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  1. I have little experience with my camera, a DCR PC-120. In fact, I have little video experience overall. I'm seriously thinking about getting an Ocean Images housing for my Sony camcorder and I'm having a problem deciding on wether to get the Pro-Alt handle or Pro-Menu handle. One important(?) feature that the Pro-Alt handle includes, is the ability to use the "Back Light" button on the camera. Unfortunately it doesn't give you access to the "menu" options on the camera. The Pro-Menu handle does give you access to the menu options, but it doesn't include the Back Light button. I'm not really sure what other menu options might useful except for the "White Balance" setting. I'm also not sure if any other menu selections would give you the back light control. I have some reading to do tonight. So, do I choose the Pro-Alt handle or Pro-Menu handle? Would you give up the back light button for the menu options? Without the experience, I'm just not sure. Is anyone familiar with this housing and the controls? I'd really appreciate any feedback!
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