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  1. INON D2000 for sale, brand new, used once. Still in the box. Complete with manuals etc. US$380 + postage.
  2. As Mak has said, Diving Adventure are the main dealer for INON in Hong Kong. I bought a Z-240 there a few months ago and I seem to remember it was around HK$4200, maybe cheaper. The problem is they don't hold much stock. I wanted to buy two but they only had one functioning and one not functioning (check it before you buy!!). I picked up the second strobe in Tokyo a few weeks later for HK$600 cheaper. Wished I bought them both there! Sometimes Ocean Sky Diving (http://www.oceanskydiver.com) can obtain INON.
  3. I've been reading a bit about monitor colour calibrators / profilers. There seems to be quite a few on the market and prices vary greatly. The Pantone Huey and ColourVision Spyder seem the most popular. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations? Cheers, Barry
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