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  2. As mentioned earlier, I had received notice form Retra back on Feb 2nd that my first two prime strobes were on their way, which arrived a few days later. In addition to purchasing two directly from Retra, I had also preordered two more through Backscatter around the same time. Happy to say they too are on their way to me now with the arrival this Friday the 28th., so Retra is getting them cranked out.
  3. Thanks to all you guys who are working on the various software/firmware updates to be able to use the Retra to their max. Excellent! I emailed Retra on Saturday to ask when strobes might be available for we non-pre-order people. I was surprised to get a quick reply saying if I ordered in the next few days, delivery would be within a week. So, sold my first-born, slapped in an order on Sunday.... and my Retra Primes arrived at my front door Wednesday evening (last night)! Sadly I'm not there to drool over them at the moment. But hey.... (Just to add to the joy of the day, Manchester City beat Real Madrid 1-2 at the Bernabeu last night). What a great day!
  4. Dear All, I would like to inform you about the TRT-electronics and Retra Pro TTL characteristic. We updated the i-TURTLE, s-TURTLE, o-TURTLE software on the website to use the Retra Pro in TTL mode. We are working on the HSS possibility and the new orders will contain this function in manual mode. Best Balazs
  5. Good news (with a twist...) received a notice from DHL saying my 2 (Nov. pre-ordered) Retra flash PRO's were being delivered tomorrow (here in California). Timing is good because I've got a trip coming up in about 4 weeks, so looking forward to getting these strobes wet. The "twist" was also getting a "Duty owed" notice from DHL. $118 USD for the 2 strobes... no real heartburn on the amount, just more the notice itself. Posting here so others are aware (I did see the previous post on "duty owed" as well - looks like it is a theme for strobes shipped to the US/Canada).
  6. Wow, I just spent the last hour on your youtube channel. This is the type work I aspire to be able to do. Your video is great. Crisp subjects, great lighting, very well edited. I went through your videos and right around the 2017 Coz video The quality of your videos took on a whole new level of production. What did you do differently then?
  7. Stopped in Ambon last October for a few days of diving after a LOB trip in the. Banda Sea. If you haven't dived Ambon it's well worth the stop as the macro life is wonderful and abundant. This was my second time visiting and diving with Critterjunkies. Here's the video of the underwater experience. Comments and critiques welcomed.
  8. I need used bulkhead connector "Ikelite B1A Ikelite ICS-5 Bulkhead with Connector"
  9. Any of the E-M1's will have better C-AF performance the the M5II (or the g7). As Chris said, S-AF is the way to go for your combo underwater. I used the 9-18 behind a flat port for a few months, and I don't really remember a lot of issues with S-AF and missed focus. It's not the fastest focusing lens out there, so I agree with others that getting the right release priority should help. That said- the Zen dome port is cheap and really improves the usability of the lens. The port system of the Oly housing for the M5II is pretty limiting. Great for macro, but if you shoot rectilinear wide angle the M1 mk 1 with a bigger dome and better lenses (12-40, 7-14, 8-18) doesn't cost that much more in the scheme of things and will get you better results. Also, if you're ok with a fisheye you can shoot the Oly 8mm in your housing with a different port.
  10. Thanks Brandon! To help things move along, I'm now offering a $200 price drop from my original price - now $1400.00 for the entire kit.
  11. Are there mft or compact cs that have significantly better focus performance? I feel like i haven't had this issue on my g7xii.
  12. +972528907644
  13. I shot with an EM-5 II a few years back, the AF was not the greatest but you could get it to work. Changing the release priority may or may not help- it will often grab a floaty rather than the subject and it is focused as far as the camera is concerned and will take a nice sharp shot of the floaty. A coupl of things to look at, first the camera should show a green frame around the focus point and beep when it acquires focus - set AF area pointer to on AF-C is generally poor - use AF-S and program a button to back button AF, then you can keep trying again easily Set the AF to centre point, don't use all the points - so you know where the camera will try to AF. you can set the home AF point in the A menu set home. You can then program a function button to return to this, I suggest single centre point and try also the small option which limits the size of the AF target point, Going to a dome port should also assist - the closer you are the better the AF will work.
  14. 8 1/2 acrylic dome and 20mm port extension have sold. Thanks!
  15. Yesterday
  16. Superb macro work! Thanks so much for sharing. Mini Militia App Lock 7Zip
  17. Camera is in excellent condition, I inherited this from my recently deceased brother who was a professional top-side photographer. I have the box and all paper work. 3 batteries and EF-EOS R mount adapter included. I also have a EG-E1 grip extension for top-side use. USA buyer preferred $1200 + shipping..
  18. I have owned the G7XI, Own a G7XII and have used the G7XIII. I upgraded from a G11 as well. I shoot 99% stills which is one of the reasons I went Canon over Sony. I like the control placement on the Canon point and shoots and think the macro does a good job. If you're into video it is worth noting that the G7Xiii had serious issues with video AF at launch. 2 software patches later its better but from what I hear isn't up to par with other point and shoot (which is disappointing bc the iii was supposed to bring the G7X up to other brands offerings). Overall I have zero regrets buying the G7Xii.
  19. Hi all, Apparently the latest firmware update significantly improved the autofocus of the Nikon Z series cameras. https://petapixel.com/2020/02/26/nikon-firmware-3-0-field-test-nikons-autofocus-just-got-way-better/ If the update is as good as the review suggests (and it works underwater), this may make the Z series much more attractive for underwater use... Adam
  20. I know this is not the answer you are looking for, but thought you might appreciate another's experience. I'm a dedicated underwater video guy. I've tried all types of camera's for video with all their claims. However, I was never quiet satisfied with a number of things. It was not until I got a decent value priced pro video camera in a Gates Housing shooting 4K at 30p as I was MORE than happy. There are big differences in the build and performance. I also opted for the Gates Wide angle port.
  21. https://www.backscatter.com/AOI-DLP-06-Acrylic-Underwater-Dome-Port-Olympus-PEN-Housings Pretty sure it is this one.
  22. There have been numerous changes for the Z cameras lately. With the improved AF and pseudo-raw video capture, I am interested to hear some feedback on the viability of the Z6 for UW video work. Has the AF improved sufficiently to be considered reliable under appropriate use scenarios? Does the raw capture provide tangible benefit over what you can get with in camera recording? I’m about to send my Z6 off for the update to develop some feel for the raw workflow on land. What are your thoughts?
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