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  1. Thanks to all of you who've added to this topic and my education. It's a complex world, with much choice. I'm slowly moving forward and will post when I finalize the rig and setup. @ChrisRoss I am in contact with Brett and as you say, he is very approachable. He has also put me in in touch with two pro photographers using the same camera and who have also been very approachable and helpful. So there's more comfort that I can buy an initial setup and know it works (and that it's me that needs adjustment and not the setup ). @Dani_Spain no worries and that's what a forum like this is for. Cheers Ant
  2. Yes, @Barmaglot its the shade petals (I know they had to have a name). I did read earlier on a thread that someone does the same with WWL-1B. I have the Scubapro cargo shorts with side pockets - very stretchy but I heed your warning. I will also look for other options but might never want to take it off especially as Chris suggests I'll have plenty flexibility with it anyway. Thanks Ant
  3. Thanks @ChrisRoss - more homework but I do appreciate the direct learning As to lenses - I liked the idea of the WWL-1B as @Phil Rudin suggested "All in with the 14-42EZ, zoom gear, flat port, bayonet port adapter and WWL-1B all Nauticam is around $2600.00 for a higher image quality package with a 130 to 50 degree AOV." I acknowledge it's my decision to make but appreciate the advice people freely give. I have previously read and tried to digest Interceptor121's extensive and thorough reviews and have also listened Adam and Alex talk about the best micro 4/3 lenses so I know about the Panasonic 14-42. Backscatter on their website say - "Isotta housings use a simple port system, which is identical to Sea & Sea's method. The good news here is that Sea & Sea brand ports are fully compatible, so if you have any in your arsenal they will carry right over. You could also run a Nauticam port as long as it has a Sea & Sea style bayonet mount on it, so right out of the box you have tripled your port options" . Sea and Sea ML flat Port 33: the distance is 33mm from port mount to inner glass. So that might be closest option to Nauticam or possibly the Sea and Sea bayonet ring https://www.backscatter.com/Nauticam-Sea-and-Sea-3-Lug-Bayonet-Ring-Converts-N I'll also contact Brett (from his LinkedIn profile he seems to be fully employed in another occupation). Again, I appreciate your help. Cheers Ant
  4. Thanks @Barmaglot I'll check On the numbers it seems to have similar dimensions to the Meikon (which is160mm across) but a little deeper. I don't want to carry it on a tray arm and unbalance things. The plan is not to take it off other than in exceptional circumstances. But I'd rather learn from other's mistakes, so happy to take advice.
  5. Hi @Phil Rudin and @ChrisRoss OK so weighing up the advice, I have gone this route: Oly EM1 Mkii and Isotta housing I now need to firm up my thinking around lenses. I am leaning towards one all-rounder lens to start with and learn how to use the camera – the Oly 14-42mm EZ pancake kit lens, AS 707 Zoom ring, M67 macro port (H39 – B102) plus Nauticam WWL1-B and Nauticam CMC. Will there be any compatibility issues between Isotta port and Nauticam wet lenses especially if I use the Nauticam bayonet mount system? Are other wet lenses better with Isotta? I would store the unused lens in a neoprene shorts pocket (I currently do this with a Meikon “optical fisheye”) if a fantastic macro opportunity presents itself. Thoughts?
  6. Great, thanks Chris - I'll look at all the suggestions again this weekend when I have some headspace.
  7. Thanks Wapiti, I've asked the distributor/shop about the compatibility (adaptor, zoom gear etc) and they've in turn asked AOI. So I will explore that option, thank you for suggesting it. regards Ant
  8. Thanks Chris and good to see NSW moving out of lockdown. It's not so much the cost (although I want value for money) but concern around buying into a system I end up being unhappy with and I'm not unhappy with the quality of the TG6 shots (great camera in the right conditions). The back screen is an issue and I want a viewfinder (AOI has one - but for compacts and I nearly fell off my chair when I saw what Nauticam wanted for theirs). I'd like to buy once and have that system for the next 5-10 years without thinking " I should have gone FF" or "X camera has 8k at 60p but it's APSC". I looked a lot at images from different cameras and I liked the Olympus colours (including video). And the MFT did not seem to be disadvantaged - so for a variety of reasons it ticked the boxes. But I accept that for my purposes any of the popular cameras used u/w will be fine - they all have their positives and negatives. The general feedback from everyone has been very useful - and it's reminded me I have a lot to learn - still . Given @Phil Rudin comments that EM1Mkii is better underwater than EM1 Mkiii (probably due to MKiii not recovering blown highlights as well as Mkii?) I've been looking at Mkii in a Nauticam housing - but it is a much older camera and the housing is the same price as the Mkiii housing. So long story short, I am again going through the various offerings I initially listed on my spreadsheet and revising my thinking around price and total package. If I need to spend AUD$10k on an initial setup that will only be limited by my skills, then so be it. Cheers Ant
  9. Hi Phil, I’ve read a number of the uwpmag issues (including your reviews – thank you; its been a key part of my learning). You’ve also give me much to think on regarding camera, lens and housing choice and I very much appreciate the time taken to provide me with this advice. One of my concerns has been that I choose a wrong lens/port/adaptor combination and I guess the best way to avoid that is to stick with one manufacturer and invest in quality equipment that will last. Regards Ant
  10. Thanks for the EM1, lens and system advice Wolfgang - really helpful. I've seen similar system related advice on this forum( it being better to buy used Nauticam because you are buying into the system) so now I just have to accept the reality for myself! Regards Ant
  11. Thanks for the feedback Chris - much appreciated. I'm the other side of the country so anticipated similar use from the 12-40. I had similar misgivings about the lack of EVF - but I don't have any reference as I've only ever used LCD. I first looked at EM-1 mkiii in a Nauticam housing with all the domes ports etc and it added up to more than I had anticipated (yes, I know I was naiive :-)) , then thought that as EM-5 mkiii had the same system, at a lower price point, and cheaper housing. ....I looked at the Isotta as well but not the entire system. So it's back to the drawing board again :-)
  12. Hi Firstly, thank you for providing this forum and for the value of its content. Second - I'd appreciate some advice around MFT camera choice for someone moving up from a TG6. Applications: · Everything from reefscapes with diver cameos, fast moving dolphins or seals, slow mantas and even slower nudis (most dives in Indian Ocean). · I would prioritise stills over video but want to capture video occasionally · Would use it for surface, wildlife photography – mainly something that will track and shoot moving birds · Air travel friendly i.e. light and compact. Current thinking on kit: · Olympus OMD Em5 Mkiii - seems to be a decent all-rounder and something to learn on. · AOI Housing, flash trigger, viewfinder, vacuum, ports – seems like good value & reasonable ergonomics (I’m coming from a Seafrogs TG6 housing) · Zuiko 12-40mm lens – idea is to learn on a general zoom before I invest in more glass (8mm and 60mm likely?). · AOI DLP 09 4 inch glass dome port (recommended on AOI port chart). I’m not sure I want to go WWL-1 yet. · Strobes – 2 x Z330s I’d appreciate your thoughts on the setup and any immediate concerns that spring to mind. Thanks Ant
  13. Hi Wetpixelites, Firstly, thank you for providing this forum and for the value of its content. I’ve spent countless hours researching and learning from members who freely provide helpful advice. I've been diving since 1993 (gulp) and feel lucky to have experienced many amazing destinations around the world. The last 5 or so years with GoPro, then GoPro with tray, video lights and Macromates, now TG-6 added the tray (Backscatter settings). This year, I started using a strobe and Meikon wet dome– so a relative beginner. I'm ready to move to mirrorless and I'm here to learn. Thanks Ant
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