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  1. Yep, interesting one this is! I belong to the AF-S group for the reason that why having taken a picture out of focus, Ok as Alex said if you help the sensor, you have to do in both ways, I can imagine that even with AF-C the outcome is mostly good. ( but who thinks of this all the time! ) But then I also use the AE-L/AF-L Button with AF-On, so I actually focus with the thumb, compose the image and then shoot. (Very convenient with the Jonah housing) This also works for fast moving subjects, I never experienced som problems at least. The Reason why I'm doin this, I think it's hard to press the shutter halfways during the time you compose with the extended lever of an UW housing! Not to imagine the feeling you have of the lever with drysuit gloves. I haven't heard anyone doin it like this so I maybe a bit strange here! (only maybe!?) But anyway, what is your oppinion about that? Then Alex, you are right about the position and the trail about front curtain and I like the images with the fishies, but I think it gives the image a whole different look if you have a strady background or if it is smeared, (as it is with your tecnique when you use front curtain) But I guess that is a matter of taste and what you wanna acieve with the image. cheers thomhard :idea:
  2. Well, if that is a fact, you definitely sould use the original grease, didn't know of that one! And you obiously would not take the buttons or shafts apart to store it! :wink: cheers thomhard :idea:
  3. Great Feedback, as for your questions, Storage: Put it loose together (or apart) but take the O-Rings out, even though Silicone Rings do not get square that easy anymore, it is always better to have them out. Grease: It does not have to be the manufacturers Grease, but make sure you use Silicone grease for you Silicone Rings! Wobble: Sorry I dunno have any idea abou Ikes housings. Somebody else? Hope I helped you and btw. welcome to the club :wink: cheers thomhard :idea:
  4. Good suggestion about a consumer Camera. But even whith that one in my area you'd first have to prove your skills before you could take the Camera with you, and if you're not master enough of bouancy and such the Camera simply stays topside. That very possibly happens as well at the place where you wanna go. Just consider the frustration and anger if you got yourself the whole rig and then maybe as to stay out of the water. Safety first, no picture is worth a life! (Also no marine life!) cheers thomhard :idea:
  5. The same as the Camera?!? Why would it be different, at least I havent heard a flees whisper about it. cheers thomhard :idea:
  6. Thanks a lot for the input, there is definitely a piont of not beein able to use both Flashes in TTL mode together. But in Macro I wouldn't know why to use 2 strobes anyway that is where to go for TTL. Any different oppinions? Gives the SB enough light as a single? Then for wideangle, where I only would work with Manual mode and the two strobes together, has anyone experience with the light of the two? How hard is it to get them to work 'togher' light wise? Thanks thomhard :?:
  7. Well this is the question I have to answer myself. I'm now working with a 90DX mainly as a single strobe, very good to work with and sufficient in most situations. But once you get in a wreck or cave with the 10.5 lens you are way of the limit! :shock: So gettin a second strobe puts me to the question to house my SB800 or to get a second 90DX? Pricewise it is more or less the same. I know that there are a few pros and cons; such as TTL for macro or equal flashes on both sides, just as the main ones. So I would like to know some oppinions about this subject and what you would do or maybe what you did or think you would do? Thanks thomhard :?:
  8. Thats exactly right lets start the war, could also be quite informative! :wink: Anyway I use the D100 and I'm veery happy with it, have no idea about Canon though. Who needs to have if you have a Nikon 8) But Wendy, on your place I would compare the data sheets of the Cameras, and go or ask from there. What is how important to you and for U/W Photography!?! Then the step from the Conumer Camera like the Oly 4040 with PT 010 to a DSLR is pricewise definitely quite a big step! There is teh body, Ok almost the same as a Oly, But you need lenses, a housing wich is a bit more expensive that a PT010, ports, Flashes, and and and... I don't want to scare you off, but make a proper calculation first and the welcome to the wannabe big guys cheers thomhard :idea:
  9. Seems like your housing needs some maintenace, I have no idea about Subal, but most likely there is some coroded salt sticking to the shaft. (depending on how it's built a prestage of leaking) I would not use any vinegar or lube on the complete housing, since that stuff also does it to the silicone, wich in my understanding is also in Subal housings quite essential. So if you know how to take them apart, (be careful of springs and such) put only the shafts in a vinegar bath, clean the housing with a q-tip or such, (be sure nothing remains in there) clean and grease the O-rings, and back together. Be sure you do a proper testdive first! Or simpley bring it in for maintenace. (safe and secure and you could blame somebody else!) Good luck that its no big deal! cheers thomhard :idea:
  10. Just keep on trying, Rich and James explained it very nicely now the only thing is you have to look 15mm on your dive and you'll get there! The most important thing thou, Have fun! cheers thomhard :idea:
  11. All my answers... but about Ike, I hav no idea. But if 60mm or 105mm I own both of them and it definitely depends on the condition you dive in or what subject you are looking for you can get pretty similar results if the subject lets get a bit closer for the 60mm (the image is a bit out of Focus it just sits here for comparison reasons) Also you get a diver onto the picture with the 105mm if the water conditions allow it, mine didn't in that case If I'd had to decide, tough one, most likely the 60mm since you can use it more flexible, but I would not want to miss on the 105mm eighter... :wink:
  12. 2)... also the Nikon has a M/A mode. 4)... I have not tested or seen the Sigma but the Nikon 105 is an awsome lens and you definitely get it's price worth, Then why buy it new, get a used one from H&B or ebay, I got most of my lenses like this and they all are in great shape. Or wait for your Birthday 8) Again my 0.02$ thomhard
  13. I have not read all the stuff before, but as far as my understanding goes it has a to do with the focal point of the lens and how far the light from the port has to travel to reach it. (It should be all exactly the same) No?!? You'd have to check the exact data of the lens and the port but I would imagine that a flat port gets closer to ideal as a WA dome. How would you say, My 0.02$ thomhard
  14. Just a little aditional advise, why don't you keep the shaft in vinigar or something over night since it is allready out! Ok and ultrasound bath would be nicer but I don't keep one of htem at home! so vinegar will help to keep also the shaft nice and clean since after a year of saltwater use some of it gets stuck! Happy Bubbles thomhard :roll:
  15. why all the hassle since the 8080 is coming out shortly!?! And about the 5060 lens stars at 5.7mm wich is IMO compared to the 7.1mm of the 5050 the reason to go for the 5060 Anyway good luck cheers thomhard :roll:
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