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  1. I have 2 Inon Z240 Strobes for sale. Both in excellent condition, one has only been used on 1 dive. I will pay shipping within the continental US. Price is $600 each. I will include the two sets of Inon optical D cables with the purchase. One set is 17" and the other is 27".




  2. I have recently had to stop diving due to medical reasons and thus have my complete underwater photo set up for sale. I have had the set up for about 4 years and have had it on about 7 dive trips so it is in very good condition. I prefer to sell the complete set up however if individual items have a fair market value offered I will consider them. I am asking $3499.00 for the complete set up.


    These are the components of the set up

    Canon G12 shoots photo and HD video

    Recsea Housing accommodates Canon G11 and G12 camera

    Recsea ball adapter used for video lighting

    Dryon Fisheye FIX lens

    FIX easy close up lens, has macro and super macro lens

    Inon Z 240 (2strobes) type 4

    Inon optical D cables (17")

    Inon optical D cables short, used when only using 2 arms for macro

    External diffusers for strobes

    Inon O ring replacement sets (2)

    Inon strobe adapter ball mount (2)

    Ultra lite clamps (6)

    Ultra lite tray

    Ultra lite grip handles with ball for arms

    Ultra lite buoyant arms 8" (4 arms)













  3. FOR SALE: Blue Fin Housing set up with Sony HD SR12 video camera

    I am going to still photos so am selling my video housing set up.

    Light and Motion Blue Fin housing in very good condition with Sony HD SR12 video camera.

    Set up Includes:

    Housing: Sun Ray Lights with 2 battery pods and batteries, Lock link arms for lights, O ring replacement kit for housing, lamp replacement bulbs for lights, handle O ring replacement o rings. L&M turbo charger for batteries.

    Lens for housing: one 90 degree, two 50 degree lens and one macro lens. One 50 degree lens is new and never used. All lens are in excellent condition with no scratches.

    Pelican Case, instruction manuals for lights and housing.

    Video Camera:

    Sony HD SR 12 1920x1080, internal hard drive120 GB and Sony memory stick 2GB. Operating manual and Sony Handy Cam station DC RA C2210 and memory stick adapter for transferring video and or photos. Remote control and Camera carrying case that is small and designed just for the camera, no storage.

    Batteries, NP FH 60 x1 and NP FH 100 x2, three batteries in all.

    Sony Actiforce battery charger, capacity two batteries.

    Multiple cables for Handy cam station, USB, RGB, HDMI, TV and computer data transfer.

    Two polarizing filters for video camera.

    Camera and charger have original boxes.

    Total set up $700.00 I prefer to sell the equipment all together. Purchaser pays shipping.












  4. Ross:Thank you for the wonderful description of the diving. we have determined that we will be coming to Kri Eco Resort next year. We are looking at Sept or Oct and so far there will be eight of us. If you can recommend a travel agent to book flights and travel we would greatly appreciate it. Bette



    Ross:Thank you for the wonderful description of the diving. we have determined that we will be coming to Kri Eco Resort next year. We are looking at Sept or Oct and so far there will be eight of us. If you can recommend a travel agent to book flights and travel we would greatly appreciate it. Bette


  5. We are planning a trip to Raj Ampat next year and am looking for recommendations from divers who have been to Mansuar and Misool. Which island did you like the best? Also looking for recommendations on a live aboard that you can highly recommend. thanks for the information. Any other travel tips will be greatly appreciated.


  6. Hi:

    The Harmonized rate of Tarrif for the US spells out the details but is really difficult to read, too much legalese. The table states that camera equipment is free however I think there is a limit to the amount of free and I beleive it is $1,000USD. I imported a housing from Europe a few years ago and did not pay duty as it was valued under 1K. You can also ask someone at a local post office and you may get a more direct answer.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.


    Greetings, all -


    I guess the subject says it all ... looking at purchasing a UW lens online from the UK and having it shipped to the US. Already spent several hours searching for any kind of formula, duty rates by class of merchandise, anything. Does anyone have a lead for this kind of info? I'm a real tightwad, and even though the lens is a very good price, I'd like to avoid a surprise brought about by a stiff import duty.


    Thanks in advance!

  7. Hi Guys,


    Just after a few things so I can get this housing wet.

    If you or anyone you know could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.


    I'm after...


    Sync cords. 5 pin Nikonos to Sea & Sea to fit inon Z240's. Would like a pair of single cords and a single Nikonos to dual Sea & Sea.


    Subal port for 60mm Nikon 2.8 Macro. Type 3 fitting.


    Viewfinder to fit Subal ND80


    Also will be interested in Zen DP-100 - 100mm (4") Optical Glass Dome Port type 3 Subal. I'm guessing this is a long shot but just putting it out there.


    Also interested in Tokina 10 - 17mm lens.


    Thanks for your time looking. Please PM me if you have anything of interest.


    Tim. :(


    Hi: I have a 60mm dome port that I have used on the Subal ND2 so I think the mount type is the same. $450 USD.


    I also have a Subal viewfinder however it is currently installed on the Subal ND2. I would need to have it removed and replaced if you wanted this viewfinder. $900 USD.


    Let me know if you are interested.


  8. UPDATE: Subal ND2 Housing Post


    I will consider selling the parts individually for USD.


    Subal ND2 Housing with view finder: $2000

    FE2 Dome port with extension ring 50/3 and cover: $1050

    Nikon 105mm MF/AF gears $100

    Nikon 12-24 Zoom gear $50

    Port for 105mm $450

    Port for 60mm $450

    Dual TTL Adapter Nikon ittl/NIK D2X $50

    Dual TTL cord $55

    2 Ikelite DS125 strobes with smart chargers $475 each


    Paypal can be used for payment and if shipped outside the continental USA postage will be paid by purchaser.


    If you would like additional information please contact me.

    Best, Bette


  9. strobes only...?


    Yes which dome are you interested in? I have the FE 2 wide angle with extension ring, the port for the 105 and one for the 60MM. Price for the FE2 is $1000 USD with a dome cover and extension ring, the port for the 105 is $450 and the 60MM is $450.


    The Ikelite strobes are $500 each and includes two chargers, the TTL adapter and Nikon cords.

    These prices do not include shipping. And I would like to have payment via Pay Pal however could accept a bank draft if necessary.


    All are in excellent condition.

    Let me know if you have other questions.

    Best, Bette

  10. HI all,

    I have two Inon 220z for sale both in full working order & in great condition.

    One has a focus light built in the other does not, they come complete with ball adaptors

    & nikonos cables, with both diffusers. The price for both is £390.00 + postage.

    If you are interested send me a PM, thanks for looking.


    Andy :):)


    Hi Andy:

    How old are the strobes? Do you know what type they are, as in Type 2 or 3? What is the price in USD?

    Thanks for the info.


  11. Hi


    I missed Ringo's excellent DS125 deal because I snoozed.


    So I'm gonna toss it out there - I'm looking for a couple of strobes. I prefer Ikelites, as I have synch cables for them already.


    Most any vintage, in any condition as long as they're operational. And even that is negotiable... Ike has brought many of my strobes back to life...




    Contact me here or at Ken@divemartrix.com







    I have two Ikelite Substrobes DS 125 which I have had for 2 1/2 years and are in excellent condition. I also have chargers for both. Are you still interested? I am downsizing my still photography system so want to sell these.


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