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  1. Dear sidcaver, I just checked with USPS. The postage would come to USD 14.25. Let me know if still interested. Felix
  2. Yes, I would but I think it really depends on postage (could be anywhere from US$3.50 to US$14.25 - depending on whether USPS considers the small envelope an envelope or a small package). You might be better off ordering directly from the manufacturer and pay less altogether...
  3. 1 clamp was sold - 1 is left. I am reducing the price to $20.
  4. FOR SALE: Item: Ultralight Control Systems (ULCS) AC-CSF Clamp Description: Clamp-set modified to allow more side to side movement – 1 1/2″ center to center with black T-knob Clamp uses a 1/4″-20 coarse thread bolt Condition: brand-new, unused, and undamaged item – NEVER EVEN SUBMERGED IN WATER Quantity: 2 are available (you can purchase either 1 clamp or both) Volume Discount: if you purchase both clamps, you will receive a discount of $2.50 per clamp (or $5.00 altogether) Price: $25.00 for 1 clamp $45.00 for 2 clamps
  5. Hello warnj, Welcome to the Club. You might want to check out a classified listing that I just posted for "Kraken Sports Hydra 3500S+ Video Light Wide / Spot / Red/ UV / Strobe" lights if you are planning on gearing up. Cheers, Felix
  6. FOR SALE: Item: Kraken Sports Hydra 3500S+ Video Light Wide / Spot / Red/ UV / Strobe Description: *NEW UPDATE* Kraken Sports just turned the Hydra 3500, into the Hydra 3500 RGB, adding RGB LED’s in addition to everything else so now you have 9 different color options for creative lighting. If you are a macro shooter this is the light for you. This light has flood, spot, red, and UV beams. It also is remote control ready, all you have to do is purchase the Kraken remote and you can control up to two lights without having to remove your hand from your tray. *NEW* Kraken Sports also added their strobe/burst mode to this light. When synced to your camera via fiber-optic cable this will strobe at the same time as your camera at 4500 lumens They have also made the head water resistant. If you have an accident and flood the light, the head will remain OK. You will probably have to replace the battery but that is much less expensive than replacing the light. This gives you the benefit of being able to easily switch batteries between dives, but also not having to worry about a flood. UPC: 714598690894 Condition: brand-new, unused, undamaged item in its original packaging – NEVER EVEN SUBMERGED IN WATER Quantity: 2 are available (you can purchase either 1 light or both) Volume Discount: if you purchase both lights, you will receive a discount of $22 per light (or $44 altogether) Price: $440.00 for 1 light $836.00 for 2 lights
  7. Hi Guys and Gals, i just joined your community yesterday and while I introduced myself earlier, I might have posted the note to the wrong threat. So, here we go again: I am a passionate diver and new to underwater photography. I hope to share my dive travel insight and learn as much as possible when it comes to shooting photos with a strobe light. Cheers, Felix
  8. Dear Sabine, Welcome to the community. Raja Ampat sounds truly amazing and is #1 on my dive destination list at the moment. Perhaps I could reach out to you for some travel advise once the COVID situation is over? Felix
  9. Hello Rolli, thank you for the welcome. Seems like I should reach out to you (15 years cold water photography experience) with terrain specific questions once they arise. I live in NYC which has lots of cold ocean right in front of its doorstep.
  10. Hi Everybody, I am Felix from New York, NY, and am very excited to have joined this fantastic forum. While I have been diving for 30 years, I am relatively new to underwater photography and am very interested in learning from the best - you! Cheers, Felix
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