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  1. Moving to Denver, so I'm selling my beloved U/W Sea & Sea and Nikon DSLR setup. This includes everything you'll ever need, minus the camera lenses and some AA batteries. Strobes, arms, ports, the camera, pelican case, even spare o-rings and grease are included. I added a GoPro mount so I can record video and shoot stills simultaneously. The mount keeps the video stable and works incredibly well. The entire system is very easy to handle underwater. All Sea & Sea products were made in Japan. Nikon D-80 10.2MP DSLR battery charger Sea & Sea DX-D80 aluminum and polycarbonate camera housing (rated to 200 ft) Sea & Sea fisheye dome port 240 (Product No.30116) neoprene dome cover Sea & Sea NX standard flat port (Product No.56101) rubber port cover Sea & Sea focus lamp 2 Sea & Sea YS-120 TTL Duo strobes 1 pair of Sea & Sea Sea Arm IV polycarbonate strobe arms 1 dual lead 5 pin Nikonos sync cord Set of strobe diffusers 4 closed cell foam arm ballasts (never used, it's pretty close to neutral buoyancy) both strobes and focus light take aa batteries 1 GoPro mount (Gopro not included) Over a dozen new o-rings (every size is covered), lubricant, and tool included Original manuals for just about everything Pelican 1650 case w/ eggcrate foam I've never had any problems with this equipment and have always handled it and stored it with care. I've never seen a drop of water inside the housing, nor has the alarm signaled. Speaking of which, the only problem with the housing is a piece of plastic holding the button battery in place broke off and is held in place with wire. I test the alarm frequently and it works just fine. 100% functional. I've used both the Tokina 10-17mm AT-X 107 fisheye and the Nikon 60mm macro lenses with this setup. Other lenses may work, see Sea & Sea's website for compatabilities. Email me for photos at jproc77@yahoo.com Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone! I used a Pelican 1650 case as a rinse tank on a trip to Jamestown, RI today. I used the Pelican because 1. I already had it 2. I needed to bring my own water, no hose on site I closed the valve and filled it 3/4 full. No problems with shifting, and it really wasn't that heavy. Downside is that it eats up some room (put fins, mask, bc in it, but I wouldn't transport my camera in it) I'm sure the foldable coolers work great, if there's freshwater at the site. At the worst, you can fill it with saltwater and keep your stuff wet... Jay Proc
  3. I'll be doing some local SW diving and need a rinse tank on site to bathe my housing and strobes. Has anyone tried filling their pelican / storm case to accomplish this? Of course the valve will be closed...lol.
  4. This is from a S&S setup I recently bought, and I do not have a need for this port. The glass is perfect. There are some small scuff marks on the exterior of the port near the glass, purely cosmetic. It comes with the neoprene cover, manual, original box, grease and spare o-ring. I can email pics. Retail is over $450, selling for $250 + shipping (US only) Here's some links... http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller...x=11&Go.y=7 http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/3346...O_Ring_Set.html my email is jproc77@yahoo.com Jason Procaccini
  5. I figured I'd offer it to all you good people before I put it on ebay... The lense and filter are absolutely MINT. Used once on land, never underwater... Includes all manuals, soft case, warranty card, oem box, filter, and hood. This is for cropped sensor DSLRs, and autofocus will work fine with the D40, and D60. Asking price is $400 including shipping to the continental US. The filter alone costs almost $100. I bought them both from B&H. Here's the links... http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/3816...5_6D_EX_DC.html http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/3911...violet_UV_.html Jason Procaccini my email address is jproc77@yahoo.com
  6. I'll assume this is the extension ring I''l need for my sigma...?? photo Extension Ring 40 (Product No.56111) • Dimensions (DIAxD): 135x56.5mm / 5.4x2.3inch • Weight: Approx. 345g / 12.1oz • Construction: Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy (alumite coating) Thanks for the help, much appreciated!!
  7. Thanks Scott, I didn't get it from Mike, though he said he had a buyer lined up... It should come early next week, so I'll order the 40mm extension soon. Hopefully it will be wet in a couple weeks tops... I like the fact that the fisheye is larger, that'll help with the over/under shots...
  8. I agree, I heard the Tokina rocks. Too bad the right dome for the Tokina is the $1200 glass optical dome.... a bit out of my reach.
  9. Ok, I got a sweet deal on a used Sea and Sea setup for my D80. Here's the "problem"... I own a Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 EX lens and the Sea and Sea package comes with the NX fisheye dome port. The two are not compatable. I can either pickup a Nikon 10.5mm f2.8 fisheye and sell the Sigma, or sell the fisheye dome and pick up the NX compact dome. Either way is comparable money wise. Nikon pros- faster fisheye look- can be corrected post production (if I wanted to) Sigma pro- zoom no post production barrel distortion fix Thanks for your opinion!
  10. Great, thanks for the info!! A friend just bought that G9/ Ike setup and loves it. Did you find recycling time a problem? I plan on buying 2700ma NI MH cells.
  11. Both strobes are comparable color temps, and guide numbers are only 2 off. I was thinking of using housing to 110 via cable, then either optical or remote to the ys-27. Then I could use TTL for both strobes. I'll be shooting w/a and macro. The only problem I see is with recharge time (I can live with 1/2 sec off) Comments, suggestions? Thanks! Jason
  12. Have no gear for u/w so I'm open to most manufacturers... Ike, Sea and Sea, Subal, Auquatica... Thanks!!
  13. Hello all, I'm the proud owner of a Nikon D80 and will be taking the plunge and buying an Ike housing. I've used my 50mm and reversal ring on land for macro and it works pretty well. Only manual control of course (the camera doesn't know it's there). The depth of field is very shallow (even for a macro) Has anyone tried this setup underwater? Thanks!! Jason
  14. Hello all, I have a Nikon D80 with a Sigma 10-20mm lens that I will be housing soon. I'll be shooting a good amount of over/unders and w/a reefs. So far I'm leaning towards Ike's housing and 8"dome which means I would leave the zoom at about 13-15mm. My budget could swing two DS-51s, or one DS160. I'm open to other manufacturers , but is loosing i-TTL worth it? Thanks in advance, guys!!
  15. Will be buying one of these and using topside too. I do not have Photoshop or Nikon's Capture NX, but would need to defish the 15mm for most topside pics (buildings, some landscapes). I narrowed it down to these two due to reviews and price. Thanks!
  16. Anyone have experience with the Tokina 12-24mm or the Sigma 10-20mm?
  17. Hi all, Just bought a used Nikon 18-70mm off of ebay with some dust in the lense itself. Being a newbie i complained it was not in "mint" shap as advertised but needed repair. Of course I have not put in on my brank spanking new D80, cause why take a chance dusting the camera sensor on a lense I wouldn't keep? Anyway I was told this common and does not affect picture quality. But the dust is apparant in the lense, without shining a light through it. Wish I could take a photo of it, how ironic!! Anyone have experience with dust in their lenses?
  18. How do you like the Sigma 28-70mm topside? I'll be getting a dedicated wide angle lense for u/w, and am looking to compliment it topside. Thanks
  19. Almost finished putting this all together.. (maybe not) Looking for a good wide angle for Ikelite's 8" dome. Zoom would be nice, but I can live with a fixed focal. I'll be using this topside for landscape shots, so I don't want a lense that's too "fishy" I'm trying to be budget minded, looking at the Sigma 15mm... Thanks all! Jason
  20. Is the camera taking a photo of the image displayed to it on the inside of the dome? If that's the case, is a zoom basically cropping the shot? Oh, and can macro be done with a 8" port? Thanks Jason
  21. I used a DC500 when I worked in post Katrina New Orleans. I wanted a diving rig that would protect it from the dust and such down south. It is reasonably sized and coated in thick rubber, plus people look at it like it's a Hasselblad or something. The best part - it takes decent photos that are unaffected by the housing. I strongly recommend the wide angle lens for UW, I never tried it topside. The digital flash is adjustable, but occasionally misfired. <_< Word of warning: if you're looking for alot of manual controls you won't find them here. There's a few, and they help, so it's a great first UW rig if you're used to auto settings. Jason
  22. Is the sigma 15mm a fisheye lens? I like the occasional fisheye shot, but am looking for a WA without the corners distorted. Does that make sense? Thanks
  23. Thank you so much everyone, your replies are very knowledgable and damned quick! Let me complicate this a bit. I chose this setup (D80 and 18-70mm) based on topside reviews, maybe I should leave it on land, and concentrate on a wide angle. The Sigma 10-20mm (which I do not own yet) got great topside reviews. So, I am open to any wide angle lense (Nikon compatible) / port (Ikelite) combo. Anything compatible w/ the 18-70 is bonus! I am comfortable getting close to my subjects so maybe a fixed focal is best for me, see pics and gear settings below. Also, trying to watch the budget. Thanks again!! Jason ps. the below 12 shots taken in Key Largo this summer with a Sealife DC500 5mp w/ digital flash, wide angle lens (ALWAYS ATTACHED AND NEVER ZOOMED IN), and simple Picasa 2 editing... http://www.imagestation.com/8687456/3892237905 my username is jproc77 if there's only 1 image
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