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  1. The lens has seen little use and is in great condition. I bought it in September 2010. I am seling it as I rarely use it (shoot macro almost exclusively, both at home and on trips abroad) and need the money for an upgrade of my set-up. Comes in the original box with manual. I am asking 430 US dollars for it. Postage by registered letter post (fully insured) will be $40 to the USA and other non-European countries, $36 within Europe. Payment by Paypal.
  2. Problen solved. I have found an English language manual in reasonably goods condition at a reasonable price on e-bay from a seller in Spain.
  3. I bought this custom-made Ikelite 4” minidome for the Tokina 10-17mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter from the well-known Canadian bird photographer Scott Leslie via Wetpixel. The mini-dome itself was made by EZ Tops, a company specializing in custom acrylic domes in eastern Canada. Scott had an old Ikelite flat port cut by a local glass company to the correct exit pupil length for the 10-17mm (58.2mm according to a website on optics he found online).The glass company bonded the dome to the old port cylinder. Scott has given up underwater photography to concentrate on his main interest and had never had ime to use the minidome. I rarely use my Tokina 10-17mm and have only used the minidome a couple of times so I have decided to sell it. I am asking 60 US dollars for it. Postage by registered letter post would be 21 US dollars if the total weight including packaging materials was under 500 grammes, 32 dollars if it was over 500 grammes but less than 1 kg. I haven't tried packing it yet.
  4. What's wrong with Sweden? I'll gladly pay for postage plus the Paypal fee if you send me a Paypal invoice. My Paypal address is john.gulliver@ebox.tninet.se
  5. I've bought a used D300 to use on land. Unfortunately, it came without the manual. The manual is available for downloading but I would like to have the paper version. If anyone has one they no longer need, e.g. from a broken or flooded camera, I would be very grateful if they woud let me know. Thanks! John
  6. I don't use the modular system but the dedicated port for the 105mm lens is perfect for the 60mm with a 1.4x teleconverter , so I presume the modular port for the 105mm would also be perfect.
  7. Mine too, but if I don't change the card each day I'd lose at least two days' images if I had an accident.
  8. I use a new memory card ever day. I have also recently bought a 7" android tablet (weighs much less than a laptop and fits in the leg pocket of my trousers, so I don't need to put it in my carry-on luggage when flying) to which I can download pictures as extra back-up. If I get particularly interesting shots which I want to share with friends right away, I can also do preliminary image editing, e-mail images and download direct to Flickr via Photoshop Express using the resort's wifi connection.
  9. The LaLuz L800 should work fine for macrovideo. It has 3 effect levels - 10%, 50% and 100%, with an output of 800 lumens att full effect and a coverage angle of 80 degrees. The burn time with the lithium battery supplied is 180 min at 50% effect and 90 min at full effect. The beam is even, without a hotspot. The lamp is tiny, light and robust and the price is sensationaly low - 199 US dollars. Despite what they say on their website, the seller includes a red filter and extra battery free. A smart charger is included in the price. I use mine as a night-diving search and focus light and am more than satisfied with it. Just one point: To turn the light on, you just need to tap it lightly. If you press the button too long or too hard, it won't turn on at all, oddly enough. One tap for 10%, tap again for 50%, again for full effect and again to turn the light off. Details here http://www.laluzoptics.com/products.html
  10. Okey, the D200 is obsolescent (not obsolete) but we can agree that John Bantin has taken some wonderful images with his D200? And a friend of mine has won prizes in big international competitions (winner of the Wildlife Phortographer of the Year In Praise of Plants class three years ago and runner up two years ago with superb waterlilly images, best individual image in the Epson Eilat shoot-out two years ago and prizes in other prestigious competitions last year and this year), all with images taken with a D200.
  11. As you're on a tight budget, have you considered a D80. It's essentially the same camera as the D80 in a plastic body. I recently picked up alittle-used one (only 1000 shutter activations) with an 18-55 mm VR lens as a back up for only about £235.
  12. I flooded my FIX LED500 too. I had to send it to Japan for repair. With the shipping cost and the tax imposed by Swedish Customs (they charge 25% tax on the cost of repair plus shipping), it cost me more than half of what I paid for the light when new (the warranty had expired).
  13. The answer is no. http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/ikelite/4...90-housing.html
  14. I've no idea! We only know for sure that a D90 will work passably (main functions only, see above) in a D80 housing, according to Ikelite's statement in their Q & A forum on Scubaboard.
  15. You're probably right but I just bought an almost unused (1000 shutter actuations) D80 as a back-up, complete with a Nikon 18-55mm lens, for $375.
  16. I need a back-up camera (body only), so if anybody has one for sale, please PM me. I would prefer to buy from somebody in the EU and thereby avoid paying tax and customs duty. Payment by Paypal.
  17. I can't see much wrong with the mount. It is very robust. I attach the light to the ball mount on top of my Ikelite housing with the aid of a long YS ball adapter and Ultralight clamp.
  18. Ikelite dome port #5503.50 If anybody has one of these for sale, please send me a PM. Payment by Paypal.
  19. I don't agree with the criticism of the button. I had no problem pressing it under water with 6mm three-finger mitts.
  20. They perform just as the manufacturer claims. Not much more to say.
  21. I tested mine on Sunday and am delighted with it. I think it was a real bargain.
  22. I can recommend GP NiMH 2700 (2600mA/h). Unlike many other rechargeables, they hold their charge for a long time. You can buy them cheap on e-bay.
  23. I agree with Steve. THe 60mm is a very flexible lens. It will allow you to fotograph everything from nudibranchs to medium-sized fish, octopuses, morays etc.
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