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  1. Wow! I just saw the pricing on the Solidoodle, fantastic! I might just have to order one Can you order the ABS spools from elsewhere or is it necessary to use theirs?
  2. Or... What if the right handle was "flippable", So you could rotate it 270degrees to point along the base of the housing rather than up the right side?
  3. Imagine if the "uni-handle" was circular, a ring around the housing, and it had a cable running along the ring, threaded through loops along the way. The cable ends would both meet at one loop/pulley and terminate in one little loop that could be threaded over the shutter release handle. With a design around that idea you could trip the shutter from any point of the "uni-handle". This might have to be filed under "ideas hatched under influence of nitrogen narcosis", but this is what I found myself wishing for while prezeling myself for a pretty little frogfish.
  4. And perhaps a plastic " bumper" for under the tray or housing body. I could have used that climbing out of the water last night, having to heave the setup up on some rocks to get out. A little sacrificial scratch&bump guard would have been fabulous.
  5. And perhaps a plastic " bumper" for under the tray or housing body. I could have used that climbing out of the water last night, having to heave the setup up on some rocks to get out. A little sacrificial scratch&bump guard would have been fabulous.
  6. Another "product" that would make life easier underwater would be some clever strobe-cable management clips to fasten to strobe arms. Oh, the possibilities...
  7. So cool! Me and the hubby just discussed this morning ordering one to do pretty much the same. I have been making some DYI projects for my new housing, but also for sailboat and while hunting parts thought a hundred times "I wish I could just print it in ABS". Had I read this a week ago, you would have had an order for a fibersnoot base plate.
  8. Its pretty simple. Either have some ready made pieces or find out where you can get them printed/framed and at what cost as to make sure you can make the commitment. Then approach the owner or manager of the venue, itroduce yourself and suggest an exhibit. BE ready to show some samples of your work, for example on an ipad. Oftentimes venues such as the ones you suggested will be delighted to have underwater photography cheer up their walss. In some cases, coffee shops or resturants will ask to take an commission, typically of 20-40% of any sales made. Make sure to draft some sort of simple contract that states whatever you agreed upon. Good luck!
  9. Bought housing and viewfinder from Aquatic, and I am happy about everything, including items, transaction and shipping. Five stars!
  10. Every time I am in the water shooting I can't help but to think that housing handles are the most ill designed components ever. Almost all of the shooting I do is vertical, but handles are designed for horizontal shooting. It would be really cool to have a continuous circular handle that went around the entire housing, like a mini steering wheel. An alternative woukl be to have at least one straight vertical bar. This could probably be rigged using ballmounts and an arm. But a wheel that would allow to comfortable grip the housing in any direction... Combined with strobe arm clamp system where the strobes could be slid around the wheel to clamp on in any direction.... Oh that would be the dream!
  11. Lol, well, Frederiksted is not a place to be wandering around at night, that' s for sure. Its actually a good example; we hear of the "horrible dangers" of places "abroad", but tend to forget about the fact that just about any city in the US is far more dangerous. Seriously, POM really doesn't deserve the bad. I base my opinions of my own few trips to PNG as well as that of my hubbys experience living in POM 2 years.
  12. Im interested in the Singh-Ray Gold-n-Blue polarizer. PM sent.
  13. LA-Brisbane-POM is simple and "fast. Loloata is super nice if you are looking for a upper $ place and if you have time you can do some great diving from there. In POM, Airways hotel is nice and swanky place to stay (but if you don't want to spend that kind of $ to stay there, its a nice place to just to visit as they have the nicest Coffee shop/Bistro in POM). For a place in town that is cheaper but nice, there is the hotel on Ela Beach. Don't believe all the crap about how dangerous POM is. It might not be safe to wander around at night alone or walk into a big crowd, and knowing where you are going is a good idea, but the bad rap POM gets is ridiculously undeserved and the dangers are hugely exaggerated. However, if you don't feel too adventurous, there is in fact more "soft landing activities"' to do in POM than just going the National Museum and the PNG Arts warehouse. If you have time arrange trip to Koki stilt-village or a trip to a local market to check out all the exotic fruits, the Buai and mud-crab vendors. On the weekends there is a great outdoors craft market at Ela Beach where you can check out all sorts of interesting art. At the University there is a Zoo where you can see a lot of the amazing fauna of PNG up close. If you are into the nightlife thing the popular spot to go to is Lamana night club, but its also a great lunch place. Then there is of course the famous Yacht club, which is actually a very nice place to visit for Food, drinks and views over the marina. Anyways, I hope you have fun - I really wish I was back there now
  14. Come to St. Croix! Very few tourists, loads of great adventures to be had. We have plenty of great macro shooting. The person above who says they would not even consider the Caribbean clearly has not dove in Frederiksted!
  15. "Farm raised seafood industry" i.e. Aquaculture is not necessary the answer either. This comes with plenty of risks the environment, such as disease introduced to wild specimens from enclosures holding large amount of specimens, introduction of non-native, sick or otherwise less than desirable fish into the wild, over-fertilization from enclosures leading to algae growth and destruction etc etc Also, as we often think that "eating local food" is good, it is not always the best option when it comes to seafood, despite the fact that the food has to travel a long way. For example, I would rather eat a wild-caught Alaskan sockeye, knowing the strict catchment quotas and openings are regulated by biologists that monitor the fish runs every single day, than a locally caught grouper here on my island if the Caribbean knowing that there are almost no Groupers left (I have not seen a good sized grouper in he last decade, while 14 years ago I would see them regularly). Eating seafood really comes with a responsibility of doing your homework these days. Now I can only hope everyone will start asking for Caribbean caught lionfish, because we really need to fish these suckers out. Incidentally they do taste fantastic, it has a tender "sweet tasting" flesh. Wish we could make them the new sharkfin alternative and have (Caribbean) "Lion soup" become the status symbol of the future.
  16. I'm looking for a used housing for for my hubby's Canon G12, so that I may convince him to join me underwater. Having just spent all my marbles on a housing for myself in the thread, I am left with a $500 budget for this. PM me if you have one you wish to sell. Happy bubbles, Marjo
  17. Look it up on the website of Kentucky Secretary of State and you will see that I.P.G, The Coral Reef, AWRY, it is all the same people https://app.sos.ky.gov/ftshow/(S(jofgb2jqz4...XIE+A.+LEHRMITT "The Coral Reef" is an assumed name for their appropriately named company "A.W.R.Y." Yawn.
  18. ...when you hand every single bit of money you ever get to your "dealer"...
  19. You know you are an uw photo nerd geek when your husband puts in a special request 6 months in advance of arrival of house-guests for special permission to clear dining-room table of uw camera gear for a [gasp!] dinner!
  20. Super cool! However a suggestion: would it be possible to do a future hangout on a weekend? Obviously, we Wetpixelites are scattered around the globe in different timezones so someone will always be "at work" no matter what time of the day you schedule it for, but perhaps on the weekend you could maximize participation. I'd love to join this one, but probably can't since it is "on work hours".
  21. I think Tony's text is/could be s start to a "united front". It is up to us to spread the message, educate the new and upcoming photographers as well as editors, other creatives and other people around us. Tony's text serves as an excellent "standard tool" for this purpose. Let's spread the message and encourage our fellow photographers to read it and use it.
  22. We should make one of those "sh!t underwater photographers say" video - everybody submits a 3-5 second clip to saying something they would say and someone with better video editing skills than me puts it together.
  23. To protect both yourself and the reef, I would highly recommend first developing good buoyancy skills before adding a DSLR camera rig to the mix. The images will not be satisfying either until your in-water skills are second nature and comfort level is such that your focus can stay on the photography knowing that you instinctively will "do the right thing" as neded. Never trust that you can delegate your own safety, or that of the marine environment, to another person such as a Dive Master. He or she cannot prevent you from kicking sponges and corals, stirring up sand, getting entangled etc even on an easy dive.
  24. What does spam filtering have to do with what countries their customers send email from? Are they really this clueless? Sounds like just another excuse. Cutting my losses with DEPP and cancelling my plan was the best thing I did to give me peace of mind this year. I now set aside an amount equivalent to my annual premium. In case of a flood it might not cover a full new replacement, but it sure is a better solution than what DEPP offered. Good riddance, never again.
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