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  1. This light goes on e-bay.co.uk tomorrow (Sunday) evening Central European Time if I don't receive a reasonable offer before then.
  2. This powerful vide light is barely used, looks like new. The reason why I am selling it is that I have unfortunately had to stop diving for health reasons. Specifications: 120 degrees 6300 K Made of anodised aluminium Integrated Li-Jon battery pack Simple to charge (a charger is included) Burn time >60 min Weighs only 0.7 kg Price £200. Cost £407 less than two years ago. PM me for shipping cost and picture.
  3. I've just bought a little used Canon G9 and new, unused DC21 housing on e-bay as a back-up for my Olympus E-PL5 and Nauticam housing. I want to be able to use one (or possibly both) of my Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobes with the G9 set-up. I already have two L-type fibre-optic cables so just need the black plastic or velcro mount with the cable connector, not the whole kit. If anyone has one for sale, I would be glad to buy it. Or perhaps someone can suggest an alternative solution?
  4. Det förstår jag mycket väl :-) Det skall varar john.gulliver och (at) skall naturligtvis ersättas med snabel-a. Jag skrev (at) för att undvika attack från automatiska servers som letar efter @ och sedan bombar datorn med spam.
  5. Thanks for your replies, Tim and Chris! I'm still hoping someone will have a spare 8 cm neoprene cover. I think a standard Ikelite flatport cover would be ideal.
  6. Hej Ronni! Jag har en extra diffuser men är osäker om den är till en DS51 eller någon annan av de många blixter jag har ägt under åren. Om du mailer din e-postadress till john.gulliver(at)ebox.tninet.se skickar jag en bild. År den den typ du efterlyser, postar jag gärna till Norge. Hälsningar, John
  7. Payment by Paytpal. Post to Sweden. I could of course order from one of the usual US sources but their handliong and shipping charges are three times the cost of a new port cover.
  8. The strobes are little used and in excellent condition. They have had neoprene covers on them as long as I have owned them. The covers, diffusers 1” YS ball adapters and fibre-optic cables are included in the sale. Please note that the TTL function does not work with my camera. This is a well-known problem with the YS-01 but is not really a problem at all as most people consider it is better to use manual settings anyway. Price $700 for both strobes. Payment by Paypal. I will ship to anywhere in the world. Buyer to pay shipping, which will be at cost. PM me for the cost of shipping to your location. NB Buyers in EU countries do not have to pay customs duty or tax.
  9. I now have the lens, just need the zoom gear and port.
  10. In case any Nauticam owner has grown tired of the 9-18mm lens and has decided to upgrade to a better wide angle lens, I am looking for the following items: Olympus M.Zuico Digital ED 9-18mm f4.0-5.6 lens Nauticam 36144 O918-z zoom gear Nauticam 36137 4" wide angle port (aka semidome). Preferably from an EU country. Payment by Paypal
  11. Olympus M.Zuico Digital ED 9-18mm f4.0-5.6 lens Nauticam 36144 O918-z zoom gear Nauticam 36137 4"" wide angle port Preferably from a seller in an EU country. Payment by Paypal.
  12. The lens screws onto Olympus E-system ports, Nauticam's Macro Port 65 etc to give 100 degrees maximum angle under water with the 14-42mm zoom lens set to 14mm. 180 degrees on land. INON's acclaimed quality and optics. The lens is in good condition, comes with the front cap, which has a crack that I successfully repaired with superglue. No rear cap. Price $400 new. I am asking $150 plus shipping. Shipping cost $35 within Europe, $39 to USA, Canada, Australia etc. Payment by Paypal.
  13. I bought this camaera recently as a back-up but have changed systems, so I don't need it. All reasonable offers will be condidered
  14. Hi again Huw, I don't seem to be much good at this PM thing. Sorry to have sent you several unsuccessful attempts. Actually, it suits me very well to wait a couple of weeks as my financial situation will be better then. Meanwhile, good luck with your e-bay auction.
  15. Hi, How much including shipping to Sweden (cheapest way)? PM sent.
  16. I bought this camera recently as a back-up but never used it so am offering it at a bargain price here in case anybody needs it. It's always a good idea to have a back-up camera when one is travelling. Price $200 including shipping to anywhere in the world.
  17. The E-PM1 is one of Olympus' acclaimed PEN series of micro four thirds mirrorless system cameras. It comes with everything that was in the box (battery, charger, usb cable, software, English instructions etc) and the kit zoom lens. It takes excellent stills and HD video. See here for details and specifications:http://www.olympus.se/site/sv/c/cameras/pen_cameras/pen_mini/e_pm1/e_pm1_specifications.html The housing is guaranteed to 45 metres and is very rugged and provides access to all important camera controls. A zoom ring is included, allowing you to take everything from moderate wide angle to close-up stills and video with the 14-42mm zoom lens, which has good optics. The port is also compatible with the wonderful M Zuico 60mm ED f1.8 ED Macro lens (not included). The package includes a base-plate with dual grips and 1" ball mounts. I am asking $560 plus shipping (at cost) for everything. E-mail me at john.gulliver(at)ebox.tninet.se if you would like to see photos. __________________________________________________ __________________ NB Sweden is a member of the EU. Buyers in other EU countries do not have to pay duty or taxes.
  18. I urgently need another clamp and YS adapter with a 1" ball, am off to the Red Sea in 10 Days. Any make will do. Post to Sweden and payment by Paypal. E-mail me at John.gulliver@ebox.tninet.se if you can help me. Thanks and regards, John
  19. For example Ultralight part# AD-SS or, even better, AD-SSL (3" long) but any make will do. Please e-mail me at John.gulliver@ebox.tninet.se if you can help me with this. Paymment by Paypal. Shipping to Sweden by ordinary letter post at my risk. Thanks! John
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