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  1. Also keep in mind that most of use will add a flip adapter for a closeup lens or direct mount the C/U lens to the port which will also protect the port.

    That's what I do on the 70 mm port (12-50 or 60 mm). Just have to remember to flip it open at the first of the dive :blush:


  2. Hi Phil & Bob,


    Thanks for the input - I have looked at the chart on Nauticam's website - but I would like to only buy one port if possible as I travel with my camera and want to keep it lite as possible not to mention the cost. Since I live in MN there isn't any way to 'rent' and try lens so I am trying to find out what ports others have tried with the two lenses.




    Hi Audrey,

    Phil is VERY knowable about the Oly & Nauti systems. Please heed his advice.


  3. Hi Guys,


    I have an Olympus 9-18 lens am interested in buying the Pan 8mm fisheye lens and was wondering if there is a dome port that would with both? Have you tried the 9-18 in the 3.5 port? Which would you recommend the 3.5 vs the 4.33?


    Thanks for your input.



    Why not check this out with a Nauti dealer like Reef Photo Video or Nauticam USA? Maybe the 4.33" port, 36132 with an extension may work for the 9-18.


  4. I am trying to set up the Mustard/Coroander u/w video settings. Two problems.

    VIDEO mode:

    Custom menu > Button/Dial

    The > & v arrow keys functions cannot be changed (default to One shot echo & multi echo respectively)

    The<^> function is set to direct function, but >v not accessible (dim, not bright), like me!


    Menu 1 Reset/Myset not accessible (dim, not bright)

    Firmware body: 1.5, 12-50 lens 1.1


    Can someone please help?





    So sorry to hear! Also a bit scary as I was planing on only bringing the 12-50 to a two week red sea trip early June (not much room in my budget for more lenses right now)...

    Geesh! That's the first notice of a malfunctioning 12-50. Was this caused by the housing gears? I'm taking the 12-50 AND the 60 mm macro to Lembeh. Maybe the 7-14 as well.




  6. .


    Has anyone tried alternate batteries to the Olympus BLN-1, specifically the Hahnel HL-ON1?


    There is a £30 difference, so on a 2 for 1 basis is it worth going for the generic battery?




    Has anyone tried alternate batteries to the Olympus BLN-1, specifically the Hahnel HL-ON1?


    There is a £30 difference, so on a 2 for 1 basis is it worth going for the generic battery?




    I got some feedback from Phil Rudin when I purchased my Oly. The generics should work; I think you will need a different charger. I went with the Oly BLN-1s for consistency & reliability.

  7. I am new to this forum. I go underwater for more than 41 years and underwater photographer for 20 years. I have a Nikon D300 in Sealux CD300 UW housing. Objectives: Nikkor 10.5 DX and sigma 17-70 macro. I want to buy a wide angle zoom and are very torn between this two: Nikkor 12-24 f4 or Nikkor 10-24 f3 ,5-4, 5. Some of you advise me on the right choice? thanks


    Claudio Merli

    Hi Claudio,

    Welcome to the form. I have the older 12-24 lens and used it in a 170mm dome. This required a +4 diopter to sharpen the edges. I now prefer the Tokina 10-17 FE with and without a 1.4X TC and use the Bare Dome (mini 4.33 inch). The 10-24 focuses closer, so you may not need a diopter or can use a larger dome port.


    I will offer my Nikkor 12-24 for sale soon.


  8. I trust B&H and Adorama. I always give my local camera shop a call and many times they can match the price of the big stores in NY. Not always but it's worth the call to find out.


    Good luck,


    I echo Steve's response. B&H and Ado are both reliable. I bought my last camera from a local dealer. The price was the same and the dealer put in a few freebees. While I was there, a customer was having a problem with his Nikkor 300 mm lens. "Oh yeah, see [so&so] upstairs and they will take care of it." Having a local resource can be a real plus.



  9. Well when I go to Anialo it is a nudibranch site from what I gather and other small creatures. I am just trying to figure out if I should go with it.


    Both. Depends on the vis. and you may want the 60 for a night dive at Basura. I generally use the 105 on a DX camera and sometimes the 12-70. Depends on the site.



    P.S. I like the 10-17 with 1.4 x TC in a mini dome port - w/a "macro"

  10. I have reached the point that I need / want to sell some underwater photo gear and I am wondering what is the best option. I have sold on ebay and was wondering what others think is the best way to seel this gear. I can, 1: advertise it here, 2: advertise it on ebay, 3: advertise it here and list it on ebay.


    I am interested in the thoughts of others that have sold used specialized photo gear.



    Bill Libecap


    Well Bill,

    You can always start here for free. I once sold a rig on ebay only to find out it was a member of my u/w photo club. chok.gif



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