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  1. Never realized there were more flash options. I tried the various options on the TG4 and strobe, but still no go. The strobe fires in all modes, but does not sync with the camera shutter in either strobe manual mode. TTL works. On the LX7 change the sync to type 2, whatever that means. Now the strobe fires and works in manual. Looking forward to having full manual control on the LX7. Will use TG4 in TTL but also want to try TG4 macro with a video light. Thanks big time.
  2. Have 2 YS-01, both only work in ttl mode. This on a Olympus TG4 in an Ikelite housing and a Panasonic LX7 in a Nauticam housing. Neither manual modes work. With the Panasonic, the strobes do not fire at all in either manual mode. With the Olympus, the strobes fire in manual, but the sync timing is off and the pictures are dark. Strobes work with both cameras in TTL and I can micro adjust in TTL. Any ideas ?
  3. What camera and housing did you use the uwl-04 with ? How were the results ? On paper, the Kraken KRL-02 matches our camera specs as it is designed for 24mm lenses.
  4. Hey, yeah, been diving and shooting some photos/vids, but nothing to outshine what I have done in the past, so have not bothered to post anything. Heading to Maldives soon and will hit the manta area for a day or 2, so figured a wide angle lens would be useful. Did some more research. The Backscatter and Fantasea lenses look to be AOI lenses and the Kraken a SGC lens. Rebranding as you stated. Wife is learning on a TG4 in an Ikelite housing, I am still using my LX7 in a Nauticam. Both have 67mm threads. Decided to order the Kraken KRL-02 with 67/52 adapter ring. Both our cameras are 24mm so the lens should work well with both. "Should" LOL. What are you shooting with now ?
  5. So many different wet wide angle lenses out there. I researched many of the different options and it seems the main differences between them are: - Lens is designed to work on a compact camera with a 35mm, 28mm or 24mm lens - Lens is designed to be fully zoom through or not - Lens has a dome or not - Lens has native 67mm or 52mm threads, but adapters are available Is the above basically true ? I would think the above plus how closely the camera lens sits away from the housing port and then in turn how closely the wet wide angle lens sits, all affect the corner sharpness and vignetting ? Pricing seems to mostly vary from $400 to $700.
  6. Yeah, but I prefer overexposed to under. I find it easier to correct in editing and less noise. Shooting up into the direction of the sun was challenging on this shot too. Never had an overexposure problem shooting daytime video with lights. It is a nice change. Super impressed with the Big Blue 7500 light. A light this powerful for $620 really opens the lighting possibilities for UW video.
  7. Technology and competition has brought lighting prices down. I just bought the Big Blue 7500 lumen light for $620. Fantastic light with variable output, comes with ball mount, flip filter, 120 deg beam, metal housing, good buoyancy. This kind of power has changed my old school thoughts on video lighting. Biggest surprise for me is I got good footage shooting wide angle, filter on the camera, auto white balance, using the lights on day dives. https://vimeo.com/193303827
  8. Just got a set of Big Blue 7500 lumen lights. They came with yellow filters. In my past experience, I liked my halogen lights for night dives. My 1500 lumen LED lights did not do much for day dives and looked cold on night dives. Should I use the yellow filters with the Big Blue lights for night dives only ?
  9. Has anyone tried the Stix buoyancy collar ? It uses a velcro strap to secure it to the lens. Might be more versatile. I used one on my old Gates video housing with superwide lens.
  10. Great summary and nothing like pictures to see the size differences with your own eyes. Seems like it is a good time to be a consumer since we have many quality choices. I was shooting a compact camera for UW video. Canon 7d DSLR APS-C topside for photo & video. I wanted something better for UW and I wanted full frame for topside. I considered a GH4 and a Canon FF DSLR, but that meant 2 new cameras. Along comes the Sony A7s ii. Wow, I achieve both goals with 1 camera. I think you are right that DSLR will take a hit. People like to keep their lenses and upgrade their camera bodies. DSLR owners now have the option of doing that with mirrorless.
  11. Can you elaborate on that ? There are several good e-mount lenses available now and adapters open up the choices to Canon and Nikon mounts.
  12. Thanks, now I understand. I can see mirrorless FF and APS-C putting a big dent on 4/3. Bigger lens choice and existing DSLR owners can keep their lenses. Size is always a factor. FF low light capabilities, plus being able to switch to APS-C mode in camera are huge benefits. Nice to have choices.
  13. Very interesting article. Great how they did the evaluation and came up with a solution. We should do the same with all cameras. I wonder if something similar could be done for manual white balance without a filter. Is the solution to find a better mwb reference or do we still need a filter ?
  14. I thought the Sony 6300 was roughly the same size as the A7 with the main difference being full frame vs aps-c ?
  15. Good point. Getting closer will give clearer footage. Only problem it is not always possible to get close to marine animal life. I think macro, medium and W/A, all have their place. For me, medium angle is the easiest and most useful for video. My opinion could very well be the minority.
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