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  2. You don't need to make it sound legal. Just a cover letter stating the photo is copyright and you are granting them a licence to use for a specific purpose whatever that may be and conditions such as always attributing copyright, no stripping of EXIF data etc. etc. when they use it. Also state if they want to use it for another purpose they need permission.
  3. You would think that businesses would learn from the outpouring of hate, not to piss off their customers. We still use Win 7 Pro, Lightroom 6.14 and PS 5.1 and see no reason to change. I added a Nikon Z50 recently so I have to run the files through the DNG converter before importing them to LR, but it's not a major hassle. I am very happy that other software is eating in to Adobe's monopoly.
  4. Extension and dome sold macro Zoom 29 port, and flash trigger available
  5. Complete Nikon D800 Camera and Aquatica Underwater Housing Complete with: -Nikon D800 Body -Nikkor 60mm macro lens -Nikkor 17mm to 35mm lens -Close-up Diopter -Sigma 15mm Fisheye lens -2 x Inon Z-240 Strobes -2 x strobe cables -2 x strobe arms -2 x .5 diffusers -2 x 1.5 diffusers -3 x camera batteries -3 x camera battery chargers -8 x Eneloop Batteries for strobes -1 Eneloop battery charger -4 x 32gb Media Cards - Aquatica D800 Underwater Housing - Internal Leak Alarm - Flat port for Macro lens - Focus gear 60mm - Aqua View viewfinder extension - Regular flush mount viewfinder - Glass Dome Port for wide angle - Port Extension for Nikkor 17-35 lens - Zoom Gear 17 - 35 lens - Focus Gear 17 - 35 lens - Lens shades for lenses for dry photos - Red Body caps for housing and ports Aquatica housing just went through complete annual inspection and has been pressure tested with brand new o-rings Complete system asking $6000 plus shipping from Hawaii I am willing to sell the complete housing, strobes and case for $4500 (Nikon D800 and lenses etc excluded for this price)
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  7. Maybe go with the bigger organizations like WWF or RARE? They have standard agreements on things like data protection and copyright. I signed off some research images for them to use.
  8. I've been working with researchers the past 6 years. I do underwater mapping, photogrammetry and image processing. Photography is my side hobby. Many of the applications have been very interesting from marine assessments and habitat mapping to sampling volcanic vents to study ocean acidification, etc. My favorite was conducting a population census of giant clams (Tridacna gigas), I did a digital scan of the seabed to create an underwater aerial image of the nursery, then did an automated count of the clams to assess population, sizes and mortality.
  9. If it only costs you one Kidney, then that’s good as it gets. The one exception is, getting one that was left to you in a will.
  10. Has anyone had an opportunity to volunteer with an individual researcher? There's obviously challenges such as geographic location and access limitations (like if they work for government agencies) but it seems like there's so many areas of ocean research happening every day, there wouldn't even be enough of us on this forum to capture it! Conservation groups are usually smart about marketing, but for individual scientists with super specific projects and tight budgets, they need our photo skills more than ever. Just wondering if anyone here has experience in working with scientists to showcase their work?
  11. Giving my video clips and photos to a nonprofit conservation group sounds very fulfilling, especially if those photos/videos weren't otherwise being used. Finding a new purpose for non-portfolio work seems like a great idea. But with all the stories here of people removing your watermarks and not crediting you it seems like the act of giving material to a non-profit might seem like you're "donating" it and I'd imagine that adds a level of vagueness to how it is shared and where your material goes. Several groups that I have contact with are very low-key and low budget so anything "legal" looking might scare them instead of getting my material out there. Does anyone have advice on how to properly go about this with non-profits? Maybe I'm overthinking this but it just seems like you'd want to clarify the terms as much as possible as if it were a for-profit scenario even if it's awkward?
  12. Thanks for the great information! Sorry about the repeat post, I searched the forums but didn't see those previous threads for some reason. Gave the other posts a thorough read. Interesting findings on the two systems. Would love to test both the Laowa and EMWL myself!
  13. FWIW Looks like a really good one in Japan right now. "Reasonable" price https://www.ebay.com/itm/294017247101?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D4e29fddda76e41f59115ab789dd8fc63%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D184970534612%26itm%3D294017247101%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057%26brand%3DNikon&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3Abcc616ae-f3c4-11eb-aa08-2ade22e4bb78|parentrq%3A0842977d17b0a69dc2feb86cffe0a5ac|iid%3A1
  14. Thank you for all the suggestions. Idk if the dive tour will do that for me but I’ll try to request to go in first. What camera do you have and the setting you had to take the ceiling ray light? Any particular spot at Cathedral 1 you think is the best spot from your experience? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I have the nauticam 140mm dome for sale for n85 and an extension depending on what lens you’re planning on using. Shoot me a message if you’re interested
  16. Looking for a smaller fisheye dome, preferably a 140mm for my n85 but one for an n120 port system would also be welcome (plan to move up systems soon). Thanks!
  17. Yeah, that was my reaction when I saw Matt's post. Good luck with that!
  18. John, I'm using the i-fibreoptics with Retra strobes. Got about a 50cm long cable with Howshot L-adaptors at the housing bulkhead end; and the Inon double bush plugs at the Retra end. Works fine.
  19. Is it actually elliptical and the description has not been lost in translation? The curve of the dome would still be spherical I would think (or hope) though the outline may be cut a different shape but I'm not sure how that would work. I looked at their website and I can't see the domes you list, but did see this small dome which may work? https://www.gio-sim.com/en/porthole-waterproof-cases-for-reflex/p/cristal-port-of-45
  20. I was speaking to a local diver some time back who told me he was having trouble with his ikelite TTL converter. He thought the issue was a problem with sealing on the external TTL module that didn't short but was enough to interfere with the signals. He didn't think the external modules were as reliable as the old internal ones. Yours might be a similar issue? You may need to be more insistent with them - the fact that they can't reproduce the problem does not mean it doesn't exist.
  21. I have the advantage of having shot both the Laowa 14mm and the Nauticam EMWL. The Laowa is tough to shoot underwater...manual focus and aperture makes for challenges. Quality wise, it is OK. The tentacles here are on the lens' front element. I do need to do more with EMWL, but the initial impressions are that it is much easier to shoot. The Laowa is rectilinear, which is probably why it has been adopted by many video shooters. The jury is still out of the 100° objective as to how much distortion there is. Adam
  22. I measured the core of a Nauticam cable and got 1.5mm rather than 1mm. Are either of the cables above the best cable for the job?
  23. Is this the same cable ? If so FWIW its available at a cheaper rate here p.m. https://fiberfin.com/product/1-x-2-2mm-industrial-pof-cable-19-multi-core-ul-vw-1-rated-500-meter-spool/Diggy
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