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  1. A small silica pack in the GoPro housing should help prevent fogging. Steve
  2. Too late to edit the first post. The pods and lights have been sold, however, I do have one battery and some L&M HID lights that used to go with the system. Aside from that, the system consists of the housing, the camcorder, LDC backplate monitor, Fathoms port and 3 additional ports for WA, SD, and Macro. Also have a wet lens for it. Steve
  3. How about a penguin 'In the Water', damn they're fast and hard to film. Hammers are too easy. Steve
  4. Still waiting for the conditions to improve so I have not gotten them in the water yet. In your video there were 2 things that I took notice of. In one scene a diver with what appeared to be an 8" port passes in front of you. It didn't appear to me that lights were on him. Were they? Another scene when you were finning through the fuselage also appeared to be dark as well. How much of a penetration of light did you notice when using them? Glad to finally see them in action. Steve
  5. I have moved on and am selling a complete underwater video system consisting of a Light and Motion Housing complete with LCD back monitor, Fathoms WA Port, L&M Standard, WA and Macro ports and the Sony HDV A1-U camcorder with low hours on it. All is in mint condition and completely ready to dive and film. This system helped me win several film competitions and will be a real step up for anyone wanting to create quality underwater videos. Asking 2700.00 + shipping for the complete system. The cam sold for $2600., the housing for $3100, the Fathoms port for $1800.00 and the 3 other ports I do not recall what they sold for. The retrofitted back LCD monitor, I also cannot recall. PM if interested. Steve
  6. Hey UW Explorer, Where in S. CA. are you usually diving out of? Steve
  7. My computer monitor is self calibrating with its own drop down colorimeter. I have it set to remind me to calibrate once every 200 hours. It is a costly monitor but I appreciate high performance. Steve
  8. Simon, While I haven't done this, if you want that doc, in the field sound, you can record some ambiance in the field and put that behind your at home voice over. This might give it that 'on the spot' feel in the audio. Steve
  9. I was playing in a band at a local club recently. My wife's friend, unbeknownst to me was filming it on his iPhone 4s. This was a pretty dark club and I was amazed at how good the footage turned out. Almost no video noise at all. I took the GoPro Hero, (first model) there the other night and also filmed, the room was even darker and, while there was no noise, it was too dark to really see anything on the video. I don't even own a cell phone since I work from home and don't need one but I was really impressed with that iPhone footage.
  10. In this ever increasing litigious society, you bring up a great point regarding the legality of selling a tank. However, in real life, tanks are bought and sold all the time that may be in or out of either VIP or hydro and I can't imagine the buyer not knowing one way or the other. Additionally, what about trading tanks? I recently received an email from a dive group from someone I didn't know looking to trade his 120 for a smaller 80. I rarely use my own tanks so I offered to give him my HP80 for it. It was out of both VIP and Hydro. He called after the trade and told me it needed to be tumbled so I sent him a check for that and he was happy. Any time I ever sold a tank I always tell the buyer that if it failed either, they could return the tank, no problem, but this was the first time and it was on a trade basis, not a sale. Steve
  11. I also just received a pair and as soon as the weather improves, hope to get out and test them as well. Steve
  12. Hey Nick, How has that Calibrize download work for you? Thinking of using it on my MBP. Steve
  13. Hey Loftus, Just re read your post. You are doing a great disservice to your system by filling up your boot drive which will only slow down and cause some major problems for you in the future. Keep all media files whether they be your post production music, video files, photos etc on an external drive or RAID. Your applications on your boot but your projects and events and the media that is a part of them should be on an external drive. These should also be backed up on a separate drive. I also have a 1 TB boot drive with about 350gigs used. Everything else, including back ups and different archives are kept on externals which should never be filled more than 80-85%. Also, always have back ups to your back ups. I also create system back ups for my desktop and laptop which I run every couple of weeks. I use an external for nothing other than the two system backups. You might never need them but should the time come that you do, you will be happy to have it. I did system backups for years and never needed to use them once....that is until about a month ago when I screwed something up and the system back ups saved my sorry ass. Steve
  14. If my currency converter is correct you are looking to spend between $300-500 which is not a whole lot. A professional grade editing external monitor can be extremely costly. The new Sony OLED small monitors are somewhere near 30K if I remember right. I assume it is an external monitor that you are looking for and not a computer monitor. Correct me if I am wrong on that. No matter what monitor you buy you should wait for a burn in time of between 150-200 hours and then have it professionally calibrated by someone licensed to do so. They do a lot more than play with your brightness and contrast settings and have several instruments to measure your gray scale and pluge. Not every monitor can display pluge properly so that is a consideration. Do not expect salesmen at big box electronic stores to really know what they are talking about or what you are seeking. Steve
  15. And yet, there are some who do their narrations in a closet or other dead sounding room. Rather inconvienent and not always successful. Audiences will put up with less than stellar video production but will walk when there is poor audio which can arise from levels either too high or too low, distortion or unbalanced between narration and musical soundtrack. So you are definitely on the right track just by asking and being concerned about it. Always use your NLEs audio meters and never, ever, ever have them go above 0 decibels. I aim at -6 for narrations and anywhere from -12 to -25 on the soundtrack. Actually, the -6 is the absolute highest I set to and am usually considerably lower than that. You might want to take a look at this to see if it fits your narration or musical instrument needs. http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/edito...h2_douglas.html For a field recorder read: http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/zoom_...er_douglas.html and http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/zoom_...er_douglas.html There are many good alternatives as well. Steve
  16. Don't know if you ever have seen the cop show 'Southland' but they practically desaturate the entire show to get that gritty street feel. Very realistic show. You're right, this should have been posted in the Editing, Production and Sharing forum, not gear. Well, anyone can make a mistake. Steve
  17. Hey Loftus, Check this out...http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/event_manager_douglas.html Steve
  18. History is always written by the victors. Maybe I am dating myself but back in the 50's there were a million movies released on World War 2 and then the Korean War. Then later on, another slew of films covering the Vietnam war and in the past several years more movies regarding the middle East. It may be macho and all that stuff but it is the way of the theater and, while I may not buy into all the bs, a form of patriotic release. I was sent two advance preview tickets for tonight which, unfortunately I cannot attend, so my wife and a friend will be going without me. I am jealous. Steve
  19. I really think this was well worth watching. http://www.flixxy.com/humpback-whale-gives...being-saved.htm Steve
  20. Not a problem Simon, I'll just fin behind you should it be a white. Steve
  21. I liked it. I didn't find the psychological rational behind the cave diver's mentality to be macho spouting at all. There is a whole nother mentality beyond the normal sport diving that a good cave diver must have and self understanding is part of that. Thought their explanations were spot on. I've often said that I wished there were cave diving opportunities in the San Diego area, I would have been certified decades ago, but alas. Steve
  22. Most enjoyable, looks like everyone had a wonderful time. And, oh, those basking sharks. Between you and Simon, I don't know who to be most jealous of. Steve
  23. Hi Zanshin, Welcome to the Wetpixel community. There is much to learn here on any of the forums and I am sure you will be able to share as much with everyone else. Never been to St. Martin but had relatives who owned land there. Always wanted that invite but I was too young at the time to get it. I have heard that it is beautiful. Hope the diving is as well. Hope to see more of you on here. Steve
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