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  1. I had similar problems with chargers and experienced a bad battery several years ago. All were covered by Backscatter under warranty. If you can find a way to ship the batteries, I'll send them to you. They have been in my closet since that light was posted in 2014! It is a good light, I'd like to see someone get some use out of it.
  2. Hi , I just noticed your post. I still have this light and two good batteries. I don't use it any longer. Because the batteries are LIthium-Ion I don't think you can ship them. Where do you live? Best, Dan
  3. For sale: Aquatica 7D Mk2 housing with Surveyor vacuum valve and pump kit. Excellent condition with only minor signs of wear. Includes three UCLS ball mounts. Bulk head fittings for Nikonos V or Fiber Optic cables. $2350.00 + shipping within the continental U.S. Payment by Paypal Thank you for looking,
  4. I have a used UWL-04 ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) Lens in excellent condition, Acrylic dome and rear glass element look like new. Includes neoprene front and rear cover, 28mm-67mm lens mounting ring included, $275 + shipping. I accept PayPal. Please PM me if you have any questions.
  5. Nauticam shows the CMC-1 working with the 18-55, 16-50, and 28-70 E-mount lenses. Thank you for looking.
  6. I have a used CMC-1 in excellent condition, some signs of normal use, glass looks like new. Includes front and rear cover, 67mm lens mounting ring, original box and neoprene pouch. $235 + shipping. I accept PayPal. Please PM me if you have any questions.
  7. Shipping to Australia would cost $80USD by USPS International Priority Mail. The housing fits the (original)first version of the RX100. The other parts included with the housing are the Nauticam Flex Tray II Rt & Lt Handles and the Compact Shutter Release and right Handle Bracket.
  8. Selling my Nauticam RX-100 housing with double handle Flex Tray, two ball mounts and Trigger Release Extension. The housing is in excellent condition, never flooded and ready to shoot. Includes spare o-ring. $695 plus shipping. Payment by PayPal
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