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  1. would you be willing to sell the strobes and related peaces separately?
  2. Would you be willing to sell the Ikelite DS-125 Substrobe and single cord separately? Thanks, Kevin
  3. Thanks. I think there are just 2 options....Ikelite or Nikonos bulkhead. I think I just got confused reading pages and pages of info on it.
  4. I am looking at upgrading from my old Canon P&S/housing to a Nikon D40x with an Aquatica housing. One of the issues I have is which bulkhead should I go with? They offer 4 different options: Nikonos manual Nikonos TTL Ikelite manual Ikelite TTL I know that I will need some strobes in the near future, so which bulkhead should I take that makes the Aquatica housing future proof for me? I know that I want TTL, but which one?? Thanks in advance!
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