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    I have recently gotten into UW photography, though I have been shooting topside in one capacity or another for a few years – most sporting events, and wanted to know what I need to do in order to make this work.....I have done a test dive, in hindsight I should have used the pool first, and though I only used one a few lenses I own, a 50mm prime, I am a little lost because I could not focus on anything in AF nor MF. This leads me to think that I may be overlooking some key equipment, such as a diopter, for this lens and the others I plan to shoot with. I know there is a difference between air and water, but this has got me stumped so if anyone uses or is familiar with the gear below, your recommendations will be appreciated. Also, any recommendations on some good WA lenses would be great to, except for those listed below most of mine are a little too large to be placing inside a housing, and something tells me I am not going to be shooting a subject from more than 10ft away. My equipment and lenses I plan to use are as follows: 5D Ikelite housing and one DS51 strobe Manual Controller 8†Dome Port 24-85 USM 50 f/1.8 24 f/2.8 Thank you all in advance. Cato
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