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  3. I have similar issue to what you were describing, soft corners even at f11 or f16. I am using Sony a7r iv with 180mm Nauticam dome and 110 port extension and the corners are soft, blurry and need to discard 30% of each frame I take pretty much. Considered +2 B&W diopter but most folks say it makes no difference. Looking at your post you mention that with Sea & Sea corrective lens you get acceptable image quality. Can you send me to some images that show this improvement, maybe before after. Trying to find out if it is worth the $400 price. Alternative is upgrade to WWL-1 or WACP from Nauticam. Thx
  4. For sure For sure. Thanks, Chris. If I end up going that route, I'll post some pictures and let people know how it works out. - brett
  5. I am selling a brand new never used Inon snoot set for Inon Z-330 or D-200 originally packed for USD 180, buyer pays shipping and PayPal fee. All the best, Pascal
  6. Hello, my name is Martin, from Czech Republic. I am very new to UW photo, just bought my first camera and strobe. But I really love diving and taking photos. I am here looking for inspiration and tips/advices for improving both my skills and equipment. I am a little skilled in post-prod. Right now considering switching from Lightroom to Luminar thanks for accepting me and hope to talk to you guys more Martin
  7. San Jose Del Cabo . I just landed at SJD (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico) I thought it would be beneficial to the group to share my experiences. First off I am very a very experienced traveler and have cleared Mexican Customs at least 30 times. This time was just a bit different and not just because of Covid-19. At my check-in in the US I was directed to fill out an online questionnaire about my Covid-19 possible exposure. It also asked for what seat you were in and contact info (email and phone). I assume that this was for Contact tracing. I filled it out and took a screen cap of the QR code generated at the end of the questionnaire (thinking I might need it later).Waiting for the flight was uneventful. There was a whole lot of plexiglass up everywhere and not may stores or restaurants open in the terminal. There was a disturbing amount of single use plastics being utilized in the airline club (I asked the bartender to fill up my water bottle with her beverage gun and instead sh gave me 5 small plastic cups of water to pour into my bottle. Mask use was a high priority on the American Airlines flight that I was on. The person behind me was reminded twice to where his mask. Once off the plane we we all put onto a shuttle bus for the short trip to the terminal. The Bus was not as packed as some others I have been on, but there certainly wasn't any real attempt at social distancing. Prior to getting into the Immigration hall we had to fill out a form asking us if we had knowingly been exposed to Covid-19. This form asked me the same questions that I had answered on the online questionnaire. I filled it out and handed it to the agent. He looked it over, signed it, and handed it back to me. No one else ever asked for it. It wasn't scanned in or anything....so I'm, not really sure what the point was, but as a frequent traveler to Mexico, I am not surprised by this. After collecting my bags I headed to the Customs hall. When I handed in my customs form the agent asked me about my bags (3 checked bags and 2 carry on). She asked me what was inside the bags and I answered, truthfully, saying "1 is scuba gear, another is clothes and the last is for my camera." She asked how many cameras I had and I told her, truthfully, that I was traveling with 2. She then specifically asked me if I had a housing. I said "yes" (no point in lying about it). I was directed to a separate table in the hall where my carry-on bag and my UW camera bag were inspected. The Agents seemed only to be interested in my housing (a 4-5 year old Subal). They asked me very specific questions. They asked me how old it was and how much I could sell it for (not how much was it worth or how much I paid for it). When I was asked about how much I could sell if for I laughed and said that IF I could find someone to buy it I wouldn't expect to get more than $450USD for it. I asked them about what was going on and they informed me that since the value of what I was bringing in exceeded $500USD I was subject to a 19% duty. I told them that it wasn't for resale and I was going to be leaving with it. They said that it didn't matter. In my mind I see the dollars adding up (we all know how much a full UW photo kit costs). The agents stated that "it's not that much, don't worry". He went on to say that they just assume that the rest of the gear is valued at $500 and so I would only be responsible for the 19% on the housing (valued by me at $450). When i pushed back on this He changed the value to $350USD and informed me that I would have to pay around $57USD for the duty. Doing a quick time vs. money evaluation I agreed. I was then led into an office where a woman charged my credit card the $57USD. She also recorded the serial number off of my housing. I was given a receipt and a form (on which was a description of my housing and the serial number) that had both been stamped with some sort of official looking seal. The woman expressly told me to retain the receipt and the form as this was a one time fee and that as long as I had the same housing and the form, I would not be charged again. I repeated it back to her just to make sure that nothing was lost in translation. I then collected my bags and went outside the arrivals hall to brave the gauntlet of taxi drivers. Throughout the the entire experience the Mexican Customs agents were professional and polite. I have travelled in Mexico for years and am have had experiences with the "mordida" (bribe) and this had none of the feel of that. While I didn't like having to pay more money, it is their country and their rules. I felt the agent worked with me a bit and wasn't trying to take advantage of the situation; I travel with 4 strobes that are at least $800 a piece, never-mind the multiple dome ports and all the rest of the stuff that goes along with this crazy hobby. My advice to anyone dealing with a similar situation is to remain calm, remain respectful, and work with the agents to get to a reasonable number. Do not attempt to lie or conceal what you are traveling with...it won't end well for you. I hope this helps other travelers. Oh, I also asked my driver and the management at the hotel I am staying at prior to departure about what they plan to do about the upcoming Covid testing requirements for people returning to the US via air and they said that all of the hotels and resorts are working to have onsite rapid Covid testing for guests that conforms with the requirements of US health officials. I have faith that the Mexican toursim industry will be on top of this latest change. Stay safe.
  8. I’m considering but not there yet. My best friend uses D3 now and she is much more accomplished than I. I’ve been usually letting her try it out before I buy in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Triggering problem solved right there! Check out the Retras or Inon Z330......
  10. I'm with Chris. 5 housings, 20+ years and I've never had a housing, strobe or port o-ring problem (says he looking around for wood to touch)
  11. I've been leaving my o-rings in place and some of the current o-rings are 4 years old and still going strong. I think there's a lot of myth and legend surrounding o-rings, it all sounds somewhat plausible but I doubt there's much science behind it. Same with cleaning o-rings with claims you'll stretch your o-rings if you take them off too much. If you are worried about the housing o-ring getting compression set - what about the o-rings on all the buttons? I don't think anyone thinks about removing them in storage! Most housing button seals would be Buna-N or nitrile rubber it is noted to have good compression set resistance Silicone on the other hand has excellent compression set resistance which is better than the buttons o-ring material and many housing main o-rings are silicone rubber. Permanent elongation by being stretched too often does not seem to be an issue that is discussed for o-rings.As long as you don't exceed the elastic limit you are generally fine and this is more of a problem on small diameter o-rings - they need to be stretched more to fit them.
  12. I was just discussing this topic tonight. It’s not just UW that doesn’t work with the D3s. Nauticams original trigger also doesn’t and it is due to the S&S sensitivity as mentioned above. Nauticam has updated their newer trigger for canon (that allows rear curtain sync). Very frustrating for me too as I am looking to upgrade my strobes! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I think full frame can be a good upgrade but are you sure to give up to lightweight and compact setup?
  14. Backpacks are not 100% save either these days. Mine usually weighs about 12kg and most of the time noone even takes a second look, but it's been weighed before. Luckily when I showed all the camera equipment inside the lady at the counter allowed me take it. Other times I've had more trouble, so I now also wear a vest which I could put a bunch of lenses into the pockets, in case someone kicks a fuss.
  15. For the fisheye the penalty for the smaller dome is much less than with rectilinear. Good to see my logic on the port charts was working!
  16. Hey guys, I'm getting into underwater macro and super macro photography. I've done many dives with GoPro but have not taken any UW photography with a proper rig. I want a camera that takes excellent photo on land (significantly better than iPhone) and great macro photos underwater. I'd also like occasionally record UW video too. The rig should be fairly small and packable for travel. After looking into so many options starting from compact cameras to mirrorless with the helps of other members on my other thread, I'm leaning toward the Sony A6400 because the reviews for on land and underwater are great. There are a variety of housing options available. I can either shoot with the 16-50 mm lens and macro wet lens then upgrade to the Sony 90mm lens later. The price is not more and the size is not significantly larger than compact rig. What do you think about the A6400 setup for my use case? Could someone share their experience with their A6400 rig? Thanks
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  18. @Alex_Mustard and @adamhanlon discuss a selection of the winning images from the 2020 Ocean Art Underwater Photography contest. The winning images represent a stunning body of work but, as always, the duo attempt to provide a constructive critique of them.
  19. I know it's an old topic but I would like to explain my experience in my last two trips. Nowadays I am travelling with the diving equipment (drysuit incluided if needed) and the camera rig in this way. For the diving equipment I am using a normal lightweight samsonite suitcase, I adjust the weight between 20-23 kg depending the air companies. And for the camera rig....The housing, big macro port, with the camera, and the lens inside, with 2 clapms and an arm as a handle, and an attached strap hanging from my shoulder like a bag. This way passing the airport filter it's pretty smooth. The rest of the rig goes into a cabin suitcase with me during all the time. There is place for the two strobes, arms, clamps, chargers, batteries, dome port, lenses, laptop. Only in the Madrid airport I had some issues with the cabin suitcase and I had to empty all the elctronics and pass the scanner with 4 different trays. And I had another issue with the weight of the cabin suitcase (16kg) in the Tenerife north airport, I usually hide that suitcase when I go to the airport check- in, just because I don´t want them to weight it, but this time I was distracted talking with a friend. The flight was to El Hierro with a small turbo propeller plane and they only admit a 6 kg cabin suitcase. So they offer me to put for free some of the stuff in the cabin suitcase to the big suitcase, I did it, suffering for my laptop, and the strobes, which arrived with no more issues. This is why in my next trip I am going to change the cabin suitcase for a big camera backpack, one of my partners use to travel with this bag with no issues untill now, nobody looks at the backpacks hanging for your back and if they do they assume it's not that heavy.
  20. US seller, California based, I believe. No, it was less than ten, but not zero. They had a few other inexpensive used items for sale that looked legitimate, and the price wasn’t “too good to be true.” Nothing really from concierge on avoiding it, they seemed somewhat surprised as it was happening. From me, I’d just say go for sellers with good feedback records between time and count, and stay on top of the email updates.
  21. Ok that's worrying, thanks for sharing! I tend to buy from time to times on eBay and was lucky to avoid that! - Was it a cross border sale? - Did the member have high reputation? Any flags or recommendations from your eBay concierge on how to avoid this going forward? Thanks
  22. I am really happy with the Backscatter Mini + Snoot. It's the best addition to my camera gear in years. Previous snoot setups I tried were frustrating and difficult to aim and this is a relative breeze. Highly recommended. Here is an example shot of a Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker. Maybe 2-3cm long, shot with D850 & 105mm, Backscater Mini Snoot, SubSea +5 closeup lens. I don't love the "spotlight" effect of a bright circle on black so I add a little fill from an Inon 330 at about 1/8 power off to left the side. [ f/18, 1/250th, ISO 100]
  23. What did you end up doing? I tried the 3D printed sea and sea version, and it was okay, but I ended up finding a good deal on the Retra LSD. . I prefer wide angle, so maybe that’s why, but I find snoot work to nearly be a two-person job.
  24. Hi all, I’ve been shopping around for a camera upgrade, and came across a new scam method on eBay. I bought an item, and the seller almost immediately added shipping information. To my surprise, the item showed it was already delivered to my zip code, two days prior. I tried to immediately contact the seller, but they didn’t answer. Within an hour, I got a notification that there was a problem with my transaction - and the message seemed like I initiated the issue (I did not). I’ve been an eBay member a long time, so I immediately contacted eBay concierge by phone. While I was on the phone, and the agent was trying to figure out what was going on, the seller escalated the case to eBay for review. eBay quickly came back and said since there was tracking information, and the item was delivered, they decided the case in the seller’s favor, and I wasn’t eligible for a refund (!!!). Fortunately, the agent on the phone saw this and heard my story, while it was all unfolding. She was able to reverse the decision, and flag the seller’s account. Buyer beware. If the seller waited a few days, I might’ve had a much more difficult case to argue!
  25. I heard back from Nauticam but was diving all day yesterday. The said it will definitely work with the Sony a6xxx series and the Canon 8-15 FE. They recommend: 36207 N815 to N120 Adaptor + 19537 Zoom Gear + 21130 30mm Extension Ring + 18811 140mm Glass Dome Alternatively, the 18811 140mm dome could be swapped with either the 18802 8.5" acrylic dome or the 18812 230mm Glass Dome. I know it isn't as good as a solution as using the larger domes, but if I do decide to go this route I'll probably go with the 140mm dome given my propensity to travel. - brett
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