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  1. I recently replaced the O-rings on my Sea&Sea fiberoptics connectors using 7mm OD, 4mm ID, 1.5mm Width O-rings. I have plugged them into various things incl. Ikelite housing, Nauticam (LX10) housing, Sea&Sea and Retra strobes, and the connection feels secure across the board. However, I'm not sure if the connector dimensions are different between Nauticam and Sea&Sea cables. Juergen
  2. Thanks Diggy and Tim. The brown and red algae definitely helps making them stand out.
  3. Local shore diving in the Northeast, while sometimes challenging, has provided a great distraction over the past two years. Last year, we started our dive season a few months earlier to get to see the amazing abundance and variety of Atlantic nudibranch species. Here are some of my favorite photos from 2021, all taken near Rockport, MA. Identification is sometimes difficult, especially when trying to differentiate some of the flabellina species. All the images were taken with a Canon G7x II (Ikelite housing), 1x Sea&Sea YS-01 Strobe, Inon UCL100 macro lens and a focus light. LR and PS editing included color correction (WB), some cropping, backscatter removal and sharpening. Critique welcome. Flabellina (most likely gracilis) Doto formosa Dendronotus frondosus (aka Bushy-Backed Nudibranch) Flabellina (probably verrucosa, aka Red-Finger Aeolis)
  4. Hello from Boston! Got into UW photography a few years ago and really enjoy diving with Sandtigers off of Moorhead City, NC. Juergen
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