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  2. I can see the temptation, but u/w so much depends on the lenses and not the bodies (as Hetland suggests in his initial post). Making sure you can use the lenses you need is the key part, I'd suggest. The camera bodies are almost becoming the cheap bit of the package and the one that is changed more often (and the housing to go with it!). Not being a Canon user (sorry!) I don't know whether the R body can use the older lenses that folks are used to with the EF mounts. For example the Nikon Z needs an adaptor to use the classic u/w lenses like the 60mm and 105mm. There is currently no Z-mount equivalent. So before deciding on the Canon R, are the lenses you want available, can they be used on the R and, maybe even more important, what are they like u/w? Especially the wide-angle which are notoriously tricky to house effectively. The newest technology is not necessarily the best underwater. (even though that's what lots of us want) Just some thoughts.
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  4. You could try to observe what is going on by installing the camera and trying the switch while watching what happens as you operate the control. Assume you have seen this notification in the manual: IMPORTANT: Before sliding the camera into the housing, position the ON/OFF switch of both the camera and the housing (# 14) to the OFF position (rotating the ON/OFF switch of the housing counterclockwise to a stop)
  5. You can use something like this: https://www.scubapix.com/essentials/arms-clamps-trays/mounts/25321-long-strobe-mounting-ball-for-cold-shoe/ or https://www.opticaloceansales.com/nauticam-long-stem-ys-cold-shoe-mount.html I prefer the long versions as it gives more flexibility pointing the light downwards, there will be other brands about - all cold shoes are pretty much the same.
  6. Go for the R series, it is the next chapter... Sent from my SM-N981B using Tapatalk
  7. ULCS make a number of hot shoe mounts: https://ulcs.com/accessory-shoe-mounts/ What sort of fitting does your dive light have?
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  9. I'de lean towards mirrorless based solely on this (especially due to the ability to use EF glass with new RF camera's, but not the other way around) https://petapixel.com/2021/04/09/canon-is-additionally-discontinuing-a-large-number-of-ef-lenses-report/
  10. I've got an Aquatica housing for an A7rii that I bought used, and since I've bought it, the power switch has not been able to turn the camera off. It can flip the switch on, but it can't quite seem to go the other direction. It seems like it needs to be seated in the switch itself on the camera, does anyone have advice on getting this switch to work? Has anyone else had this happen? I am leaning towards just sending it in for a repair but would prefer not to.
  11. I would like to mount my dive light to my Fantasea housing hot shoe. Is there an adapter made for this or has anyone done a DIY mount?
  12. Anyone here have experience shooting the R? I'm particularly interested in the performance of EF, and EFS lenses underwater. I'm in the process of upgrading, but I'm caught in the middle of a technology crossroads, and trying to decide if I want to go with Canon SLR, or mirrorless. Thanks.
  13. Hi, Hetland here. I've been diving for about 13 years, and snapping pics underwater about the same amount of time. Looking forward to learning here. -h
  14. Price comparisons with 20th century glass in the 21st century does not really seem a appropriate to me. Sigma and Rokinon/Samyang make 14mm F/2.8 AF lenses for Sony mirrorless. Nikon has 14-24mm F/2.8 and 14-30mm F/4 lenses for the Nikon Z-series cameras and as listed above Sony also has 12-24mm F/2.8 $2999.00 and F/4 lenses. All of the Wide Sony fixed and zoom lenses work well with a 230mm dome and the proper extension. The Sony FE 12-24mm F/2.8 uses a 55mm extension so I am guessing the new 14mm F/1.8 should take about a 20mm extension.
  15. The new Sony A1 camera with the Nauticam NA-A1 housing, Sony 28-60mm at 28mm, Nauticam WWL-1B, two Inon Z300 flashes at F/6.3, 1/160th ISO-500. Shot in the springs in North Florida. This is a GoPro with several INON accessories including a SD Selfie set and UFL-G140 SD conversion lens.
  16. I'm interested in the battery pack if you will split it.
  17. I'm so annoyed they discontinued this! I am looking for one as well!
  18. A bit late, but thank you @Hermitcrab.
  19. Hello, I am looking to find the nauticam external battery pack for the Sony a6500 and included cable, this is unfortunately recently discontinued! Thanks!
  20. There is a tendency among many underwater image-makers to overly complicate their setups and ideas. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon set out to offer crucial advice about simplifying and de-cluttering, with the goal of being more productive in the water.
  21. I purchased this directly from Nauticam for $1086.00 on 12/29/2020. It appears to be in like new condition (I posted a bunch of photos in the link below). I only used this on a handful of dives while on vacation and I absolutely fell in LOVE with this lens (I really babied this lens, as I even kept the hard cover on the lens while underwater and not in use). That said, I recently sold my camera and I no longer have any use for this amazing piece of kit. I'll sell for $900 with free FedEx ground shipping anywhere in the USA (so you'll save about $200 vs new and I can ship next day). I prefer Venmo as a form of payment. https://photos.app.goo.gl/bTSiP1A8tdFR7cbb6
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  23. I have my EM-1 MkII inside the housing for travel in some configurations. I use a think tank streetwalker hard drive and it fits the housing, Zen 170mm dome, 100mm dome, flat port, 12-40, 8mm fisheye and 60mm macro with z Z-240 and the camera is in the housing - it seems pretty secure mounted on the Nauticam locking tray.
  24. Hi all. Cleaning out some things that I either bought and haven't used (life getting in the way), or just don't use anymore. These three are up for sale today. 1) Mini Dome, Nauticam Mount for Canon/Nikon 8-15mm Fisheye. It is literally brand new. Hasn't even been outside. It is the It has some dust on the element from being in my room but it has never been used. $750 + shipping 2) 60mm extension is unused, came as part of a package with some other gear. $200 + shipping 3) Kraken +13 diopter. One very small speck on the element that doesn't show up in images. Used but clean. $250 + shipping my email is matthew@9milesnorth.com if interested. PM works as well Matt
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