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  1. Hi, I just bought a Hugyfot housing (2nd hand) for my D7000, with a macro port and an 40mm extension. The previous owner had a Nikon 105mm macro, but the 40mm extension isn't the one recommended by Hugyfot on lens charts (they recommend 20mm). I'm looking for a Sigma 105mm macro, that is only 1cm longer than the Nikon, but Hugyfot recommends a 60mm extension for the Sigma. Will this "wrong" size of extension be a problem ? Thaaaaanks!
  2. Hi, thanks for all your answers. That's what I was thinking about the lenght of this lens. For the moment I can't afford a Nikon 60mm, but I'm going to try my Sigma in a Hugyfot with a 40mm extension ring (Hugyfot recommands a 20mm but I can't change it for the moment). If some of you are interested I can post photos in the next few days, after some experiments...
  3. Hi! I'm finally buying an underwater housing for my Nikon D7000, after 6 years of underwater video with my Gopro. Does anyone here has any experience with this Sigma 50mm f2.8 EX DG ? I'm really used to it for macro photography, but I don't know if it's good for underwater photography (for mediterranean nudis for example). Thank you for your answers! (sorry if I don't write everything perfectly, french people are really bad at speaking english)
  4. Hi, I'm from France, and after 6 years of making videos with my GoPro, I'm finally thinking about doing photos with a bigger camera!
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