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    They are not underwater shots don't have a housing for the Olympus There are many examples around just google Sony PDAF Striping or banding
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    Greetings from Lockdown in London. I'm pretty sure I joined this community way back but have never had the time, until now, to actually participate in any discussions. That thing called work, you know, keeps getting in the way Well my name is Joss Woolf and I have been taking pictures since 2004. I joined the British Society of Underwater Photographers (of whose members' work I was utterly in awe) in the days when we were still shooting with film, and now I take quite an active part in its operation. I help to organize the speakers for our monthly meetings which used to take place at University College in South Kensington, London but, of course, are now online, having been unable to meet up in person since March. But this has proved to be quite successful, attracting far more people than were ever able to physically meet up in London. I also help to produce a glossy magazine called "in focus" which is crammed with our members' images and articles which they contribute, free of charge. Until this year, it was actually printed but for the time being it is produced digitally. I have a Nikon D500 in a Sea & Sea housing and am about to take a leap and buy a pair of Retra Pro strobes. They are so nice and shiny! I thought I might be able to read about them on this forum. have been using a YS250PRO which I absolutely love and have used it as a single strobe for a long time. I also have a pair of Inon Z240s which I have always taken with me as a back up. The only diving I've been able to do this year, due to the travel restrictions, was four days with the seals at Lundy Island in August. Let's hope it won't be too long before things get back to normal. I organize a two week liveaboard trip to the Red Sea every year and also love to go to Bali or Manado. You can't beat Indonesia. Well, I shall enjoy meeting you all and look forward to chatting soon. And who knows, maybe I can even recruit one or two of you to come and give us a talk at BSoUP! Joss
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    Hi all. Joanna from Sydney, new to UW photography but keen to learn more. Started diving this March as a COVID hobby and it just stuck. Happy diving all!
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    Hi all, joining from The Netherlands! Cold water diving, photography and cinematography mostly.
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    I'm a diver from Southern California. I am just getting into photography after being a GoPro fan boy for the past 5 years. While it is a great way to get decent video footage, I am ready to take it to the next level. I'm currently shooting with a Sony RX100-VA with a Nauticam pro housing and working on building my camera system. I am mostly interested in wide angle shooting as I have a passion for wreck diving. But I am open to learning macro shooting as well.
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    Hello from the San Francisco Bay Area! I am a fine art photographer who specializes in images of the natural world. I am a beginning underwater photographer and am learning about the differences between shooting above and under the water as well as how to process under water images. Thank you!
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    Hi I'm Rex Villavelez from the Philippines. A divemaster and an underwater photographer. I have been doing underwater photography for around 10 years. I joined this site in hopes of getting good deals from underwater photography classifieds.
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    I’ve been doing freshwater and some salt water snorkeling in the Pacific Northwest for quite a while with a point and click. I am looking to upgrade to a much higher quality camera Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi, Just joined wetpixel. Looking to get more involved with UW (underwater) photography. Live in South Florida and looking for more shallow water shots but we'll see how it goes. Currently have a Sony NEX-6 camera which I like. This has a F1.8, 50 mm fixed lens. I never liked the stock E-mount F3.5 - 5.6 18-55mm lens it was shipped with. That couldn't outperform the average cell phone as it was always too dark. Probably looking more for action shots in pools and shallow water rather than close up macro shots of sea cucumbers and plankton. Just bought an Olympus Tough TG-5 camera but will return it as it looks too cheaply made to be viable underwater. The battery hatch for one thing is thin plastic with two very thin little plastic hinges. When they get tired I see no way of keeping water out of it. On diving, have been diving off and on for many years but still only Padi OW. Maybe I should get better certifications once the corona vaccine's out? The pix is of me reef diving in Florida: taken by someone in the group I was in with just a simple point & shoot.
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    My name is Anthony Fuccella and I live in San Jose, CA. I have learned underwater photography from trial and error as well as from youtube.com. I am always happy to teach what I know and learn from others. My underwater photography is done in pools and ranges anywhere from athletes swimming to senior portraits. I do a variety of photography above water as well but enjoy underwater the most. I currently use an Ikelite housing with a Canon 5d Mark iii. I look forward to spending more time in this forum learning from others.
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    Hello Tomasz Rossa here. I am an underwater photographer based in Las Vegas. Mainly I photograph people underwater. Here is my website you will be able to find samples of my underwater work www.tomaszrossa.com Always looking for improvement. Thank you T
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    Hello, My name is David and new to UW photo. Been doing some pretty cool videos with Gopro and looking to enhance my skills. Currently living in Melbourne and have dived around Australia, Indo, Thailand, and the West Pacific. Bumping up to an RX100va setup and looking to grab some good pics of some of the sweet places I've visited. Cheers, Dave
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    Hi, I'm a diver based in Costa Brava (Catalonia, Spain) and really interested in underwater photography. Now I'm very excited because I'm changing all my gear from a compact camera to a DSRL camera. Joining Wetpixel to learn as much as possible from better uwphotographers! Joan
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    Hi everyone. Crazy I have never joined the community. Well, it's a pleasure to be here! Look forward to reading all the interesting posts and topics. Steve Woods https://www.instagram.com/steve_woods_photography/
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    Hi Wetpixel Community! I'm a Director of Photography from Barcelona. With experience in documentaries, music videos, dance for screen, corporate, commercial and short films. Founder of Trifasic Films that creates and disseminates terrestrial, underwater, aerial, timelapse, hyperlapse and stop-motion video content. Using it as a tool to raise awareness amongst humanity on protecting the elements: earth, water, air and fire. The origin of things, their transformation and their evolution. Looking forward to connect and be part of this community. Cheers Pau
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    Hi everyone, I'm a South Florida diver/aspiring underwater photographer. Joining wetpixel to learn as much as I can about underwater photography. Looking forward to being part of the community. Connect with me on IG @tomunderwater. Tom
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    Hi, new member here. Deborah from Hatteras, NC
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    Hi, I'm Tristan from Brittany, France. Scuba and sometimes freediving photographer. I took my firsts pics in 2004, I was 16 yo. I presently use nikon d7000 in Aquatica housing and 2 ds160 strobes fully manuel. Looking for upgrading my gear. Otherwise I particulary appreciate splits and macro photography.
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    Hello My name is Kevin and I like to dive and take pictures and video. Been diving since 1986 with a PADI certification. Live a boards are my favorite way to go, meet nice people from all over the world, see amazing places, and dive. Best wishes to all in these unsteady days, K
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    Hi I use Subal for my digital photography and while not cheap it’s a great system. I suggest you buy the best camera you can to avoid changing housings too often. I use a Nikon D700 which is a professional standard camera and have had the associated Subal housing for over 12 years. Like you I also use Nikonos with film which I still think beats digital as you must think more. cheers
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    Hello, I am currently a Nikonos iii and V user and looking for a medium format housing! Looking forward to learning here and hopefully finding a nice housing!
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    Hey all, I’m Ricky from the South side of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I’ve been diving for 3 years now and am close to my 100th dive. I wasn’t into photography before learning to dive, but look forward to learning to use my G7x Mkiii to capture some of the cool things we encounter below!
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    Hi new to this forum but been diving for over 25 years and shooting as an amatuer for many years. Have done a bit of professional video work. Work professionally as a diver in Japan running tours and operating a dive service in Okinawa. Hope to learn much here.
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    Hi from Bangkok, Thailand. I'm an ameteur underwater photographer (Beginner) but I frequently shoot landscape, panoramic photography and macro ( intraoral dental photographs). After research about housing, strobes and underwater photography technique , I bought my first full system (not include my old gopro4 and sony FDRx3000) My gears: A7Riii + metabones + 8-15 F4L Nauticam housing + port adaptor + extension ring 30 + Nauticam 140 mm fisheye dome port Sea & Sea YS-D3 + diffuser + mini flash trigger Weefine 2300 focus light x1 I also bought INON mega float M -650g x2 + INON float M -135g x2 Total = -1570g But I'm not sure that I gonna work with my system. If someone have system just like me ( or nearly ) Please advise if you have any suggestions about buoyancy. Thanks Namton



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