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  1. I just came back last week from 3 weeks of diving in Bali, Mermaid had a fuel surcharge of 140 Euros
  2. Jus t came back from 3 weeks in Bali, dove 4 days in Nusa Lembongan, saw Mola Mola, in Crystal Bay 3 out of 4 days, be prepare for cold water and deep, surface temp, around 26-27 deg, 92 ft, or deeper it's at 20 or so. But there are about 15 dive boats there
  3. I am leaving to go to Bali on Aug 5, arriving in Denpasar on the 7th, diving with Mermaid divers, and they nevered heard of this when we emailed this link about Customs We'll see what happens, I am carryong 2 - Nikon D200, 1 D300, a bunch of lenses, L+M housing, strobes, etc, Sony HDR-HC9 camcorder, Gates housing, Niterider Pro40 lights, plus dive gear. I hope I don't get this guy at Customs. Plus my friend is bring a D300, lenses, L+M Bluefin and the Sunray 2000 lights, and HDR-HC9. But we are a group of 14.
  4. I was under the impression that a +2 diopter was just a closeup filter whether it was used on a telephoto or wide angle. What would be the difference in a fisheye port if I was to use a +3 diopter vs a +2 diopter? I have a +3 in heliopan
  5. Hi Using a D200 with a Fisheye doom port Which lens is sharper and better to use overall? Nikon 12-24mm Dx or 17-35mm 12-24mm has a Canon500D +2 diopter on it
  6. I have a Nikon D200 Housing is with a Fisheye Dome Port Which would be the best prime lens to use I own these Nikon Wide angle and Fisheye lenses 10.5mm FE DX 16mm FE 18mm 20mm Also the 12-24mm DX
  7. For Sale – Sea&Sea Camera Housing for Nikon D200 – Location Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Housing has been used on 1 dive trip, in excellent condition, A couple of small marks on the Dome port shade/Not on the port Sea & Sea DX-D200 Housing for Nikon D200 $2495.95 Fisheye Dome Port with Shade -- SS-56401 $615.00 Custom Flat Port -- SS-56231 $480.00 Dome Port Cover Neoprene SS-21211 $50.00 AF Nikkor 10.5mm DX Focus Gear -- SS-31120 $ 230.00 AF-S DX Zoom Nikkor ED 12-24mm F4G Zoom Gear --SS-31107 $ 172.00 AF Micro Nikkor 60mm F2.8D Focus Gear and AF/MF Gear-- SS-51300 $ 182.00 US Current Price -Total Price $4224.95 Prices are for the housing, ports and gears sets. Price for above setup is $3600.00 or best offer: Pics of the housing and equipment available by email. Plus actual cost of shipping. Please contact: Yung Mah Email:yhmah@interbaun.com
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