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  1. My only dislike is that the flash doesn't fire when in "Super Macro Mode". Off course you can use "Macro Mode" and wetlenses. But the is my only dislike.
  2. Having done number of trips over a 12 year period(both 4 & 7 night) with the other operators, my next trip will be with Mike Ball.
  3. I thought this camera system was the upgrade I had been waiting out for, but with a flash sync speed of only 1/160, it is not for me.
  4. I went to Uepi Nov last year. We were broken up into 2 groups, the "photographers" and the "non photographers" so the dive masters leading would cater to the needs of each group. Keen to take photos I was in the "photographers' group. Howerever we were continually encouraged to keep up with our own group and as such found all the dives quite frustrating. We asked on several ocassions to be left on our own to enable us to spend time in the lagoon for macro, but this was not allowed, in hindsight maybe we didn't persue this enough, but anyway all of us in the photographers group would really have loved to been left on our own in the lagoon to take some mocro shots. The other point of note is that ALL the dives were drift dives. But I must say the food and accom was fantastic !
  5. Great to hear that you are back in the water Bruce ! You have a really nice site and love the pics, for me too the Stingrays are the Fav !
  6. Oooh yeah ! The seahorse for me too ! Nice work James very creative.
  7. Yes , thanks for posting Marc ! Very impressive images. and just to clarify you did not use any wetlenses or dioptres ? I think that is one sweet lens.
  8. James, as you know I am Not O.K. with this type of behaviour. I have dived with you on numerous occasions and have seen the respect with which you treat our treasured dive sites. But this fish was under the rock for a reason. In order to get the image you have put a rare and vunerable creature out in the open at the mercy of it's predators. You have set an example, and as you say, others may not be so carring of which there is already evidence i.e Brian Mayes and the octopus with eggs that he photographed under the sign at this very site, when he returned later he found the the sign upturned and the eggs eaten. This site in particular is very rich in it's biodiversity and home to an emourmous amount of life that seeks shelter under these rocks. Surely as these rocks are turned many other creatures are left vunerable or crushed in the process ? A very bad practise that is unfortunately becoming common here in Melbourne.
  9. Wow ! What a set ! Love the Bottlenose Whale shots.
  10. Hi Neil, I have been using a 5060 underwater since I got it new and love it. I mainly do macro,due to the conditions where I dive, so this is what I use and the settings I START with for Macro. Two strobes, both slaved off the cameras flash(no optic fibres or sync cables). A focus light, this really helps to speed up autofocus. Settings; Set camera to Super Macro; Set to Manual; Set the camera flash to fire in slave and then set that to the lowest setting (1 out of 10); Shutter 1/800 or higher, depends on the background or if there is white sand around. Apperture f8 or open it up if the subject if further from the camera or you want more background in the shot. After my first shot I will then make fine adjustments to the exposure via shutter speed or apperture if required. See my Flickr page below for examples, hope this gives you a starting point, Brendan
  11. Additionally, I never put freshly charged batteries in the strobes ie, straight from the charger, I always let them cool down before putting them in the strobe. When I am on a liveaboard I use Lithiums as I find there is often not enough time overnight to charge and let them cool down.
  12. In regards to the "no user error" I can add that ; I have been diving for 28 years and this is the first piece of equipment that has flooded. I am a service technician - so am very much aware of the requirements of gear maintenance ie, O ring care and the like. The torch has been used predominantly in a water depth of 6 -8 meters. I can also guarantee there has been no "impact damage" The torch is less than 1 year old. Finally no support, let alone any form of response, from Fisheye.
  13. One type I use are Duracell 2650mAh another are Energizer 2300mAh What I do is use one set in my Sea&Sea 90duo and the other set in the SB-105, this lasts me for the two dives I do in a day. On average I take about 160 shots @ 1/4 power as most of my stuff is macro.
  14. I have been using a variety of rechargeables in my sb105 for about 4 years - all good so far. But have not tried the eneloops.
  15. Looks like I have just joined you guys. Fisheye 48led - flooded. Fisheye Japan - no response. Supplier - doesn't give a ..... = me no longer a customer. off to see Mr Hartenberger.......
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