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    I have always taken photos and video before the underwater but with covid-19 I have gone to shoot much more on land out of cancelled diving trips and other trips Majority of us have a fisheye and a macro lens and some have also a mid zoom. Unfortunately underwater imaging is not relying on fast lenses so most of your traditional photography is not matching the equipment, besides with covid-19 travel restrictions make it harder to go around and shoot landscapes So what can you do if you have a macro lens and a wide angle lens? One interesting option are star trails that unless you are in the centre of a very bright city are possible almost anywhere from your backyard. A fast wide angle not too wide is preferred but you can even get by with fisheye Home Sweet Home by Interceptor121, on Flickr Macro gives you access to flowers or bugs You can also use macro lenses for abstract I hope this is inspiring those that are stuck at home and have their equipment collecting dust to try something new
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    Thank you two, had not been so lucky, so some floodings during the years... And thoughts that are not 100% on your line... My first was a S&S DX1 on my first asia trip. Third day of 3 weeks.... My fault, catched the secure ribbon of the front cap between oring and back door... Exact behind the lock buckle... Didn see it, murphy was on board, was a dive there you had to swim 10 minutes from boat to site, national park... When i started decenting, i saw it, small bubbles inside, so much too late... Did the dive, as soon as back on the boat rinsed everything in sweet water, but much too late. So back in the hotel, i through everything in sweetwater again, but camera was gone, battery corroded and it was 2008, no laptop or storage device with us, the 2 days before gone... Somehow i keept the SD card, and back home, it was dead. But it was laying in the shelf, and after 8 or 9 months, mistakly was used again. And there were pics on it. More the 90& were ok! So as Alex said, keep your dead gear and keep trying!!! As a Hugyfot user of the older generations, using one of the first Nikon D300 housing, i had 3 floods. One was a broken snap ring, during a dive, again 3rd day, in Thailand, during the dive suddenly one of the buttons came out... Catched it, and pressed my thumb on the hole until the end of the dive .... The button i put in a jacket pocket with zipper, was easy to repair afterwards at home. Was only a minor water entry, but because i kept the camera horizontal, it was too much.. Some water came to the card slot, and it quitted working. All camera was ok, but no card accepted... Dont ask... So, thank Alex for that, will help! The two others have been a construction issue of Hugyfot, that ended in introducing vaccum systems. The old housing generation was desinged to be a front and back part, holded together with two screws. No snap locks like other companies, only two screws with an allen key. What was great, because the housing was round shaped and so easy to hold... No unwiedly edges where you hold it. Backside was, that both times it was the second dive of the day, on boats, so my idea was that the temperature difference and the boat shaking startet loosing the screws... And thats the point against Alex theory, the problem appeared at the end of the dive. Starting was easy, everything worked fine. At the end of the dive, last meter to surface, after the safety stop, suddenly a curtain of bubbles came out of the seal area on top. Pressure that keept the two housing parts together was lost. So getting up was important, but with a dslr rigg, and not much air in the jacket because you want to be slow, it was a kicking event, until another diver came close enought to blew up my jacket. and as Alex said, keep the port downside. It was once a wide angle, these ports can take a lot of water, and the other was a macro, but with my Nikon 70 to 180mm micro zoom. There is some space to the port from the front element, since it is a old lens that neds it... Both times no losses. After that i thought about leaving Hugyfot, 3 times issues is not the best recommandation, and i got a new camera, Nikon D500, and from that model they changed to snap locks... But from history, the brought vaccum systems on the market, simply because they had a construction problem... So there couldbe a lot of different problems, its only important to know how to deal with them! And thanks for explaining that very good! So wish you allways a dry housing, Wolfgang
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    Interesting article on one of my favorite non-scuba related sites. Enjoy! http://www.openculture.com/2020/09/the-first-underwater-portrait-in-the-history-of-photography-circa-1899.html Kind regards, Ajay.



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