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  1. Hi NakMuay, I know it's been a while, but I have an A7R ii, are you happy with your Meikon housing? If so what lenses were/are you shooting, and what stones? Thanks mate!
  2. Thanks so Much TimG. That's really insightful mate, again, thanks! So from what you're saying, you can still get some 'ok' results with a single strobe? That actually makes it much more viable for me in the long run, an yes I agree, if it's the case where I can buy a current top end model and then add to it in a few months time, it beats running a pair of slightly more redundant models. If not the z330, is there anything else in that class should be looking at, or is that the way to go? Thanks again TimG, I really appreciate your insights mate
  3. Thanks so much for the reply John, good to know! Maybe I could focus on some macro work until I can afford strobes. Would I need something like the Z330s or similar, or is there something which would be ok that you could recommend for around half the price for an amatuer? I'm getting a bit bamboozled the more I look into it, it's like a rabbit hole!!!
  4. Hi all, Seeing if anyone has any housing (plus lens ports) for sale to fit A7R ii, A7 ii. Otherwise I'll buy a Seafrogs! Please put price in AUD, NZD, Euro or Pound, must be willing to ship to Aus. Serious buyer. Thanks heaps!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm looking to start my underwater photography world (post GoPro) with a Sony A7R ii once I find a housing, can I still get decent images from video lights (2x Light & Motion 2500 sola SF) instead (or before I can afford to) of dropping a fortune on strobes? Thanks for any feedback!
  6. Hi everyone! Newbie here, looking for recommendations on housing options for a A7R ii - without paying a fortune, am thinking of a Seafrogs if I can't find anything else (also open to secondhand).. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone! I'm from Tasmania, Australia! I love (and have only) dived in temperate and cold waters. One day very soon I will hit warm water. I have currently started my DM and am also a rather inexperienced (I'm working on it!) Freediver. I've just purchased a camera (Sony A7R ii) and am hoping to get a housing before too long. Hopefully interact soon, and if anyone ever heads to Tas, hit me up!
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