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  1. Thanks a mill for watching buddy, have you a channel that i could subscribe to also and watch some of your footage
  2. Hi Guys, I pretty new around these neck of the woods, and looking to integrate a bit more with people so Id love to know if any of ye have YouTube channels that I could subscribe to so I can learn more about how ye dive and so we can support each other. So far im loving Wetpixel as its a great place to find out some information. I'll leave a link here to my own YouTube channel if any of ye would like to subscribe or watch some videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFAVFAWk9lZ9FvwGwOM1L4w
  3. I mailed NiMar today about the housing not being on the website anymore and long story short I bought the last one they made because of the cost is too much to make them. Ill post the dialog here: Diarmuid - I was having a discussion on Wetpixel about Nimar housings and one the users was saying the Pro housing is no longer available for the Canon EOS R. I was just wondering why ? As I'll be doing an episode about the housing on my YouTube channel and I wanted to get as much info as possible, I'll send ye a link when its finished. NiMar - Hi Diarmuid, We're processing your order. Yes Pro housing line will be discontinued. This is only for economy reasons in fact it is not easy to produce a similar affordable product here in Italy, and at the moment the underwater market does not allow us to raise any price. However don't worry, We're able to guarantee assistance and spares in the future.
  4. Hi Patric, Ya i ended up going with the Pro version, with the vacuum system and alarm, I also got two fiber optic cables, two nimar arms, macro flat port, 8" acrylic dome, extension and zoom gear. I am curious as to why the pro housing is no longer available
  5. Nope none here in Ireland, we have to import everything, and the UK just left the EU also so im guessing we will have to pay customs now and anything from the UK
  6. Thanks Tim, Ill have a quick look now, I think Ive kinda made up my mind and will probably go with the new NiMar Pro housing for my Canon EOS R
  7. Thank you guys, appreciate the links and have read them. I looked around in other places like subal and nauticam, and i cant afford those products
  8. Anyone ever use this housing as Im currently saving for it for my Canon EOS R with a Macro and Wide Angle set up. I currently use an Ikelite Housing for my Canon 5D Mark iii, but im not mad about it.
  9. I havent used it in years, but now i have went back just to store some of my old good shots
  10. Hi all, im Diarmuid from Ireland and I started underwater photography two years ago and love it.
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