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  1. I asked those great guys at Backscatter about this cap issue, here is what Backscatter's Mike Tamayo had to say about it "The YS-250 battery cap is actually a pretty complex item, as far as battery caps go. The reason for the inner cap is to apply pressure to the YS-250 battery to keep it in place. If the center of the cap didn’t spin freely, you couldn’t tighten the outer cap. There is a small silver piece on the rear as well, which allows the vacuum to be released when trying to open the strobe. The YS-250 strobes are a little more technical than some others that we carry, but they have an amazing light output and cannot be beat." So I guess the answer is you need to be very careful putting the battery caps on, as it is easy to "pinch" the inner cap between the battery housing and the outer cap - which appears to crack the cap. (they are great strobes!)
  2. I just recently took a new pair of YS250Pros underwater - fortunately checked them both in the pool prior to diving. One of the battery caps had a leak - similar place to others in this thread. On my battery cap there is this little rotating gizmo inside the cap that has to align with the battery housing in order to thread on the cap - my suspicion is that I misaligned this at some point while playing with the strobes on land after delivery - it looks like it would be fairly easy to crack a cap if you threaded it on with it being misaligned - the back of the cap would receive the full pressure of you tightening the cap with the "gizmo" caught between the housing and the back of the cap. This "guide" inside the cap rotates freely, so when you are threading the cap its a 3 step process #1 align the rotating guide so that the mark inside the cap aligns with the cap #2 align the cap on the housing so that the mark on the cap lines up with that on the housing #3 try to thread this mess on without anything moving Any ideas what the function is of the guide mechanism inside the cap is? It appears to have a cutout opposite the guide marks to allow the battery cable to protrude into the cap - but otherwise doesnt seem to have a function - but hey, what do i know thx rick
  3. Found in about 15 meters in a grassy area in Sabang Bay, Puerto Galera, Philippines
  4. You might want to consider the following: Ocean Concepts - they have a number of dive operations on Oahu - I dove with them out of Ko Olina on the west shore (Mahi mine sweeper wreck). If you contact them they would be pretty up front about conditions. North Shore Shark Adventures - they are in Hale Iwa and take people offshore in a cage (no tanks) - the vis would be pretty good offshore.
  5. Couldn't get this one either - found on the side of a large coral head on about 10 feet of water at Puerto Galera.
  6. These are quite small (taken with 100mm macro), less than an inch long. There were a group of 6 or so. Thought they could be Halochoeres chrysus? Taken in Puerto Galera
  7. Any ideas on this one - looks like a calcaerous sponge, but not close to any of the pics I could find on the web. Taken in Puerto Galera thx in advance
  8. Could anyone identify this? It is not that common here in the Philippines, and to all intents and purposes looks like lady's pantyhose coiled up on the reef, and is about 4 inches in extent If someone could point me to a book that was good for identifying these types of animals, as I would like to purchase. thx in advance
  9. There was a pair of these, each about 2-3 inches long, in the sea grass in Sabang Bay, Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines. thx in advance for any leads on identifying them
  10. I had read about Ikelite's great customer service, and just had the opportunity to experience it first hand. Over a Christmas dive in Puerto Galera my DS-125 flooded, and I sent it in and they returned a brand new unit within a week. It's service like this that will keep me a lifetime customer - although I hope not to do this too frequently <G>
  11. Both Aniliao and PG are good dive sites, however PG has a wider assortment - Verde Island dropoff, Horses Head, Almajane wreck, etc. I live in Manila and dive PG about twice a month - its always good. I stay with La Laguna Beach Club (www.llbc.com.ph), they are PADI 5star and do a great job. For a different experience you could go and dive the wrecks around Subic Bay, vis is not as good as PG, but there are easily 4 days worth of wrecks. I have heard that Coron is good as well (thats where I'm heading this Easter) and dive the wrecks there - its hard to get in and out via air, and the baggage allowance is 10 Kg, but there are ferries from Manila that go there overnite. If you check out the websites for Coron Wrecks, there is plenty of info.
  12. I would recommend going to the Big Island, stay in or near Kona. Since all of the diving on the Big Island is close (like 100 yards) to shore, the only reason for a live-aboard is if you want the live-aboard experience. However in addition to lots of dive charters, there are lots of shore dives in Hawaii as well. For dive operators I would recommend Kona Coast Divers (I worked for them so I am biased<G>), very professional, but their boats carry a lot of people. For a more personal approach, try Dive Makai - they have a very loyal following of repeat customers. Make sure you do one of the Manta Ray night dives, and Captain Cooks Bay, while you are there. There is diving on the other islands, but the Big Island also offers a lot fewer people, and a lot of things to do other than diving - Volanoe National Park, Waipio Valley are two must-sees. Also, the visibility on the Big Island is always much better.
  13. James - thanks for the answer. Are you saying that it is okay to keep diving with it? I am in Mindoro, Philippines over Xmas, and then back in the US late January when I could get it repaired?
  14. Well, guess I should have undone the connector more often. I use an SB105 in slave mode and forgot to undo the connector. It is more than hand tight, and a slight wiggling with pliers on the metal cap shows that the entire thing rotates. Questions are #1 since it rotates, is the flash no longer water tight (it is still very stiff, but it was rotated about 1/4 turn) #2 is it repairable thx - of course, Xmas dive trip is around the corner, Murphy strikes :oops:
  15. Your best bet is one of three choices #1 - day trip to Anilao; there are a number of dive resorts there, problem is you need to hire a car plus driver to take you. I frequent Balai and Outrigger Resort, but there are lots. If you leave by 7am you can be at the resort before 10am and in the water before noon. http://www.balai-resort.com/index.htm http://www.scubaworld.com.ph/shop/diveshop/anilao.htm #2 - day trip to Subic bay, wreck diving. I dont have a personal recommendation #3 If you can do an overnite then I recommend going to Puerto Galera, Mindoro - however it is Holy week and most places will be booked up. You need to get a ride to Batangas and take a banca across to Mindoro - 3 hours tops. I can recommend http://www.atlantishotel.com/puertogalera.htm on Sabang beach http://www.llbc.com.ph on Big Laguna beach
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