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  1. Hi, I'm also trying to figure out what is needed to use the Sigma 17-70 HSM in a S&S housing with D300. So would love to hear if you found a solution for zoom gear and which dome / extension to use. Thanks, Oskari
  2. Hi Mike, Thanks for the info. I think I'll follow your suggestion to make the purchase before leaving and have it then shipped to my hotel. Thanks, Oskari
  3. Greetings from Finland! Finally decided to let my faithful Nikonos-V to retire and move on to the digital world in the form of Nikon D300. I'm a total newbie with the digital DSLRs and it surely will take some time to get familiar with this beauty. So I'm not in an acute hurry to take it underwater yet, though it's time to start acquiring all the bits and pieces necessary for that purpose, too. I'll be traveling to Baltimore, MD, in May for a week and wonder if there are any scuba/camera shops in town that would have Ikelite, Sea&Sea, Aquatica, Nexus or Seatool UW-housings/accessories in stock since with the current euro/dollar rate and maybe with a possibility to skip some taxes too I sure would like to do some shopping there I would be very grateful for any information you can offer on this ! Thanks and regards, Oskari
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