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  2. Thanks for this! Perfect timing as I go through my photos from Tonga (finally).
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  4. Super Dome for sale. No glass nicks some wear on sunshades. Older version but with same mount presently used on all SeaCams. $500
  5. More closet clean out.... Would love for this gently used and loved gear to go to someone who can use it. Ikelite Housing for Canon XSi 450D camera (retro I know), great system, original packaging and handle tray comes with it. Asking $200 obo Ikelite flat port 5502 for Canon 60 mm macro lens, comes with a cover in great condition, $100 obo Ikelite DS 160 Strobe $400 obo Ikelite extra DS 160 batteries, $100 each obo Ikelite 4103.51 single sync cable $50, and Ikelite 4105.52 dual sync cable, $90 obo Happy to send other pics. Shipping from California prefer within the US.
  6. Major closet and gear clean out... I have all kinds of u/w equipment and gear that I'd love to go to someone who can use it regularly. Have also already upgraded my system. Nauticam NEX 7 Housing (Sony NEX 7), original $1850, asking $900 obo. In great condition. Nauticam Macro 45 port with focus knob for Sony E-mount system. Lists at $520 new, I'll be happy with $250. Ships from California, would prefer shipping within the US. Happy to send more photos of the gear as well if requested. Thanks!
  7. @masguy well I'm a few years too late seeing your reply here! I suspect by now you have newer gear, but I still have this housing and was just about to re-list it again. Sorry I missed your reply, never got notified it was there. If you're interested in it, let me know!
  8. Hi all - I just published a 15 minute tutorial on my YouTube Channel showing editing workflow on an image of humpback whales. Hope this is helpful!
  9. Because it tastes great, Andre. Especially with rum...
  10. Would you be interested in selling without the camera, lens, and batteries?
  11. Makes you wonder why anybody would want to drink that stuff .....
  12. I purchased a Nikkor 16-35mm lens from Mr. Grouper. Transaction was smooth and shipping was quick. Package arrived a day early and lens was well packed. I would purchase from again as well as recommend Mr. Grouper. Thanks Again
  13. Oh, I missed that. Thanks a lot. Then there's the Zeiss 50 mm macro which is 1:1, but I suppose 50 mm may be considered short.
  14. I'm with you on this one. I got into a Seacm D800 (its not here yet so not used so far). But I will use it and hard. And when its days are over by then the D850 housings will be much lower cost and a D850 body with low shutter count will be bountiful on ebay. I dont feel the need to be on the cutting edge of stills photography. Video is something different though. The advances there are rapid and amazing but for stills the plateau evened out years ago and is essentially flat these days....more Res..do we really need it? I think the D800 is the sweet spot right now. Just my opinion of course.
  15. Let me know what you have. Parts are good to have.
  16. But watch it change rapidly. It's not going away It's interesting tech and in years to come (how many is the question) we will probably be shooting everything that way without ever questioning the tech, the how's, the why's. Everything will catch up. It may take another 10 years but the day will come when it will be rare to find a TV in someone's home that does not do HDR. Will it be 5 years until its hard to find a monitor for grading that does NOT have HDR onboard? When will Rec709 be a thing of the past? How long before Rec2020 is the norm...the way its just done ?
  17. I have an opened up S&S YS-D2 strobe if you want photos of that as well. The non-J model.
  18. macro support not so good either, the 60mm which would be the choice for UW macro only goes to 0.5x by itself.
  19. I bought this Inon z240 strobe last year as a backup/spare but never actually used. It comes with all original box, diffusers, packaging and instructions. Immaculate condition and has never been out it's box since i bought it. Price is £350 GBP + postage Located Glasgow, United Kingdom
  20. Hi! For those who may remember earlier threads: yeah, this is me once again discovering a potential uw system candidate, yet I never seem to buy anything. Balking in front of the expense, size and weight of a full frame system, an m4/3 system seems a reasonable compromise. But what about the APS-C alternatives? I think the Fuji X-H1 looks very attractive. I know there is no native fisheye, so if that's important to you Fuji is out. But hear me out on the rest: * Camera and housing (Nauticam) noticeably cheaper than X-T3. Remember, this is a compromise. * I get IBIS and don't lose that much to the X-T3. The housing is actually significantly lighter. * Paired with the 15-45 lens (cheap, light, quite good) I can use the WWL-1, which does pretty much the same job as the WACP-1 but at a fraction of the cost and weight. * There is native macro. (It would be cool to be able to use a CMC lens on the 15-45 but I don't know if that's possible.) * 1/250 s flash sync (looking at you, Sony APS-C) So yeah, I lose one stop compared to a full frame system and there's no native fisheye. Size, weight, price much lower, even if stuff like strobes will still cost the same. Is there a serious gotcha I missed?
  21. I am selling my Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens with Canon mount The lens has had the hood removed in order to gain more useable focal length range when used with a full frame sensor camera, essentially giving you an extra 1mm without vignetting. Can be used on crop sensor or full frame Canon camera's. This lens is well used and shows signs of cosmetic wear and tear but functions perfectly. There is a very small mark on the front glass element but doesn't show in pictures. I'm looking for £170 + postage
  22. haha damn, wanted a Sony housing. Good luck with sale though, will go to a good owner!
  23. FS: Atomos Ninja 2 Monitor/Recorder Bundle Condition: Very good; with small dead pixel on screen RFS: Upgrade to Ninja V Location: Manila, Philippine noelguevara.ph@gmail.com $350 + shipping Includes: - Box - Ninja 2 - NP-F970 7.2V 6600mAh Battery - Master Caddy (No SSD) - Charger with AC Adapter - Car Charger - Sony NP to Canon LP-E6 Battery Adapter - Two (2) HDMI to Micro HDMI Cables Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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