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  1. I do a fair amount of cave diving and have been shooting video for documentation purposes of a few of our systems and have been known to be a model for a few photographers every now and then. One of the greatest challenges you're going to face is there's no easy way to light up a large room without LOTS of strobes. There's a photo taken by Kirill hanging on the wall above my desk of a miniscule portion of Diepolder 3, a white walled cave with air clear water, and that shot used 7 strobes, a very wide lens (with a very close photographer), and there is still a lot of shadow. So if you're not going to bring that kind of firepower to a shoot then you need to either get creative with your shadows (look at some of the photos that SJ Alice Bennett has been posting on FB, such as this) Or get really close to your subject (see the above photos in this thread posted by Liz and Jah Jah).
  2. I know this is an old topic, and I apologize for bumping that, but could you elaborate on this? I've got an 80D body that I've been toying with the idea of getting a housing for. Due to some of the depths I dive, I'm at the Sea & Sea and Nauticam divide.
  3. Nice video Mike. Looking forward to getting together with you to shoot some video in Madison in October and November (plus swapping bailout bottles!!!) BTW -- I noticed my lights at the tail end of the video from the dive with Jon in December. You'll be glad to know I've painted the floats.
  4. My name's Ken, I'm from North Florida. I've been diving for almost 40 years.
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