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  1. All sounds good, but why can't Subal do something about their handles !?
  2. If you still have the Triggerfish, I am interested in at least one. I shot with a Subal ND7000 and Sea and Sea strobes. I am leaving for Lembeh on 27 Nov, so time is not on my side. Thank you, David
  3. Thank you Steve. Were you using a tele on the 10-17? What ISO did you use? I know you a Canon guy, but the basic concepts in lenses are the same. Your thoughts on an f2.8 vs an f4.0 lens in this type of shooting. David
  4. I have a a Nikon D7000 in a Subal housing. My experience with wide angle has only been wide angle close up with a Tokina 10-17 w/1.4 tele behind a Zen 4" dome. I'm headed for Cocos Is in May and have concerns that my current wide angle combination is not the best for what I will encounter at Cocos Is. I will be using two S&S YS-250s. I would appreciate any recommendations on dome port/lens combinations that would be best for the longer range, larger subjects and reduced lighting I will most like encounter at Cocos Island. It's my understanding that it will be very difficult to close in shots of the schooling and individual larger subjects with a standard regulator. I have done a search on this site with mixed and some outdated advice. Thank you, David
  5. All of the housings mentioned for the D7000 are great and well constructed. It is really just a matter of what ports you may already have and how the housing fits your hands and your needs. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to handle the Aquatica, Sea&Sea, Nauticam and Subal housings all together at Backscatter. Each had it's pluses and minuses. All were quality in build and handling. I would suggest that ILO basing your decision on "posts" that you get your hands on each. I chose the Subal with UltraLight handles and am currently diving with it at the Backscatter Digital Shootout.
  6. I will be in San Diego from 2 though 5 June. If the regulator is still available, please contact me at foto-diver@comcast.net.
  7. I'm in the market for a couple of new strobes. With the new travel weight restrictions, I would like to go smaller and lighter as I upgrade. I've been using my older Nikonos SB-105s. I shoot both macro and WA with emphasis on macro or close up WA. Although I currently have a D200 in a L&M housing, I will eventually upgrade. I would like to plan ahead with my strobes. I would appreciate any thoughts or experiences with either the Inon Z-240 Type 4 or the S&S YS-110a. I have already done tech comparisons and seen a few comparisons, but would like to get some updated advise. Thank you, David
  8. I would suggest that you contact either Russ or Jim at Backscatter.com. Both are very knowledgeable and very helpful on the Titan D200 and the ROC system.
  9. foto-diver


    I have a L&M Titan D200 system that I'm interested in selling in order to upgrade to FF.
  10. ILO speculation does anyone really know what the specs and special amenities this new Sea & Sea housing will have for us.
  11. Anyone heard anything about new housings for the D700 ?
  12. Pedro, Sorry but I didn't post my reply correctly. Whay are you selling your Fisheye equipment? David
  13. I would like to thank all of you for your replies and comments/suggestions. You have all been very helpfull without getting into the "vs" mode. Although I've been more familiar with Canon, I decided to go with the Nikon D200. As many of you mentioned, both are great tools. The Nikon seemed to feel more comfortable and I prefered the dedicated feature access. I'll be headed down to Backscatter in Monterey, CA this next week to get some more "hands-on" with several of the DSLR housings. Again thank you David
  14. Although I'm new to the forum, I've been reviewing posting here and elsewhere. I'm certainly not trying to get a them vs us (N vs C) argument going. I would just like to have some experienced input. For this I thank you in advance. Background: I've been using a dual strobe Nikonos V (20mm and Macro) for the past 8 years. I use Fujichrome Velvia 50 for it's color saturation and resolution. I scan and print the photos I exhibit and sell myself. I would like to move into the housed DSLR world. I'm not interested in "how many shots I can take", high ISOs, or even the instant feed back. I believe in composition and photography. Most of my photography is close up and macro, but also like to work with moderate wide angle for larger sea creatures. So far my research here and there has led me to either the Nikon D200 or the Canon 5D. They are both very good cameras, but would like your take on the imprtant things such as resolution and color saturation. I might add here that I'm not new to the digital camrea world, but only have experience there in land use. For the housing, my only experiences have been handling the L&M Titan (D200 only) and the Subal. The electronics in the Titan along with the battery life, do make me a bit nervous. The Subal feels and handles comfortably and seems to be of very good quality. I am quite open to comments and suggestion on any camera/housing system. Anyone is welcome to contact me directly (foto-diver@sbcglobal.net), if that would be more convenient. Again, thank you in adance for you comments and assistance. David
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