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  1. Nice Mike. Filmed them mating, guarding eggs, showing off but never really feeding. Enjoyed that I did. Steve
  2. No, too many problems with Cineform and once I get to editing I just have the time to waste with it. Go straight to FCP Steve
  3. SPP, I am on a Mac and am PC illiterate, but yes, I don't even bother taking the card out of the GoPro. I just connect it directly to the computer and drag the video files into a folder which I can then either convert or bring into my NLE, FCP. I then delete and reformat the card with the GoPro itself. I have never had a problem doing it this way. Steve Just watched Wagsy's video on the helicopter mounting. The vibration insulators looked interesting but it occurred to me that using the thick round felt cymbal protectors might do an even better job and for less money. I will have to try that when a good circumstance comes up
  4. Scary video there Wagsy. Maybe I should shut off the ProTools. Haven't had a freeze but, then again, haven't used it since I turned it on. That must have been a blast in the heli. Were you strapped in? When we dove off them, there were two divers, one on each skid to balance the heli. We had our tanks and fins on just standing on the skids and holding onto the extended safety belt for dear life. If your grip slipped you were a dead man. The hardest part was getting back up on the skid still in full gear. My sergeant didn't have the upper body strength to get back up onto the hovering heli and they had to send a boat out for him. This was the training we did at some big lake around here. I was just crazy enough to try anything in those days. But it was fun!
  5. Hey Eric, Surprised you weren't able to pick one up at DEMA. I am also still waiting for mine to come in. Their PR person said it would take a few weeks. So, with ProTools turned on, does it now automatically shoot at 35MBPS? Have a good trip. Headed to Anilao in Feb. Never been there before tho I had been to Dumegetti and Puerta Gallera a few years back. Steve
  6. Hey Wagsy, Thanks for responding so quickly. Actually, I just connect the cam to the computer and drag the files to my NLE as well but thought I might be missing something with this 'ProTools' and Cineform. I also find it very buggy. So basically, the ProTools is not something you work with, it just affects the MBPS of the footage. I saw that it was on in the Hero menu but other than that, is there a way to affect the setting it uses. The GoPRO manual makes no mention of this so I am just a touch confused. Great shot of you in the chopper. When I was on the Sheriffs Dive Team we used to jump out of those suckers with full tanks and gear. Lots of fun for young guys like you. Steve
  7. Pardon my ignorance or oncoming dementia but maybe I am missing something here. I have installed the latest Cineform Studio 1.3.1 I see in my GoPro 2's menu that the ProTune is set to 'On". I have no idea what it is doing or whether I am to be doing something. With Cineform Studio opened and up to date I can import a file(s). I choose one and drag it to the main interface screen to set in and out points. If I go to the edit tab, the screen turns black and the various controls become non functional. If I take the other approach and click on Convert, the process then puts a mov file on my desktop. Do I then bring that file back into the main screen interface to enable the 'edit' tools? Nope, I see that doesn't work either. Guess I am really not sure just how to use this application. Could someone explain it to me. Please. Steve
  8. I found that when I was reviewing the HERO2 that Cineform Studio was incredibly wonky to use. Sometimes it worked as it should but, more often than not, it didn't function as it should have. While the HERO and Cineform Studio are couple together, they really are two separate companies. At least, that is what GoPro's support people told me. Steve
  9. Really liked the music a great deal, it added to the depth of film. Some truly beautiful clips there and I liked the way you crushed some of the blacks in certain clips. Quite nice. Steve
  10. Davide, If price is a huge issue, take a look at the Keldan 4 lights. I was very impressed with them and they have the same build quality of the Keldan 8's. Don't go overboard with Lumens concerns as I truly think shooters can be too consumed by how many lumens a light may have. When doing medium and closeup work, you have to turn down the power anyway or blow out your image. steve
  11. The Cocos Islands has always been my home away from home and have dove there 13 trips that I have led since my first time there in 92. It has long been a World Heritage Site and yet remains unprotected from the shark finners and long liners. There is only 1 small craft, the Marveva, that is to be used to protect the islands but more often than not, it is at anchor not being used. My last trip there, it never left anchor even once. On that same trip, our skiff rode out to Alcyone but had to cancel the dive as the line leading down was so wrapped up in new long lines as to make the descent downright dangerous. All one has to do is go to the ships control room and look at the radar at night and you will see up to 20 different craft waiting to come in under the dark of night to set their lines and do their dirty deeds. Costa Rica has notoriously avoided confrontation and has been egregiously ignoring the enforcement of their own laws. For those going to dive the Cocos, if you do it at the right time of year, you will have fantastic time. That said, over the last 20 years I and many of my returning guests have witnessed the decline of marine life there, and in some cases, whole species have disappeared i.e.. Silvertips at Silverado. Sadly, I hate to be the cynic here but I doubt there will be much improvement, but the ecological grandstanding by some organizations and individuals will continue.
  12. Scott, Can't belief the arrogance of those 'not real divers' Signed in San Diego Steve
  13. I recently received this email from Senator Feinstein as a result of my having written her. She probably sent the same to anyone who contacted her about the issue. Steve Dear Steve: Thank you for writing me to share your thoughts about the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). I appreciate hearing from you, and I welcome the opportunity to respond. CITES has been ratified by 167 nations, including the United States, and regulates the international trade in animals and plants that may be threatened by trade. Started in 1975, this Convention currently regulates the trade of approximately 28,000 species of plants and 5,000 species of animals. As you may know, the United States joined Colombia in proposing international trade measures for the oceanic whitetip shark under the CITES Appendix II in the 2013 Conference of the Parties. Under an Appendix II listing, trade must be regulated closely in order to avoid exploitation of the listed species, such as southern elephant seals and pygmy elephants. The Convention will vote on the proposal to include white tip sharks in March 2013. Like you, I am concerned about the protection of sharks, and I understand your concerns about oceanic whitetipsharks. You may be interested to know that with the passage of AB 376 and AB 853 in October 2011, the California State Legislature banned the possession and sale of shark fins. These laws will go into effect on July 1, 2013. During the 111th Congress, I was a cosponsor of the "Shark Conservation Act of 2009" (S. 850), which would have amended the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery and Conservation Management Act to prohibit the acts of removing any shark fin at sea or transporting a fin unless it was naturally attached to the shark carcass. It also would have directed the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to track nations which have not adopted shark conservation plans similar to the United States and whose fishing fleets target sharks. Unfortunately, S. 850 was not considered by the Senate before the 111th Congress adjourned. Please know that I am supportive of efforts to protect vulnerable shark species and will be sure to keep your comments in mind as I perform my duties as United States Senator. Sincerely yours, Dianne Feinstein United States Senator
  14. I just sold a friend's Keldans for him this week. I posted in the classified section and they sold the next day. I also use the Keldans and love them. I have reviewed both the 4's and 8's and like that they have a very long burn time, are extremely well built and designed and are self contained. People who use the Sunrays seem to complain a lot regarding the burn time not being as advertised. I do think that too many companies make too much of a big deal regarding the lumen output. The L & M HID lights burned at 997 lumens which was equal to their later model LED lights set on the medium setting. I still have a pair but haven't used them for years. They were fine lights but a bit too cool of a color temp for much of my night shooting. With the LED 2000s for macro, it was too much so I used to go down to 500 lumens for tight shots. Regardless, I know of no light that will have a significantly longer throw than any other light. Look for a nice even spread of light without hot spots and a daylight color temperature that is not too cool for night work.
  15. Here is a quote from my friend.."The lights were purchased in 2011, and have seen minimal use as you can see by the attached pictures. Both lenses have a few scratches on the front as shown." If you look very closely at the photo, you can make out the scratch he is referring to but it appears to be minimal and underwater it wouldn't make any difference. He does not want to sell the batteries separately but he assured me that they hold a full charge as I asked him to double check on that. Steve
  16. I am selling these for a friend who is asking for $2,000 for the pair with extra batteries as well. I own a set of these and love them so I figure they are a pretty good deal for someone who is looking for very high quality video lights. Steve
  17. Hi Robert, Forgot to say what resort. We'll be at the Crystal Blue Resort from Feb 23 -March 4th. Steve
  18. Really liked the duplicate reflections at shallow depth. A moving island? You definitely should take some time lapse video of that and include it in your next film. A captivating subject.
  19. I use and love my Keldan lights. Has anyone any experience with the lights produced by Gates? I have only seen them topside. Steve
  20. That sounds gold to me. Will definitely let you know in advance of our arrival. Thanks Robert steve
  21. Leading a small group this time to a new resort in Anilao, Philippines. This is a resort based trip with a 4:1 diver to guide ratio. Anilao has a fantastic reputation easily rivaling Lembeh for its macro creatures but also has many beautiful reefs and soft corals. All rooms are air conditioned and the food, I have been told, is excellent. If you are interested email me personally at: steve-sharksdelight@cox.net and i will send you a brochure with plenty of photos and such. The trip costs $2100.00 not including your airfare as some might want to use their FF miles. Steve
  22. Just remember that the distance from the cam lens to the port can be critical if you try to put a different camera inside that thing. Steve
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