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  2. It's included the starting balls on the handle, box and turtle trigger's leds already glued. Turtle pro transmitter can be sold separatly. Pictures soon!
  3. Wow, you really went above and beyond trying to identify this.
  4. Usually, after my last dive session, before I store it away, I take the port off, clean everything, take off the O-rings, and put caps on the housing and port (Fantasea housing for Sony a6300). That way, you clean all the salt, it won't take much place in the storage box, and it's kind of a therapy to clean all parts.
  5. Can I ask what's included and a couple of photo's would be nice. Thank you.
  6. Yesterday
  7. I think there is plenty more media to come too. I know Damai, Lembeh and many of us owed money by Adam have plenty to say in response to what he's come out with. And there remain more revelations about what happened. I've learned more in the last week than in the six months before that.
  8. One more strategy: In LR, edit image to your style choices. Try subject mask, using brush to add/subtract. Then invert and darken/ blur, etc. to help remove backscatter from non-subject area. This only helps if there is a defined somewhat isolated subject and doesn't help with backscatter on the subject itself. Heal or clone may help if there are only a few spots. If the above method isn't successful, I would create a virtual copy after the initial LR edits. I then edit the copy to lower exposure and blur until most or all of the backscatter is gone. This copy, however, also darkens and blurs the part of the image I want sharp, so: I then shift/select both the original and virtual copies and click on "edit in PS as layers". In PS, I then create a mask and use the brush tool to paint in the darkened/blurred layer for the areas containing large amounts of backscatter. Use the opacity slider to help blend in lighter/darker areas. This is useful when there are large areas which don't need to be in sharp focus. Then I "Collapse Layers" and "Save" back to LR. In LR I can now do another round of Heal/Clone on additional spots if needed. Sounds like a lot of manipulation, but the second or third time you do it, it is pretty quick. Also, its only darkening/blurring backscatter reflections and not adding or subtracting elements in the image.
  9. Alex: I agree that whining here is not likely to result in Adam returning the money he took or paying money that is owed. I am working on utilizing legal means to accomplish that, as are others, but the two activities are not mutually exclusive and while the civil or criminal legal processes slowly move on, in relative obscurity, I feel it is valuable to keep the truth of this visible and even more so now that Adam is trying to deny/deflect his behavior. I have seen some say that Adam got away with as much as he did because people thought their situation was unique or attributed missing money to a one-time "Adam has medical issues" type of situation. I don't know if that is true, but if we all just let this die and pursue civil claims and criminal complaints on our own, that lets Adam's denials and excuses be the only "reality" out there. Certainly, had I seen discussions of financial misdeeds or concerns, I would likely not have sent money to Wetpixel for a trip that proved to be a scam. What I think will happen and is already beginning to form is group communication between those of us who were defrauded or unpaid and that will probably result in relative silence on the issue in these forums. I am not sure that is a good thing, but probably inevitable.
  10. Due to last minute cancelations there are two spots available for Wreck Safari onboard Red Sea Aggressor II. one female share, one male share. Starting from Hurghada on October 7th, returning 14th. Get Wrecked, Unique Itinerary https://www.aggressor.com/destination/RedSea-North Standard price 1300USD offered for 900USD Half of the team onboard are uw photographers. There other half will model or assist with lights.
  11. I think it was valuable to get the message out - through the forums, social media and articles. This was important for the sake of the community to stop more people loosing their money. But to get some sort of justice, the authorities are better and fairer. And the legal route is a better way to attempt to recover funds. From the quotes Adam has given to the press there does not seem any acceptance of guilt or remorse. Just flimsy excuses that it is not his fault he still has everyone's money.
  12. Good evening, are these strobes still available as I am interested in them. regard, Andy.
  13. Dear Robert, This is very well written and true, but I fear that our posts in several social media just serve the purpose of group therapy for ourselves... I decided now to go the legal route. Yesterday I filed a complaint at the local public prosecutors office here in Austria. It will take time, but they are obliged to make investigations.. Today I filed another complaint at this official U.K. site here: https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/reporting-fraud-and-cyber-crime => Everybody from any country of the world can file a complaint at this fraud department in U.K. and I think every victim should do so. If we are lucky they make a substantial case out of all the complaints and then I would not wish to be in Adam's skin... The mills of justice grind slowly, but steadily... I do not expect to get money back by these actions, but I also do not want that Adam gets away with it and in a couple of months he resumes normal activity as usual... Wolfgang
  14. It looks like you can't do any changes to the setting on the gopro. A big screen is nice....would like to know the run time for this Sent from my SM-F946B using Tapatalk
  15. I fear an exact determination of the species, as you say, will not be possible at present. I do not have an image from the side as the fish was extremely shy and did not come out during my presence. In the meantime, I have an opinion from an expert on fish identification, Nico Michielis, an evolutionary biologist from Tübingen University, who studies the Mangrove Bay since > 20 years and whom I met by coincidence at the last stay there - he comes to the same conclusion as you: "Dear Wolfgang, attached my own picture of Eviota pictifacies from Indonesia. I don't know this species from Mangrove Bay (yet?). Your picture could actually be this species, but a side view would be required to be sure, especially since E. pictifacies is only known from Indonesia as far as I can find off the top of my head. Eviota often has endemic species in the Red Sea that have a sister species in the rest of the Indo-Pacific. Eviota is an extremely species-rich genus with well over a hundred species. New ones are constantly being added. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a species that has just been described, or is not yet described. LG, Nico" Maybe in 2024, when I will return to Mangrove Bay, I will be able to make a picture from the side (I remember the exact location very well), but who knows whether the fish will still be there... Wolfgang
  16. 10 dives, excellent conditions, 1 year old. Located in Italy, shipping worldide Complete with original box Price 1900 EURO (3290 NEW)
  17. that would be obvious if it was 2010 18650's aren't exactly a hard to get item any longer (the 69mm ones like AOI uses are a PITA however) To the fiber optic cable, that will be dead in a decade is my guess, Marelux is already well down that path and I would bet we see more solutions that are wireless in future from many sources. Plus, fiber optic cables aren't really that much less than electric cables, sometimes more expensive, especially if using quality FO cables. But, strobes are probably gonna be more and more rare as cameras reach true convergence where you can get the quality out of a frame grab of video that you can get with a photo today from a good camera.
  18. I have a Fantasea housing with standard port for the Sony 6400 and kit lens plus the Fantasea WWL. It is not unusual for me to have to use a strap wrench to remove the port. I remove the port after I get home from each trip and lubricate the O-ring and store in a ziploc bag and then re-lubricate and install just prior to my next trip.
  19. I used it for 2 days without charging (4 dives everyday), on the last 2 night dives I used it as a torch also, all on a single charge. The flash was on power 2 or 3 most of the time, I had about 400 or 500 pictures in total on that charge
  20. Hi There are many battery brands out there but as is with all consumer products we need to be aware that differences in pricing are often the result of varying quality which is not revealed in the specifications. As indicated in the user manual we recommend Eneloop PRO batteries because they have proven to be the most reliable, consistent and deliver the best performance. With each new generation of Retra Flash our battery and triggering management system is much more efficient and able to deliver more flashes with the same light output. Difference between gen.2 and gen.4 is almost 50% more flashes per set of Eneloop PRO batteries.
  21. Oxynoe antillarum Hypselodoris ruthae "Gold line sea goddess." Chromodoris binza
  22. Check this one out, a pregnant skeleton shrimp?!?
  23. There are some news via Kay Burn Lim FB page who helped to develop the housing. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02sRDLzNNRZTPsaLdeMMV3wvEnDrhz58xN9h4NCyfdGQFKoiFAu6eVxvWpm3mjTUUdl&id=582259232&sfnsn=scwspwa Among the several comments:
  24. Thanks. It was a great dive. I'd never dived there and just hoped to see one. And, yes, they were plentiful. One of the prettiest--and most photogenic--fish ever.
  25. As art of my effort to get some coverage through my credit card, I was required to attempt contact with Adam. I sent him an email, which did not bounce back, asking for payment or that he contact me if he disputed that payment to me was due, or intended to repay but needed time. I heard nothing back. It appears he may be trying to salvage his public image in the media, but he is definitely ignoring those he ripped off, or at least me. If this was not just fraud and theft, Adam would be explaining himself in some way and taking some steps to make this right. He has done neither. I know of one person who tried reaching out toAdam through Adam's wife's facebook page and within a few days, the FB page went private. Hiding like this is not indicative of a mistake or medical problem.
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