

Silver prize:

Bertrand Loyer, Saint Thomas Productions (France) for Naissance d’une île Bertrand Loyer, Saint Thomas Productions (France).

Bronze prize:

Jérôme Espla, Poisson-Lune Productions (France) for Dans les yeux des requins.

Special jury prize:

Didier Noirot, NHU Africa (France-Great Britain) for Into the Dragon’s Lair.

Special public prize:

Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud, Galatée films (France) for Océansv.

Nausicaa prize:

René HEUZEY, Label Bleu production (France) for Le Mystère des requins baleines.

Albert 1st - Monaco Oceanographic Foundation:

Ante Zuljevic, Blue World (Croatia) for Open Sea - Le Large

Information & news prize:

Mathieu Pradinaud, BPDM (France) for Arles, l’histoire engloutie.

Prize for animal documentary:

René Heuzey, Yukimi Yamamoto and Pedro Aledo, Label Bleu Vidéo, WhalesWhisperers (France) for La nuit des Mantas.

Prize for historical documentary:

Savas Karakas, M. Sibel Gologlu, IZ TV (Turkey) for Hitler’s Lost U-Boat U20.

Fiction prize:

Lee Toshio, Leeriders co. ltd. (Japan) for Sunshine Ahead.

Prize for the unusual:

Guillaume Allaire, Mad executive, Victorimage (France) for Le monde de Ramette.

Prize for the best musical adaptation:

Didier Noirot, NHU Africa (France-Great Britain) for Into the Dragon’s Lair.

Shorts and clips (Films Group B).

Gold prize. (SMY Ondina Prize):

Daniele Iop (Italy) for L’aimant.

Silver prize:

José Lachat (Switzerland) for Ma forteresse.

Bronze prize:

Gino Rosiers (Belgium) for Le cycle de la vie.

Special jury prize:

Alexis Demenkoff (France) for Les sentinelles du bleu.

Prize of the F.F.C.V. (Fédération Française of Cinéma and Vidéo):

José Maria Esteban-Infantes, Laura Eguiluz Alebicto (Spain) for A sea of sharks

Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute prize:

to Michel Metery, Albert Falco, Direction régionale de l’environnement Martinique (France) for La mer en héritage.

Prix Dimitri Rebikoff:

Ricardo Castillo Miguez, Luis Sanchez Chavez, Lourdes del Olmo, Bernardo Gonzalez and Marcela Solares, Fundación Rango Extendido A.C. (Mexico) for 20’12”.

Brigitte Cruickshank prize:

Pierre Laboute, Thomas Douchy (France) for Se Nourrir, Vivre et Mourir.

Prize for news documentary:

Florent Cade, L’oeil de la Mer (France) for Vers le Parc national des calanques.

Prize for animal documentary:

Leonardo Sergiani (Italy) for Interaction.

Prize for free expression:

Peter LOMBAR (Slovenia) for If I can drive, I can dive.

Humour prize:

Nicolas Gilbert, Charlotte Blan, Géom (France) for L’addition, clip de la série Ecoplongée

Prize for the unusual:

Guillaume Nery, Julie Gautier, BlueNery (France) for Free Fall.

Prize for the best musical adaptation:

Antoine Ganne, Florian Schmidt (France) for Souffle.

Young jury prize:

Elodie Turpin (Canada) for Poèmes au clair de lune.

Awards for portfolios and audio-visual presentations.


Jorge Albuquerque prize:

Philippe Richard (France) for “Le penseur de Rodin.”

Prize of the French Conchyiology Association:

Charles Rawlings (USA).

Audio-visual presentations.

Sound series.

Gold diver

Paolo Rossi (Italy) for Arcobaleno (Over the Rainbow).

Silver diver:

Luc Eeckhaut (Belgium) for Wonderful World.

Prize for the best musical adaptation:

Paolo Rossi (Italy) for Arcobaleno (Over the Rainbow)

Slide shows.

Gold diver.

Michael Aw, michael aw.com (Australia) for Exodus.

Silver diver.

Domenico Drago , Multivisione Mare (Italy) for Le silence des rêves.

Prize for the best musical adaptation:

Domenico Drago , Multivisione Mare (Italy) for Le silence des rêves.


Gold diver.

Robert Hauswirth (France).

Silver diver.

Thomas Vignaud (France).

Bronze diver.

Carlos Villoch (Spain).


Gold diver and Papua New Guinea prize.

Michael Aw (Australia)

Silver diver:

Claudio Gazzaroli (Switzerland).

Bronze diver.

Bettina Balnis (Germany).

Apnea prize “Best free-diving image”:

Christian Coulombe (France).

Ocean Geographic Society Prize (Artistic).

Nicholas Samaras (Greece).

Ocean Geographic Society jelly fish award prize (Science).

Bettina Balnis (Germany).

Awards for color prints.

Gold diver:

Tony Baskeyfield (Great Britain) for “Spinner Dolphins”.

Silver diver:

Giovanni Smorti (Italy) for “Il granchio del corallo”.

Bronze diver:

Sylvain Girardot (France) for “Regard de baleineau”.

André Laban prize “La Passion du Bleu”:

Brigitte Bertrand (France)

Young photographer prize:

Sonya Shpiniova (Ukraine) for “Sirène musicale”.

Our World Underwater Scholarship Society Prize:

Illya Gubin (Ukraine).

Black & white prints.

Gold diver.

Davide Armand Ugon (Italy) for “La Sfinge”.

Silver diver:

Michele Davino (Italy) for “Mulino”.

Prix Jean et Maryse Chapeyroux:

Gabriele Donati (Italy) for “Tursiopi”.

Music and the sea.

François de Roubaix prize:

Rodin Alexander (Ukraine) for Symphony “Moon and Sea”.

Festival prize.

Virginie Aster (France) for Turbulence(s).

Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute prize:

Bérenger Gasser (France) for To the heart of the seas.

The book and the sea.

International prize for underwater image books:

“Loving Sharks” by John A. Scarlett (USA).

Best underwater guide prize:

“La Corse - 100 plongées incontournables et nos autres coups de cœur” by Nicolas Barraqué, Hervé Colombini and Gilles Diraimondo. (Publisher GAP Editions).

Coral prize:

“La musique des Kerguelen” by Olivier Bass (France). (Publisher La Découvrance).

Coral prize - special mention:

“Cousteau, 20 000 rêves sous les mers” by Franck Machu (France). (Publisher Le Rocher).

Plongee Magazine prize for underwater reporting:

Gold diver.

Alain Ponchon, Philippe Joachim, Bleue Passion (France) for Cristina ou le shark Feeling.

Underwater web site prize.

Prize for educational site:

Nicolas Gilbert, Charlotte Blan, Geom (France) for www.ecoplongee.com.

Special mention for educational site:

Christian Coudre, Association Côte Bleue (France) for www.cotebleue.org.

Prize for promotional site:

érôme Pidoux, Mathias Rolland, Pierre DescamP, Andromède Océanologie (France) for www.andromede-ocean.com.

Prize for artistic site:

William Rhamey (France) for the blog www.azur-diving.com.

Underwater advertising prize.

Film Category:

Gold diver.

Microsoft (USA) for Lola & Windows 7.

Stills Category:

Gold prize.

Zena Holloway (Great Britai) for the advertising campaign “Radox - Renew you”.

Maurice Braud prize for “Plongeur Sourire”.

Anne-Lise Roblin-Brieu (France).