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  1. Price reduced to $1000USD and I'll cover postage.
  2. 180 degree Nauticam viewfinder for DSLR for sale with protective carry bag. Has done only around 20 dives, in as new condition. I'm selling because I'm getting a 45 degree viewfinder. $1,150 USD plus postage from Australia. Happy to send more photos if needed. .
  3. I realise in my haste I should have posted more info. apologies folks I'm new to this and forgot about mirrorless cameras! I'm after a 45 degree Nauticam viewfinder for my dslr camera (Nikon d850). I'm based in Australia so would have to factor in shipping cost if coming from US or Europe. I have a 180 degree in excellent condition that I would swap for it if you're interested.
  4. Will also swap with a 180 if you would like one.
  5. Graeme, I'm interested and live I Canberra. Is it still available?
  6. Adam thank you for doing the WetPixel YouTube videos. I'm addicted to them and have learnt a lot. Many I revisit.
  7. Thanks so much for sharing this. We've been down south the Misool but not to Sorido Bay. Miss Raja Ampat dearly
  8. Hiya all. I've been a WetPixel follower for many years and taking photos underwater has been a lifelong dream that I finally realised last year. Am loving the journey and have binge watched the WetPixel YouTube videos! Finally got brave enough to join the forum to talk to folk. Look forward to it.
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