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  1. Thanx alex! I'm thinking of going around cebu, maybe apo island, malapascua. any other nice places? regards, yorgos
  2. Dear fellow divers, me and my girlfriend plan to visit Philippines this august for some diving and we are in need of advice. I know that this is the wet season, but how bad can it get? we are thinking of traveling around cebu and or southern leyte. any suggestions? Last year we went to bunaken/lembeh in indonesia (2nd year in a row) and we loved it. best regards, yorgos
  3. dear fellow divers Me and my girlfriend plan to visit tioman island in malaysia in august for a diving holiday. has anyone visited this island and wishes to give us some feedback? last year we went to bunaken in sulawesi indonesia and had the dining of my life!!!! unfortunatelly my girlfriend is not a diver and this year i want to take her somewhere with more attractions. best regards yorgos
  4. Hi, I am selling an Aquatica Housing for Nikon D100 with dual cord connectors. It has 40-50 dives and is in very good condition. There are no accessories or ports as I kept them for my new d200 housing. Price is us1000 ono. please email me for images: studio@yorgosyerardos.com
  5. Ugly but vfery interesting to watch
  6. Hey all and thanks for the comments. I too would love to have them both from the front but it was impossible to overtake them. I fell in the water above and behind the shark and this was the first shot i could take. I have edited a divers leg and some bubbles from the top left of the image. Apart from that there was some color correction (the shark looked too blue) and image sharpening. I am away from my computer until monday so I can send in the original next week. It was shot with the sigma 15-30 @30mm i think. the strobes went off, but i don't think they were set high enough to affect the picture. thanks again Yorgos
  7. This is my favorite picture of a whaleshark and diver i shot in the Bay Islands. Any comment is welcome.
  8. Yup, i get your point eric.... I just got attach happy. They're my first images and as a newbe i got carried away. The plan is to built a little gallery and i can post as much as i want! Thanks and keep up the good work. Yorgos
  9. Hello Karl! You and all the other photographers at wetpixel have been a great inspiration. Your words are much appreciated, specialy coming from someone like you. Hey, i'm good in kissing arse! So far i've only used the 15-30mm and the 60mm. Very different views but i like macro. Small size matters! I'm really looking forward to use my 105mm maybe with a diopter too. Cheers Yorgos
  10. Hello Art! Thanks for the positive comment! There is a lot or room for improvement as I only have 4 dives so far with the camera. Yes, I am in utila now and i'll stay here for a couple of months so I will definately have my eyes (and lenses) open for snapping shrimps. Would you like to give me you email so i could send you the images directly? Cheers Yorgos
  11. Hello all! After a lot of anticipating, I am finally in the island of Utila for 3 months of diving and shooting. These are pictures from my second dive with my outfit and I'm still learning! Many thanks to everybody at wetpixel for helping me and sharing their knowledge. Please feel free to comment on the images. May the visibility be good to all, Yorgos
  12. another solution I tried is to use one strobe as slave as the manual controller has a sensor.
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