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  1. Great conditions with internal flocking price: 950 euro, shipping worldwide
  2. For sale a beautiful isotta housing complete with 2x s6 connectors. Excellent conditions, shipping worldwide. Avaiable also SEACAM ports adapter PRICE 2000 euro Location: ITALY
  3. Selling as a bundle or individually. DS160 like new, few dives and 2 years DS125 some marks of use but perfectly working 3 batteries: all in good conditions, from 140 to 180 strobes at full power cable N5 to Ikelite PIRCES Bundle: 650 euro + shipping _______ DS125 + 1 BATTERY: 250 euro DS160 +2 BATTERIES: 370 euro cable: 60 euro _______
  4. Hi All! Anyone experienced the Seacam s45 viewfinder with a sony A7R4/A1/A7S3 or similar cameras? We kjnwo that Nauticam developed a new 45 viewfinder to fit the already really big viewfinder of these cameras. Is the 3x magnification factore of the seacam one real? Basically Nauticam is selling a 0,8x viewfinder instead Seacam is a 3x? Is this possible?
  5. The Housing fits a lot of different cameras, only a different tray for the camera is needed. So it is future proof if you consider upgrading later on. The housing is at the moment configured for a Sony a7r2, a7s2, a7r3, a7r4, a9. https://www.easydive.it/en/underwater-housing/mirrorless/leo3-wi.224.html The standard Buttons are: on the front: Autofocus and shutter on the back: Movie Record Aperture up and down Shutter Speed up and down ISO up and down switch button (to get access to an additional button layout) off Button The depth rating of that setup ist 150 (!) meters. The set includes: Housing (Price New: 2590€) (including 1 battery and a charger and 1x Nikonos 5 connector) 1 X ADDITIONAL NIKONOS BULKHEAD (159 euro) 1x VACUUM SISTEM (249 euro) additional manual Optical Trigger (159€) 2x Ballheads attached to the housing (52€) avaiable also: ports, seacam ports adapter ring price 2500 euro with sony a7r3/4 plate
  6. Good conditions, normal scratches on the body, lenses in perfect conditions. Adaptable to many housings. Location: Italy Shipping: Worldwide Price 290 euro
  7. Hi Everyone, want to buy a Backscatter airlock vacuum system with m16 connection!
  8. Bought the new Nauticam 40°/ 0.8:1 45 degrees viewfinder for Sony a7siii or a1, finally I can see the entire frame!
  9. Hi everyone! I’m planning a trip in Dominica for Spermwhales. What do you think guys about the best time of the year. I have an offer for 10 days in July, I read around is low season, and everyone usually goes in January/February. Am I wrong? Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  10. Hi Everyone, i'm searching these extension ports.
  11. UPDATE AND REBATE S6-S6 CABLES 80 euro EACH: perfectly working, 4 avaiable - SUPERDOME SD price 900 euro: good conditions, superficial marks on the very side, almost outside of the frame, unoticeable in the pictures. - Front PORT P105 120mm with AR COATING 200 euro very good conditions, a small mark of the ar coating inside the port caused by the plastic of the lenses touching the glass, out of the frame and unoticeable. 130 euro - 20mm EXTENSIONS PORT: 80 euro - ARMS AND CLAMP SET 650 euro: 4x400mm, 4x150mm SOLD - 6 CLAMPS 120 EURO - 2 STARTING BALLS 90 EURO - SEACAM SEAFLASH 150TTL: 1000 euro for both: perfect conditions, batteries changed recently, at 100% efficency, (200 FULL POWER FLASHES EACH) - Canon 1D MARKII Housing with s6 connections 200 euro
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