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  1. I think that Nikon's lens hood is a black object but with high contrast for the presence of the inscription Nikon. For my tests I had used a lowerpro lens care black in low light condition... I try to focus in low contrast zone (no inscripion, no lines orizzontal or vertical) and I repeat where Nikon achieve focus Canon fails. I have tested only with D300 i Haven't now a D700 to try. Thanks to all Francesco
  2. Hii to all. I have read all topic. Some day ago I have put the same question without great reply. Now I have tried in depth the d300 's AF and that of 5D MII. The answer is one: The AF of D300 in low light mode with no contrast is much better. If you try to focuser a black object in low light condition the D300 achieve the focus at first attempt. The 5d Mark II try but not focus. The test is made for more days with different lens in partularly with 105 micro for nikon and 100 macro for Canon. Thanks to all for coment. F.
  3. thanks to all for reply but I want knon from someone who use the 5d mark II if underwater there's problem with autofocus in low light situation or if it is ok as other camera as Nikon 200 or D300 or canon 40 d. Thanks again
  4. I have a Mdx300 Sea&Sea housing with nikon d300. I Have used it for two years in many dives (500) and now I m looking around for something better. Some friends of mine has me donated a Canon 5dmarkII for birthday. I have many lens Nikon and Canon. I use Canon (Mark III) for nature photography out of water (I like to do trap photography in night ...own... and birds in flight) Now I am interested to know your opinion about this canon camera underwater. I haven't found any review. The only review that I seen was about the video capabilities of this camera but I am not very interested to video. In particularly I am interested about AF capabilities...in some tests I have seen that the Af of Nikon D300 is in some cases better than that of Canon 5d mark II (darker scene with low contrast). In other words often where Af Canon fail the D300's Af work fine. I had these tests in same condition with tripod. Is there someone who use this camera underwater who tell me how it works? How Af perform underwater. The Sea&Sea housing for this camera is very expensive (as Mdx 300) and I ll want to do the right choice. Thanks for replies Francesco P.s. i prefer to do macro photography and I ll use te Canon macro 100 mm 2.8.
  5. I am too. I have tried the ttl converter 250 for nikon with one and two strobes (YS 250) and it works very well in all conditions. I have used it with Nikon D300. F.
  6. I have seen that it happen also if battery is not fully charged. I have seen also (in land use) that there is no exposition difference between 3/4 power and full power. (difference there is between 1/2 power and 3/4). For see it i have shot some photos to the same object with the same condition (camera and stobe on tripod). F.
  7. I am not sure if this is a problem of my strobe. I have observed that sometime if I shot in manual (or test mode) at full power (1/1) or in test mode, the red light on strobe is always on and it don't make the ready beep. In other words I ask you if this is a problem: is possible that the strobe when I shot at full power don't it recharge at maximum and the ready light don't flash and remain always on? I ask You if someone have registred this "problem". Thank for replies!! Francesco
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