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  1. Thank you everyone for the information and suggestions. I'm still processing it all but feel I have a better grasp of my options. Thank you again for your time.
  2. I have a Nikon z6ii with the Ikelite housing. Now it's time to start looking at strobes and I want to understand my options. I will be shooting mostly macro, and want to use TTL and quite frankly this is starting to confuse me (In the past I have used compact cameras with onboard flashes that triggered a strobe) I understand that the housing has the Ikelite bulkhead for TTL but I'm not seeing any Ikelite bulkhead to any other non optical ttl cable / conversion options. Am I missing something, or has my housing choice limited me to Ikelite strobes? Thank you
  3. Thank you both for the information.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm pretty new to underwater photography, I've used a basic Sea and Sea and a GoPro on a few trips but have moved to a TG6. I've used desiccant strips with the go pro and desiccant cylinders with the sea and sea. The strips don't seem appropriate, and I don't think the cylinders will fit with the new camera. Does anyone have any recommendation for sourcing the desiccant I'll need? Thanks,
  5. Hi all, I've been diving since 96 and have limited experience with underwater photography but looking to learn.
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