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  1. I've got a single DS50 I'd be willing to sell. I'm in Seattle. PM me
  2. I have two different models that I'm looking to get rid of: 1. Seacam Canon 5D Mark II 1 Canon 5D Mark II camera body only 1 Seacam housing, housing only, no viewport, no ports, no strobes, nikonos bulkheads 2. Seacam Canon 1D housing and 3 1 Canon 1D Mark II camera body 2 Canon 1Ds Mark II camera bodies 1 Seacam 1D housing only, no viewport, no ports, no strobes, nikonos bulkheads I am selling because they are not being used anymore (I'm currently running a slightly newer Canon body/housing combo). Everything works just fine, it's just older gear I'm trying to get rid of. I'll take best offer + shipping costs to wherever you are for any/all of it. -jon
  3. This actually never did get sold, the buyer received it and then the customs fees were too high and sent it back. I'm willing to entertain offers for whatever you think it's worth at this point - it's still packed up and ready to ship. Anyone?
  4. So this is a bit of an odd post, but I've got a camera body and seacam housing for sale. I need to clear out some gear that I'm not using much right now. The housing and camera body are both lightly used, there are some scuff marks on the handles of the housing, but the body itself is in classic used seacam condition - only superficial cosmetic blemishes. I can throw in a regular flat seacam viewfinder port, but this housing does not come with any lens ports. The camera body is lightly used as well with use marks, but everything is totally functional. I have the box and a bunch of accoutrements that came with the camera body including charger, battery, etc. No lenses, body only. I'm not certain what it's worth, but am asking 2,000 USD or best offer (plus shipping, whatever that ends up being).
  5. Hey there, I've got 2 DS50s I'm not using anymore. I might have a spare ball attachment, I'll have to check when I get home. What are you looking to pay? -jon
  6. Hey Alex, Those look like Pagarus beringanus to me, Bering Hermit Crabs. The look nice against the Gersemia rubiformis in the top picture, don't they? Cheers, -jon
  7. I'm looking to buy a "bare" (no ports, camera gear, etc.) Seacam 5D mkII housing for a fair price. Anyone got one they want to offload?
  8. Hey Alex, I'm in Seattle, and I just spent 14 days up in Port Hardy. I've been diving the browning pass area for 10 years now, and I know the area really well (both Seattle and Port Hardy). Let me know if I can be of any help, and enjoy the trip! -jon
  9. Glad to hear I'm not the only one then! Although mine is more often than not, crammed into the bow of an 18 foot RIB getting hammered as we beat into 4 foot seas. It'd be in the back where the ride is smoother, but if the bungies let go, I'd hate to have all those tanks come crashing down on it... But the velvet lined box is definitely for the sugar hit between dives!
  10. Thanks for posting the images Stephen, that's a big help - and the double o-ring does look good, although to be fair, I've never had a failure there (mostly the failure has been between my ears, but I digress). That looks fantastic (especially if they have a 90 degree elbow version. Does anyone else find that having the sync cord come straight out of the camera body is a good way for the cord to get mashed over a lot when the housing "rests" against something? Or am I the only one who doesn't wrap their gear in a fitted velvet lined box whenever it's not touching the flesh of my hands? So I guess that leaves 2 questions: 1. Is there a 90 degree elbow in either the bulkhead or the sync cord? 2. How much do the S6->ike sync cords run?
  11. I don't either, but they didn't seem interested in doing so... If I buy the bulkhead from ikelite, it just means moving the potential for corrosion from the cord/bulkhead connection to the bulkhead/housing doesn't it?
  12. I've contacted ikelite about ikelite pinout connectors in delrin, but they have responded that they don't make them. I didn't push at all or talk about custom pieces, but that's definitely an option! True. Although to be fair to the seacam ikelite bulkheads, having the bulkhead material non-aluminum, only moves the corrosion problem from the threads of the bulkhead to the bulkhead<->housing interface, which I think is a more insidiouos place for it to occur. Thanks. I'll look into the cord upgrade if Stephen and Liz can't perform their usual magic for some reason!
  13. Or perhaps there is no rinse bucket to begin with... But, yes, I think this is a good path for new customers going forward - for obvious reasons you can't put a ikelite metal compatible bulkhead in place, as that just moves the problem to the bulkhead<->housing interface, which would be even more insidious. So having the cord connector be delrin (in some form or the other) seems to be the safest option. I will admit that I am completely ignorant of what an S6 connector is... Yes, the service from you guys has always been top-notch, and I completely appreciate it! Let us know what the best path is for fixing this problem, and I'll just hang tight for now. Thanks Stephen!
  14. Hey James! There is an o-ring between the bulkhead and housing - but the problem is definitely between the sync connector and the bulkhead, and zincs on the housing won't help that. I suppose I could try and jerry-rig a small zinc to the bulkhead to try and reduce the current flow, but in the end I think it's going to be a much better solution to replace my camera->strobe hardware so that I can use the nikonos delrin sync connectors and not worry about dissimilar metals causing a charge and eating my aluminum bulkheads. There are enough gear related things to worry about with this profession as it is...
  15. Yes, this was my next move for certain - but it means replacing my bulkheads with nikonos, as ikelite doesn't make an ikelite pinout connector in delrin, only the nikonos. Yes, I do unscrew the cord and rinse underneath it (holding it in place to prevent water intrusion past the inner o-ring) after almost every dive, but there are times when I'm in a zodiac in nasty seas that I cannot do so, and it must be those days (where it all stays locked up for the whole day on the water) where this corrosion really gets going. As I mentioned above, I've been in touch with Ikelite, and they do not make an ikelite pinout sync cord, so I'm gonna have to switch all my bulkheads and sync cords (not cheap! dammit!) to the delrin nikonos sync cords and nikonos bulkheads. This might be something that you put in your field notes on your seacam website Stephen, as I'm on my third bulkhead at this point... Thanks for the feedback guys, it's confirmation of what I figured needed done, but looking at the price of replacing all my camera->strobe connection hardware, I wanted a second (or third) opinion. I'd rather spend the money on cylinder fills for dives! Cheers!
  16. Yes, sorry for the confusion! What I have is: seacam housing with: aluminum ikelite pinout bulkhead connectors 'normal' ikelite dual sync cord new zincs under the handles I've noticed that it results in pitted corroded bulkhead connectors over time. Obviously the bulkheads have to be aluminum or I'd be having this problem between the housing itself and the bulkheads, which would be far more insidious. Here is an slightly crappy image of the corrosion with the sync cord just pulled out of the bulk head to expose the o-ring. You can clearly see the pitting in the threads of the bulkhead connector. In addition the 'rim' of the bulkhead is also pitted. As long as the pitting doesn't go through the thread wall I am safe, but if it goes through below where the o-ring from the sync cord sits...... All this despite careful rinsing after every immersion.
  17. Thanks for the reply James. So I'd need to replace my housing bulkheads with nikonos bulkheads to accept the new sync connector?
  18. Hey friendly forum, I've been having a hell of a time keeping my bulkheads in my seacam housing from corroding away to nothing on the outside threads when I put ikelite sync cords on them (to drive DS-125s and SS200s). It's a dissimilar metal problem I'm sure. Does anyone know if there exists a bulkhead for the seacam that is the same metal as the ikelite strobe connectors? Or if Ikelite makes a delrin or otherwise non-conductive plug end for their sync cords? These bulkheads are a pain in the ass to replace, and not so cheap either. All I need is for the threads to corrode away below the o-ring, and the whole housing could flood. I've done some searches on the forums, but haven't seen anything relevant. Thanks for any pointers!
  19. Yay! I've been trying to figure out how to hack something together to do this. Thanks for the heads up.
  20. I wasn't able to get the adapter to work. Mattias is going to try and get a 1d on his bench and try and figure it out, but out of the box it doesn't seem to work. Sorry for the quick note, but I'm on my way out the door and wanted to post this before I left. I'll let you know if anything changes! (all 3 of you who are interested...)
  21. Okay, I got the adapter in the mail today. It's a small pcb a little smaller than the lcd you find on the back of a canon camera, with a bunch of wires coming off one side and a battery holder (CR2032) on the back, and a hotshoe adapter. I took the hotshoe adapter, and plugged it into the hotshoe on the top of my 1d mark ii, and put the battery into the ettl converter. The little lightning bolt in the viewfinder came on, indicating that the camera thought that there was a flash attached. Yay! I happened to have an extra bulkhead assembly lying around, so I twisted the wires from the adapter to the correct wires on the bulkhead, and plugged a sync cord and strobe into the bulkhead. This lets me test the setup without tearing into the housing strobe wiring (since I'm leaving on Friday for 4 days of shooting and don't want to F things up right before I leave). I turned on the strobe and fired a couple shots, but the strobe didn't fire. The multmeter indicated that I had solid connections from adapter to strobe, but it just wouldn't fire. I am in the middle of troubleshooting it with Matthias, and just wanted to give you a quick update before I leave town again. I'll post again when I know more. Matthias seemed to think that the fact that the camera thought it had a strobe attached was a good sign... More posted when I know more!
  22. Not yet! Still waiting for the arrival of the adapter from Matthias. I am also leaving next week for a week or two of shooting in northern canada, so I might not get to it right away. As soon as I get back, I'll have a crack at it and let you know!
  23. Hey Julian, he indicated that might be the case here as well. He is sending me one to try - but warned me that it might only work for rear curtain sync, or it might not work at all, or if the stars are all aligned, it might do TTL as well. I should get a unit to test in a week or so, and I'll try and write up what I find, if anything at all even works...
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