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  1. If you look at the lens specs the HSM and the DC versions have the same diameter (79mm). I have used the DC version with an Ike 8" dome. It took a bit of work to fiddle the zoom gear, but I got it to work. I'm interested in getting the 17-70 HSM too - does anyone know if it works with the small Ike dome?
  2. I just had the same thing on a 60mm port in December. Luckily, I put the camera in the rinse bucket before the dive and noticed bubbles coming from the glued seam in the barrel of the port. Some water came in but the camera was port down, so no damage occurred from flooding. I returned it to Ikelite who sent a replacement port with no comment. It may be wise for anyone with a 60mm port to make a careful inspection of the joint area and maybe pressure test their system without a camera in the housing.
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