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  1. Nice! The barracuda shot is very intensive.
  2. Great pictures Patrick. Appart from the Hugyfot house and the 400D, what kind of gear do you use?
  3. Indeed very nice. The first one is really cool.
  4. Interesting... I just flooded my S&S TTL Converter as well. What bothers me is that I cannot understand why it flooded? I always check my gear before jumping in, very strange. Regarding its performance, I have mixed feelings. Sometimes it performs and sometimes it just won't work as I want it to. But I'm still rather unexperienced. Regards Erik
  5. Amazing. I'm not just amazed by all your (that includes many of the photographers here at WP) technical skills regarding underwater photography, but also you ability to find all these interesting small animals!! Hopefully I could do that some day as well.
  6. Great picture! Where in Norway did you take it?
  7. Well, I mostly look at all those amazing pictures!! Thanks for the heads up though. If Rantje Allen have read my early post, I'm sorry for not mentioning his name...
  8. Gorontalo is one of my dream destinations, ever since I looked "Gorontalo - Hidden paradise" by William Tan, Stephen Wong and Takako Uno. I feel compelled to go there some day!!
  9. Stunning shots!! Btw. Are those pictures taken with a fish-eye!? Whoo...
  10. Probably some of the best macro shoots I've ever seen. Impressive. / Erik
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