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  1. I am selling my Nauticam N120 8,5” acrylic dome and 20mm extension ring. Both items are in great condition, dome lens cover has minor scratches underneath on the side that can touch sand if shooting on the bottom. No visible major scratches on the dome itself and the acrylic is in great shape. 20mm extension ring comes with 2 extra O-rings. Both items owned for less than a year. I can sell together or separate. Buyer pays postage and insurance. Negotiable. Location Gold Coast, Australia. N120 8,5” acrylic dome port $650 AUD 20mm extension ring $300 AUD Contact me on: Kristian Laine / @kristianlainephotography on Instagram most recent photos there taken with this kit Email: armada@hotmail.fi or info@kristianlaine.com Website: www.kristianlainephotography.com
  2. Nauticam NA-D850 Housing Everything is in awesome condition and never leaked. Owned for less than a year and only used for 2 trips. The housing comes with a vacuum system worth $370 AUD / $260 USD. Great and compact padded travel bag included. Price: $3700 AUD / $2850 USD + postage or pickup from Gold Coast, Australia. Negotiable. If you're interested message me either here or On Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kristianlainephotography/ Email: info@kristianlaine.com Website: https://kristianlainephotography.com/pages/contact
  3. Hi everyone, I'm selling my underwater housing kit due to medical reasons: Nauticam NA-D850 housing with padded carry case and a bag Nauticam 20mm extension ring with lock and a bag Nauticam vacuum valve system with pump Nauticam O-ring grease x 2 and 2 x O-rings Nauticam 8,5” acrylic dome with lens cover Matty Smith custom 12” megadome with lens cover Nikon D850 45,7MP body with 2 batteries, charger and usb / hdmi cable Nikon 8-15mm F3.5-4.5E ED fisheye lens with a pouch Includes all original boxes and manuals Everything is in almost like new condition (housing has few minor scratches but nothing major and overall is in great condition and everything works perfectly). The whole kit has been used less than 15 times and was only purchased 9 months ago. Asking price: $8190 USD Seller contact details: Kristian Laine / @kristianlainephotography on Instagram most recent photos there taken with this kit Email: armada@hotmail.fi or info@kristianlaine.com Website: www.kristianlainephotography.com IMG_6860.HEIC IMG_6875.HEIC IMG_6879.HEIC
  4. Hi, I am shooting with Nikon D850 in a Nauticam housing and absolutely love the setup, however I am thinking of moving more into video so have been eyeing out the new Sony A7S III. How many has this camera and what do you think of it for underwater and is there any other cameras you would recommend for underwater video? Cheers
  5. Hi, I've been photographing for over 5 years now and underwater over 4 years. It was few years ago when I put up my print store to sell underwater prints but in the beginning I didn't have a big following but a year ago I took some pink manta images that went viral and my following grew and website traffic increased but there wasn't much difference to my print store. Maybe it was purely just the fact that covid hit around that time but I have also noticed a huge amount of new underwater and photographers in general. And there seems to be a trend of everyone having a print store these days. If you look at almost any decent insta page these days everyone sells prints. So I am just wondering if there's anyone else who has print stores or noticed these kind of trends and is it profitable to sell prints now anymore? Cheers
  6. Hi everyone, My name is Kristian and I do mainly underwater photography but am leaning more into videography these days. I have done underwater photography for over 4 years and last year my pink manta photos went viral all over the world and maybe some of you might have seen them. I am shooting with Nauticam and Nikon D850 but looking to upgrade my setup. I decided to join here to get some tips and tricks from a large community of like minded people and to read underwater photography content.
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