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  1. The Nikon 7100 camera body has been sold. All that is left is a Sea & Sea DY S1 strobe.
  2. The Inon Strobe and 8.5" dome have been SOLD. The Sea & Sea strobe and Nikon 7100 camera are still available. Nikon 7100 camera body -- 91K actuations (about 150K predicted life span) - $250 Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobe - $200 Shipping to US addresses only.
  3. Hello -- I believe the shipping cost will be about $25. If you wish to purchase the dome, please send your email and contact information to me at terrieg@mac.com and I will send you a PayPal request for payment of $150 + $25. Once I receive payment, I will ship the dome to you. Thanks, Terrie
  4. THE HOUSING HAS BEEN SOLD. Thanks for all the inquiries! Still available: strobes, camera, and dome.
  5. Hi -- shipping the dome would be about $45. I am waiting to hear back from people who previously expressed interest and will let you know if the dome is still available. Terrie
  6. Please be advised that any shipments outside the US will likely be charged a duty tax that you will be responsible for.
  7. Definitely! Unfortunately, I'm currently out of town, returning Monday, but will take care of this Monday morning. Terrie
  8. I've been traveling today. Just sent email response.
  9. I saw your photos on ig and think they're great. You would not get perfection with this dome because even though the scratch is smaller than an eyelash, it is close to the center. To replace the acrylic part would cost about $300. That's why I'm offering it for so low a price. A new dome is $700, so you'd still be ahead of the game if you bought this one. I had a hard time getting a decent photo of it because the scratch is so small and the dome surface reflected all the lights. Still I've attached a photo with a ring around where the most important scratch is. You can almost see it better in its shadow. Let me know what you think. scratch.HEIC
  10. Hi -- Are you still interested? Would $250 sound about right to you? It's fairly new. I replaced it only to get strobes that were the same model. Terrie
  11. Hi -- How about $150, considering it's scratched.
  12. Hi -- It looks like I will be splitting everything up. Are you still interested in the dome?
  13. Hi Caleb -- I'm willing to sell the strobe separately. $250?
  14. To emiljaranilla -- it looks like I will be selling pieces separately. The strobe is good. Would a price of $250 work for you?
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