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  1. Trying to isolate problem. Two DS-125. Dual sync cord set up correctly however I experience one strobe not default syncing to 60sec. when in aperture and programme modes. Switched DS125 to opposite sides on recent trip and it seemed to sync to 60sec etc. Then switched to manual exposure on camera so can set shutter speed independently. However have just got back slides from trip and it appears only one strobe has fired. Very noticeable as using 16mm fisheye and clear that strobe has fired on one side ok and then the other after switching strobes over. On camera it idicated strobe was sync to 60 ok. after switching strobes. I have some potential excellent shots but only half lit!! Seems to be one strobe only where problem is. The camera is a Nikon 90s. in Ikelite housing. I have tried the make it work by just using a single sync cord but the problem remains with it not defaulting to 60sec. The other DS-125 syncs ok using the singe cord. I have an SB 26 Nikon strobe which defaults to 60sec. in the above modes so it would appear to be a DS strobe problem rather than the dual sync cord. The cord is new purchased last August and functioned ok on Red Sea trips at that time. I am powering down on the ‘red side’ first, as per instruction when using two strobes. Any observations would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks for response, food for thought! I have set up via Ultralight clamp a Mini Q40. This activates AF also helps manual focus in poor light. I have two DS-125's but avoid pointing strobe directly and thus do not have benefit of modelling light, as prefer to point lights out to side to catch subject with edge of strobes. Will see how I get on..........lots of opportunities as I'm in UK with often poor light and dark nights! However vis gets better as temp. drops to about 9c too. Happy Thanksgiving to all you USA guys. Regards
  3. Nikon N90s with above in Ikelite housing. Trying to stop 'hunting' in AF Mode so setting to Manual. Anyone had experience of above and if it improves etc.?
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